新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第一册 unit05 b(在线收听

  <TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
  |@|<1>commence|v.|begin or start |开始
  ||||Shall we commence the meeting at ten o'clock? |会议十点开始,好吗?
  ||||The academic year commences at the beginning of October. |一学年从十月初开始。
  ||<2>thrust|vt.|push sth. somewhere roughly |猛推;猛塞
  ||||He thrust the chair against the wall. |他把椅子推向墙壁。
  ||||The young man thrust the leaflets into the windows. |那个年轻人把宣传单塞进了窗户。
  |@|<3>apart       |ad.|being separated from each other |分开地
  ||||We dragged the two men apart in case they hurt each other. |我们把那两个人拉开了,以免他们伤害到对方。
  ||||Jo and Sam decided to try living apart for a while. |乔与萨姆决定试着分开住一阵子。
  |@|<4>initial|a.|happening at the beginning |起初的,开始的
  ||||The initial talks were the base of the later agreement. |最初的谈判是随后达成协议的基础。
  ||||His initial answer was not good enough. |他最初的回答并不令人满意。
  ||<5> <em>initially</em> |ad. |at the beginning |起初,起先
  ||||Initially, she objected to the plan, but later she changed her mind. |起先,她反对这一计划,但后来改变了主意。
  ||||She took interest in it initially, but she was not interested for long. |她一开始感兴趣,但没有保持多久。
  |@|<6>intense|a.|having a very strong effect or felt very strongly |强烈的,剧烈的
  ||||The farmers worked despite the intense heat. |尽管天气炎热,农民仍然在干活。
  ||||Some of these young people are under intense pressure to succeed. |一些年轻人为了成功承受着巨大压力。
  |@|<7>bleed|vi. |(bled, bled) lose blood |流血
  ||||The cut on his finger was bleeding. |他手指上的伤口在流血。
  ||||The man refused to go to the hospital, even though he was bleeding. |那个人正在流血,但他不肯去医院。
  ||<8>haste |n.|[U] great speed in doing sth., esp. because time is limited |匆忙
  ||||Haste makes waste. |欲速则不达。
  ||||He shut the door with haste. |他急忙关上门。
  |@|<9>trial|n.|1. [C] (~s) a sports competition in which people are tested and chosen for a later competition |预赛,选拔赛
  ||||The team was surprised at the result of the trials. |预赛结果让队里吃了一惊。
  ||||His performance in the trials gave him a chance to play for his country at the Olympics. |他在预赛中的表现让他有机会去参加奥运会。
  ||||2. [C, U] a process of examining a case in court |审判
  ||||Their trial will be held next week. |对他们的审判将于下周举行。
  ||||The case will go to trial in May. |这桩案子将在五月份审判。
  ||||3. [C, U] a process of testing to find out quality, value, etc. |试验,检验
  ||||The trials show that the medicine is quite effective in treating the disease. |试验表明这一药物治疗这种疾病很有效。
  ||||The first clinical trials are expected to begin next year. |第一轮临床试验应该在明年开始。
  |@|<10>significant|a. |very important |重要的;意义重大的
  ||||Please inform me if there are any significant changes in your plan. |你的计划若有任何重大变动,请通知我。
  ||||It is a significant date for her. |对她来说,那是个意义重大的日子。
  |★|<11>endanger  |vt.|put sb. or sth. in danger |使...处于险境
  ||||Smoking during pregnancy can endanger your baby's health. |怀孕期间吸烟会危及婴儿健康。
  ||||His health was endangered by overwork. |他的健康因劳累过度受到损害。
  |@|<12>spill      |vt.|accidentally pour a liquid out of a container |使溢出;使溅出
  ||||I spilled the drink on my trousers by mistake. |我一失手把饮料泼到了裤子上。
  ||||He spilt coffee all over his desk. |他把咖啡洒了一桌子。
  ||        |vi.|(of a liquid) flow out of the edge of a container |溢出;溅出
  ||||The water is so full that it might spill over. |水太满了,可能会溢出来。
  ||||The coffee spilled all over the desk. |咖啡洒了一桌。
  |■|<13>adoption|n.|1. [C, U] the act of adopting a child |收养
  ||||They gave their babies up for adoption. |他们放弃抚养孩子, 让他人收养。
  ||||If you cannot have your children of your own, why not consider adoption? |如果你们不能生育,为什么不考虑收养孩子?
  ||||2. [U] the act of starting to use a plan, method, etc. |采用
  ||||The president has encouraged the adoption of new technology. |董事长鼓励采用新技术。
  ||||The adoption of his idea solved the problem. |采用他的方法解决了问题。
  |@|<14>explore |vt.|discuss or think about sth. carefully |探讨,研究
  ||||In their report, they explored the chance of building a dam on the river. |在报告中,他们探讨了在江上建造大坝的可行性。
  ||||The history professor explored the causes of the revolution |这位历史学教授研究了发生革命的原因。
  |||v.|travel around an area to look for sth. such as oil, minerals, etc. |探索,探测
  ||||A group of scientists were sent to explore the valley. |一个科学家小组被派去探索这个河谷。
  ||||This is a company exploring for oil. |这是一个石油勘探公司。
  ||<15>mug|vt. |attack and rob sb. in a public place |对...行凶抢劫
  ||||A man tried to mug me when I was walking on the street. |我在街上走时,有人试图抢劫我。
  ||||We were mugged in the park. |我们在公园里遭到抢劫。
  |@|<16>prior|a.|1. (to) before |在...之前
  ||||They're planning to talk to Joe prior to the meeting. |他们打算在会前跟乔谈谈。
  ||||They had left prior to my arrival. |我到之前他们就走了。
  ||||2. happening or existing before a particular time |事先的,预先的
  ||||I was unable to attend the party because of a prior appointment. |由于和别人有约在先,我不能参加晚会。
  ||||He said that he had no prior knowledge of the meeting. |他说他事先对这次会议的情况一无所知。
  |■|<17>springboard|n.|[C] a strong board for jumping on or off, used for diving or doing gym |跳板
  ||||Jumping off the springboard, he soared three feet up into the air before coming down again. |他从跳板上一跃而起,腾空跃起三英尺,然后落地。
  ||<18>unfortunately      |ad.|with regret or sad feelings |不幸地;遗憾地
  ||||Unfortunately, we arrived too late to catch the plane. |遗憾的是,我们来得太迟,没有赶上飞机。
  ||||There's nothing I can do about it, unfortunately. |遗憾的是,我对此无能为力。
  ||<19>coach|n.     |[C] a person who trains people in sports for games, matches, etc. |教练
  ||||He has been a football coach for twenty years. |他当足球教练有20年了。
  ||||He was named the head coach of the national team. |他被任命为国家队的主教练。
  |||vt.    |train or teach; give instruction or advice to |训练,指导,辅导
  ||||The teacher often spends her spare time coaching the students. |那位老师经常用课余时间辅导学生。
  ||||He seems to enjoy coaching children. |看起来他挺喜欢辅导小孩的。
  |@|<20>assist|v. |help sb. to do sth. |帮助,协助
  ||||In this position, you will assist in training new employees. |你这个工作要干的事是协助培训新雇员。
  ||||Citizens have a duty to assist the police. |市民有义务协助警察。
  |@|<21>enjoyable|a.|giving sb. pleasure |令人愉快的,可享受的
  ||||We spent an enjoyable evening playing cards. |我们晚上打扑克,过得很愉快。
  ||||I try to make my lessons more enjoyable by using games. |我通过开展游戏活动尽力把课上得更加生动有趣。
  ||<22>triumph|n.|[C] an important victory or success after a difficult struggle |胜利,成功
  ||||This is not an expected triumph for them. |这次胜利出乎他们意料。
  ||||He regarded it as a triumph over the enemy. |他把这看成是对敌斗争的胜利。
  |||vi.|(over) gain a victory or success after a difficult struggle |获胜,成功,击败
  ||||The head had triumphed over the heart. |理智战胜了情感。
  ||||Our team triumphed over theirs. |我们队战胜了他们队。
  |@|<23>partner    |n.|1. [C] a person one is married to or having a sexual relation with |配偶,(性)伴侣
  ||||People who have many sexual partners are more at risk from AIDS. |性伴侣较多的人感染艾滋病的危险更大。
  ||||Are we allowed to bring our partners to the staff party? |我们可以带配偶一起去参加员工聚会吗?
  ||        ||2. [C] a person that sb. does a particular activity with  |伙伴,搭档
  ||||Have you got a partner for the dance on Saturday? |星期六的舞会你有舞伴了吗?
  ||||Japan is a major trading partner of the US. |日本是美国的主要贸易伙伴。
  |@|<24>confuse |vt.|make sb. feel they do not understand sth. |使困惑,使糊涂
  ||||They confused the teacher by having the same names. |他们名字相同,使老师常弄错。
  ||||I was confused by your unclear explanation. |你解释得不清楚,我给弄糊涂了。
  ||<25>vapor|vt.|[C] (BrE vapour) a form like a gas which is made up of tiny drops of water or other liquids in the air |蒸气
  ||||When you heat a liquid, it changes into a vapor. |液体加热时,会变成蒸汽。
  ||||A thin coat of vapor began to collect. |薄薄的一层蒸汽开始集聚起来。
  ||<26> <em>vaporize</em> |v. |(BrE vaporise) (cause to) change from a liquid into a vapor; disappear |(使)变成蒸气;(使)蒸发;消失
  ||||Water vaporizes when boiled. |水沸腾时变成蒸汽。
  ||||My respect for the man vaporized as soon as I found him lying. |我一发现他撒谎,对他的尊重就消失了。
  |@|<27>compete|vi. |take part and try to win in a competition |竞争;参赛
  ||||He got a chance to compete in the Olympics at last. |他终于获得了参加奥运会比赛的机会。
  ||||He was clever enough to compete for the mathematics scholarship. |他很聪明,完全可以参与竞争数学奖学金。
  ||<28>scare      |vt. |make sb. feel frightened |惊吓,使惊恐
  ||||The way he drove scared me. |他开车的样子把我吓坏了。
  ||||You scared me by coming in so quietly. |你一声不响地进来,吓了我一跳。
  ||<29>repetition |n. |[U] doing or saying the same thing many times |重复
  ||||Good writing avoids unnecessary repetition. |好文章要避免不需要的重复。
  ||||The performing of the play improved with each repetition. |每次演出,这部戏的表演都有所改进。
  |@|<30>confident  |a.|having belief in one's power or ability |自信的,相信的
  ||||The government is confident of winning the next term of office. |政府相信能够赢得下届选举。
  ||||She was confident that she would find work soon. |她相信自己很快会找到工作。
  ||<31> <em>scoreboard</em> |n.   |[C] a board on which the score of a game is recorded |(体育比赛)记分牌
  ||||The figures flash up on the scoreboard. |记分牌上比分跳动。
  ||||He did not know that his team had won until his teammates told him to look up at the scoreboard. |直到队友叫他看记分牌时,他才知道他们队获胜了。
  ||<32>leap|vi.|jump high into the air, often landing in a different place |跳,跳跃
  ||||He leaped into the air. |他向空中跳跃。
  ||||They leaped over the small stream. |他们跃过小溪。
  |@|<33>quit|v.|stop (doing sth.) |停止,放弃
  ||||He quit his job for a better position. |他辞去自己的工作,为的是找到更好的工作。
  ||||I was trying to quit smoking at the time. |当时我正在努力戒烟。
  <TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
  ||<34>in haste   |quickly or in a hurry |匆忙地
  |||They went off in haste. |他们匆匆忙忙地走了。
  |||Don't act in haste. |做事不要太匆忙。
  ||<35>call sb. names     |say sth. nasty or insulting about sb. |骂某人
  |||It is impolite to call other's names. |骂人是不礼貌的。
  |||They called me names because I was slow. |我慢下来,他们就骂我。
  ||<36>have a shot at sth.|have an attempt to do sth. or achieve sth. |尝试,企图,努力做某事
  |||I'll have a shot at the puzzle. |我会试着解这道难题。
  |||He decided to have a shot at writing it himself. |他决定尝试自己写。
  ||<37>take first place   |be the first or top, esp. in a match  |获得第一名
  |||He took first place in the high jump. |他跳高得了第一。
  |||He shocked the world by taking first place in the competition. |他比赛得了第一, 震惊了全世界。
  ||<38>for fear (that)    |for  fear of sth.; in case sb. makes sth. bad happen |担心,生怕
  |||I left an hour earlier for fear that I would miss the train. |我提前一小时离开,怕赶不上火车。
  |||He ran away for fear that she would kill him. |他害怕自己会被她杀害,就跑掉了。
  ||<39>start with |begin with |从...开始
  |||The meeting started with the visiting professor's speech. |会议开始是来访的教授发言。
  |||If I were you, I would start with the easy questions. |如果我是你,我会从简单的问题入手。
  <TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
  ||<40>Olympics  | |(the O~) 奥林匹克运动会
  ||<41>Seoul        | |首尔 (韩国首都,前称汉城)
  ||<42>Samoan       | |萨摩亚人
  ||<43>Ron O'Brien  | |罗恩·奥布赖恩 (人名)