疯狂英语初级背诵 日记篇 3(在线收听

Part 3   Memories
[00:10.08]Step .11. Wed.
[00:12.40]9月11日  星期三
[00:14.72]Remembering September 11
[00:17.19]纪念9.1 1
[00:19.66]Wow, can you believe it's been a year already?
[00:24.70]I don't think there are enough words to describe how I
[00:30.06]or the millions of other people affected by this tragedy feel about this incident.
[00:37.01]For the past couple of days I have seen the day of Sept.11 happen all over again.
[00:41.24]在过去几天里,我重复观看了“9.1 1事件”发生的全过程。
[00:45.47]To relive the tragedy by watching the incident on television is just mind-boggling.
[00:53.32]Whenever I see the crash of the towers,the people jumping out of the buildings,
[01:00.16]and the people's reactions to what they saw,
[01:04.91]I just can't help crying.
[01:09.34]It hurts to see the images over and over again.
[01:14.70]And I thank God that He has blessed my friends,family,
[01:21.54]and I to just continue on living.
[01:25.97]Even though I do not live in New York,
[01:32.12]and thankfully I did not lose anyone in the attacks,
[01:37.49]as an American it still hurts to see the tragedy.
[01:42.85]The images of what happened on that momentous day
[01:48.58]will be embedded in my mind for the rest of my life and in all of our lives.
[01:55.02]It's just something you can never forget.
[01:59.38]My prayers and thoughts continue to go out to those who died last year,
[02:07.33]the men and women who sacrificed their lives,
[02:12.66]and to the families that lost loved ones.
[02:17.23]I can't even imagine the pain they went through and are still going through.
[02:24.07]AII I know is that Sept.11 made us grow closer together as a nation.
[02:32.60]We continue to have hope as we unite--
[02:37.18]and that is something that can never be taken away from us.
[02:42.43]Remembering this day also makes me especially proud of my brother
[02:48.77]and all the men and women in our military that fight for our freedom
[02:54.82]and make me proud to be an American.
[02:59.39]June 17, Thursday
[03:07.25]6月1 7日 星期四
[03:18.58]I remember kindergarten.
[03:23.22]I liked a guy (Josh? I don't remember),
[03:28.48]and I used to write his name all over my paper.
[03:34.20]Kindergarten was good.
[03:37.73]Then the rest of school was bad.
[03:42.80]I was shy, so I didn't make friends easily.
[03:48.02]I remember being taunted and teased a lot.
[03:52.88]There are so many times I remember laying my head down on my desk and crying.
[03:59.54]People would go and get the teacher and she would try to comfort me.
[04:05.70]People always laughed at me.
[04:10.06]I hated it very much.
[04:14.09]The slightest insult stuck in my mind for the longest time.
[04:19.92]I dwelled on the negative thoughts people had about me (still do).
[04:26.58]I remember one birthday party I invited all the "popular" girls.
[04:33.24]I invited a lot of people.
[04:37.31]Only one girl showed up,
[04:41.45]I think her morn probably made her come.
[04:46.20]I remember trying to impress people so that they would like me.
[04:52.54]I remember feeling worried and nervous that people would reject me.
[04:59.20]The first day of school was always so nerve wracking for me.(Still is.)
[05:05.93]I wanted so badly to make a good impression.
[05:10.79]Everyone thought I was a shy,little good girl.
[05:16.94]I hated school because people made me miserable.
[05:22.16]I always felt like a freak.
[05:26.30]The "popular" girls were all so much better than me,or so they thought,
[05:32.86]and they never let me forget it.
[05:37.00]May 26, Sunday, sunny
[05:43.67]5月26日  星期日   晴
[05:50.35]Most Vivid Memory of Childhood
[05:54.78]My most vivid memory is of my father dying of cancer.
[06:01.62]He had been sick for many years.
[06:06.77]I remember clearly the day before he died,
[06:11.84]my mother told all of us to go in the room
[06:16.49]one by one and say goodbye to Dad.
[06:22.54]I was only nine at that time.
[06:26.60]Went in there.
[06:29.23]He was in a coma.
[06:32.26]To this day I don't know if he heard me or not.
[06:37.98]At only 9 years old,
[06:41.54]how can I possibly say everything I need to say?
[06:47.09]How can I even wrap my mind around the thought that he won't be here anymore?
[06:55.94]Won't watch me growing up?
[06:59.69]I didn't know what to say or how to deal with the fact
[07:05.23]that this would more than likely be the last thing I'd ever say to him.
[07:12.07]I remember going over and over in my mind,
[07:18.30]trying to remember what the last words I'd said to him were when he was awake.
[07:25.75]So I stood there, holding his hand for a long time.
[07:32.12]And then I said the only thing my 9-year-old brain could come up with at the moment
[07:39.76]that seemed to cover it all.
[07:43.32]I simply said, "I love you, Daddy."
[07:49.08]He died the next day,
[07:52.93]on my mom and dad's 36th wedding anniversary...
[07:59.09]I hope he heard me.
[08:02.65]I hope he still does.
[08:06.11]Dec. 10, Sat., Sunny
[08:14.28]12月10 日  星期六  晴
[08:22.45]The Best Gift Ever
[08:26.70]It was in April of this year.
[08:31.63]I had just got home from my old job.
[08:36.28]I was losing my job that I had for over a year.
[08:41.71]So I was very upset.
[08:45.64]I opened the door to my room and threw my cap on the floor,
[08:51.79]and looked up on my bed.
[08:55.82]There sat in a little brown basket,
[09:01.08]the tiniest most adorable little kitten I had ever seen.
[09:07.81]I sat down next to him and he looked at me all groggy-like.
[09:14.54]Then I picked him up and brought him out to the kitchen where Jen sat.
[09:20.38]I was like "Is this from you?"
[09:25.02]and she said,"Yah,
[09:28.76]remember how I told you my cat had kittens and you said you wanted one?
[09:34.49]Well, there he is."
[09:37.91]Ah, I didn't know what to say.
[09:42.84]I was so happy.
[09:46.48]That night he pissed on my leg while I was sleeping and it was gross.
[09:54.29]He continued to be a huge pain in the ass.
[09:59.51]For a week or so I wasn't sure I wanted to keep him.
[10:05.16]But then when he got used to living here,
[10:09.52]he became the sweetest thing in the world and I completely fell in love.
[10:16.46]Now he's a big boy and he still curls up with me every night
[10:23.12]and sleeps on my lap when I play the computer.
[10:27.59]He's like my little buddy.
[10:31.44]We're inseparable.
[10:35.08]I completely,adore my kitten.
[10:39.83]And he adores me back.
[10:43.75](Except for right now.
[10:47.82]He's angry with me 'cause I yelled at him for beating up the other cats.
[10:53.47]Now he's hiding behind the Christmas tree.)
[10:58.33]I know this may sound weird but because of this kitty cat
[11:03.88]I have learned something.
[11:07.51]I didn't plan to have this little cat running around.
[11:12.84]But now l do,
[11:16.19]and I really don't know how I ever got along without him.
[11:21.73]I adore him.
[11:25.30]So yah,my little kitten is by far the best gift I've ever received.