新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第一册 unit08 a(在线收听

  <TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
  |@|<1>satisfactory |a. |good enough for a particular situation or purpose |令人满意的
  ||||Sales rise by 20% from last year; that's very satisfactory. |销售额比去年增加了20%, 这是非常令人满意的。
  ||||This method of heating is not satisfactory for large buildings. |这种取暖办法用于大型建筑物并不令人满意。
  |@|<2>flash|vi.|1. (of an idea) come suddenly |(想法、灵感等)突然产生
  ||||The idea flashed into his mind. |他突然想到了这个主意。
  ||||The thought that I might be wrong flashed through my mind. |我可能错了的想法突然闪入我的脑海。
  ||||2. pass quickly |飞驰,掠过
  ||||Ten years seem to flash by. |十年转眼就过去了。
  ||||A red car flashed by. |一辆红色汽车飞驰而过。
  ||<3>particularly |ad. |especially |特别是;特别地
  ||||More local employment will be created, particularly in service industries. |地方将提供更多的就业机会, 尤其是服务行业。
  ||||I cannot leave him, particularly now. |我不能离开他, 尤其是现在。
  ||<4>glow|vi.|produce a soft, steady light |发光
  ||||Colored lights glowed on the celebration night. |节日之夜灯火辉煌。
  ||||The colored sticks glowed in the darkness of the playground. |荧光棒在黑漆漆的操场上发着光。
  |@|<5>creation|n.|1. [U] the act of creating sth. |创造
  ||||The creation of new playgrounds will benefit the local children. |建立新的运动场地将会使当地儿童受益。
  ||||The government will provide more  money for job creation. |政府打算在创造就业岗位方面提供更多的资金。
  ||||2. [C] sth. that has been created |作品;艺术品
  ||||This is the artist's latest creation. |这是那位艺术家的最新作品。
  ||||Birds' nests are extraordinary creations. |鸟巢是非凡的艺术品。
  |@|<6>mystery|n.|[C] sth. that is not fully understood or difficult to understand |谜;神秘的事物
  ||||The origin of the universe is still a mystery. |宇宙的起源仍然是个谜。
  ||||Why he went there is a mystery to me. |他为什么去那儿对我来说是个谜。
  |@|<7>reasonable|a.|showing common sense; fair |合理的;适当的
  ||||He should give us a reasonable explanation. |他应该给我们一个合理的解释。
  ||||The price seems reasonable, but I don't like the color. |价格还算公道,但我不喜欢那个颜色。
  ||<8>psychology|n.|[U] the study of the mind and how it works and influences behavior |心理学
  ||||feminist psychology |女性心理学
  ||||Developmental psychology is probably the liveliest subject these days. |发展心理学也许是眼下最活跃的学科。
  ||<9> <em>psychologist</em>|n. |[C] a person who is trained in psychology |心理学家
  || | |You may turn to the psychologist for help. |你可以到那位心理学家那儿寻求帮助。
  |@|<10>process|n.|[C] a series of actions or things that produce a particular result |过程;进程
  ||||The firm is now in the process of moving the main equipment to a new place. |公司目前正在把主要设备迁往新地址。
  ||||Producing a dictionary is a slow process. |编撰一本词典是一个缓慢的过程。
  ||<11>personality|n.     |1. [C] a person who is well known to the public |名人
  ||||television personalities |电视明星
  ||||Many young girls dream of becoming  movie personalities. |许多年轻女孩梦想着成为电影明星。
  ||||2. [C, U] sb.'s character, esp. the way they behave toward other people |个性;性格
  ||||Though their personalities were different, they got along well. |虽然他们性格迥异,却能友好相处。
  ||||She has an outgoing personality and makes friends easily. |她性格随和,很容易交朋友。
  ||<12>intensify|v.|make or become stronger |(使)增强,(使)加强
  ||||His daughter's illness intensified his difficult condition. |女儿的生病对他的境遇雪上加霜。
  ||||The search intensified as dusk approached. |黄昏将至, 人们加强了搜寻。
  ||<13>genius|n.|1. [C] a person of exceptional natural ability |天才
  ||||One is not born a genius; one becomes a genius. |天才不是天生的, 而是后天造就的。
  ||||He was a genius in both science and art. |他在科学和艺术两方面都是天才。
  ||||2. [U] strong natural ability |天赋
  ||||Your painting perfectly shows your creative genius. |你的画充分展示了你的创造才能。
  ||||Dante was a man of genius. |但丁是个有天赋的人。
  ||<14>philosophy|n.|[U] the study and understanding of the nature and meaning of existence |哲学
  ||||economic philosophy |经济哲学
  ||||He studied politics and philosophy. |他学过政治和哲学。
  |@|<15>invention|n.|1. [U]  the act of inventing sth. |发明,创造
  ||||Need is the mother of invention. |(谚)需要是发明之母。
  ||||The invention of microwave ovens and washing machines benefits housewives a lot. |微波炉和洗衣机的发明让家庭主妇受益匪浅。
  ||||2. [C] sth. that has been invented |发明物
  ||||The phonograph is an invention made by Thomas Edison. |留声机是托马斯·爱迪生发明的。
  ||||The electric light bulb is a great invention. |电灯泡是个很伟大的发明。
  |@|<16>logic|n.|[U] a set of reasons sb. uses in order to reach an opinion |逻辑推理
  ||||Your friend doesn't seem to be controlled by logic. |你那位朋友好象没有逻辑性。
  ||||He argues with learning and logic. |他的辩论既展示了他的学识, 又合乎逻辑。
  |@|<17>signal|n.|[C] sth. intended to give information, such as a sound or action |信号,暗号
  ||||The teacher gave a signal to the students to continue. |老师示意学生继续。
  ||||They waved their hands as a signal of victory. |他们挥舞双手表示胜利。
  ||<18>dramatic|a.|1. great and sudden; exciting and impressive |引人注目的;激动人心的
  ||||dramatic colors |引人注目的色彩
  ||||China has achieved dramatic economic developments. |中国在经济上取得了令人瞩目的发展。
  ||||2. about drama or acting |戏剧的;演戏的
  ||||dramatic techniques  |戏剧技巧
  ||||The comedian was also known for his dramatic performances. |这位喜剧演员也以戏剧表演出名。
  |@|<19>compose|v.|write a piece of music, a letter, a poem, etc. |创作 (文学或音乐作品)
  ||||Mozart began to compose when he was six years old. |莫扎特6岁开始作曲。
  ||||He sat down and composed a letter of application. |他坐下来, 写了一封求职信。
  |||vt.|(be ~d of) be formed from |由...组成
  ||||The textbook is composed of ten units. |这本教材由10个单元组成。
  ||||Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen. |水是由氢和氧化合而成的。
  |@|<20>occupy|vt.|1. keep sb. busy at sth. |使忙于
  ||||I am fully occupied with my daily work. |我每天都忙于日常的工作。
  ||||He was occupied in writing letters.| 他忙着写信。
  ||||2. fill up (time or space) |占用 (时间或空间)
  ||||Reading occupies most of my free time. |阅读占去我大部分闲暇时间。
  ||||The enemy occupied the town. |敌人占据了这个城镇。
  ||<21>fling|vt.|(flung, flung)
  ||||1. move oneself or part of one's body suddenly or forcefully |突然(或急速)地移动
  ||||She flung her arms around my neck. |她猛地搂住了我的脖子。
  ||||She flung herself into her room and began to pack frantically. |她猛地冲进自己的房间, 开始发狂似地整理行李。
  ||||2. throw sth. with force |猛扔;抛
  ||||Don't fling your clothes about on the chair; hang them up. |别把衣服乱扔在椅子上, 把它们挂起来。
  ||||The sun flings bright rays on the fields. |(比喻)灿烂的阳光撒在田野上。
  ||<22>couch|n.|[C] a long comfortable seat; a sofa |长沙发
  ||||Sit beside me on the couch.|上我这儿来,坐到沙发上。
  ||||Mary was not well so she was lying on the couch in the living room. |玛丽感到身体不适, 所以她躺在起居室的沙发上。
  |@|<23>miracle|n.|[C] sth. that cannot be explained by known laws of nature |奇迹
  ||||a miracle of architecture |建筑上的奇迹
  ||||The car ran over the man, but by a miracle, he was not  hurt. |汽车从那个人身上轧过去, 但他却没有受伤, 真是奇迹。
  |■|<24>mighty|a.|having or showing great power, strength, or force |强大的, 巨大的
  ||||He gave it a mighty push and it opened. |他用力推了一下, 它便开了。
  ||||He struck the rock a mighty blow with a hammer. |他用铁锤猛击了一下那块岩石。
  ||<25>orchestra|n.|[C] a large group of musicians playing many different kinds of instruments |管弦乐队
  ||||The story lacks tension and, when the full orchestra is blasting, is hard to follow. |作品情节松散, 而且当整个乐队响起音乐时, 观众不知所云。
  ||||He played percussion in a symphony orchestra. |他在交响乐团演奏打击乐。
  ||<26> <em>orchestral</em> |a.   |relating to or written for an orchestra |管弦乐的;管弦乐队的
  ||||orchestral instruments |管弦乐器
  ||||an orchestral production |管弦乐队的演出
  |@|<27>contrast|n.|[C, U] a difference shown by comparing people or things |对照;差异
  ||||This appears big in contrast with that. |同那个相比起来,这个显得很大。
  ||||The contrast between the two ideas is sharp. |这两种想法的差异很明显。
  ||<28> <em>mathematician</em> |n.     |[C] a person gifted or learned in mathematics |数学家
  ||||Hua Luogeng is a great mathematician. |华罗庚是一位伟大的数学家。
  ||||It seems to be an impossible solution, but the mathematicians assure us that it can be done. |这似乎是个不可能成立的解答, 但数学家对我们保证说这可以做。
  |@|<29>combination|n.|[C, U] sth. that results from two or more things being combined |结合,合并;组合物
  ||||His nature is a combination of strength and kindness. |他的性格柔中带刚。
  ||||Never take the medicine in combination with alcohol. |千万别把这种药与酒混在一起服用。
  ||<30>surge|vi.|move quickly as if in waves |汹涌;涌现
  ||||The waves surged against the shore. |波浪汹涌拍岸。
  ||||The crowd surged out of the stadium. |人群从体育场涌出来。
  |@|<31>combine|v.|(make) exist or work together |(使)结合;(使)联合
  ||||They combine the two small shops to form a large one. |他们把这两个小店合并起来成为一个大商店。
  ||||The two major political parties have combined to form a government. |两个主要政党已经联合起来组成了政府。
  |@|<32>stable|a.|not likely to move or change |稳定的
  ||||A stable family unit is good for the growth of children. |家庭稳定对孩子的成长有利。
  ||||Markets are growing fast, and prices are stable. |市场繁荣, 物价稳定。
  |@|<33>existence|n.|[U] the fact or state of existing |存在
  ||||The company came into existence in 1981. |那家公司是1981年成立的。
  ||||She didn't believe in the existence of afterlife. |她不相信有来生。
  |@|<34>observe|vt.|watch sb. or sth. carefully; notice |观察;注意到
  ||||They were observed entering the bank. |有人看到他们进入银行。
  ||||A teacher is observing his students perform the experiment. |老师在观察学生做实验。
  |@|<35>explosion|n.|1. [C] a sudden burst of sth. like a blast |爆发,迸发;爆炸
  ||||She felt better after her explosion of anger. |发过一通脾气后,她感觉好些了。
  ||||A gas pipe that had burst caused the explosion. |煤气管爆裂引起这次爆炸。
  ||||2. [C] a sudden or quick increase in the number or amount of sth. |激增;扩大
  ||||Many people complained about the explosion in oil prices. |对石油价格的急剧上升,许多人都有抱怨。
  ||||There has been a recent explosion of interest in learning English. |近来人们学英语的兴趣骤然高涨。
  ||<36>exemplify|vt.|show sth. by an example |举例说明
  ||||The recent oil price rises exemplify the difficulties the motor industry is now facing. |最近的石油涨价是汽车工业正面临困难的一个例子。
  ||||The teacher exemplified the meaning of the word. |老师举例子解释了这个词的意义。
  ||<37>certainty|n.|[U] the fact or state of being certain |确定;确定性, 必然性
  ||||I can't say with any certainty where I shall be next week.|我不能确切地说出下周我会在什么地方。
  ||||On the field of battle there is no certainty. |在战场上没有确定性可言。
  ||<38>enthusiasm|n.|[U] great positive feeling for or interest in sth. |热情;积极性
  ||||Although she is a beginner, she showed great enthusiasm in the play. |虽然她是个新手,但在戏中她表现出了很高的激情。
  ||||His enthusiasm for English didn't last long. |他学英语的热情没有持续多久。
  |@|<39>representative|a.|(of ) typical of a particular group or thing |典型的,有代表性的
  ||||This is a building representative of modern architecture. |这是现代建筑设计的代表性建筑。
  ||||Are your opinions representative of the other students? |你的意见是否代表其他同学的意见?
  |@|<40>count|v.|calculate how many people or things there are in a group |记数,点数目
  ||||Take a deep breath, count to ten, and then breathe out. |深吸一口气, 在心里数到十, 然后呼气。
  ||||I'm counting the pages of my paper. |我在数我论文的页数。
  ||<41> <em>countless</em> |a.  |too many to be counted |无数的,不计其数的
  ||||There are countless footpaths near the lake and in the surrounding mountains. |在湖边和周围的山里有无数的人行道。
  ||||Countless numbers of people have tried to change lead into gold. |无数的人尝试过要把铅变成金子。
  |@|<42>source|n.|[C] a place from which sth. comes or is acquired |源泉,来源
  ||||Bad food is a source of illness. |变质食物会导致疾病。
  ||||The source of knowledge is practice. |知识的源泉是实践。
  ||<43> <em>instinctive</em> |a.    |based on instinct  |(出于)本能的
  ||||a feeling of instinctive distrust |出于直觉的不信任
  ||||His reaction was instinctive. |他的反应纯粹是出于本能。
  |@|<44>responsible |a. |1. (for) being the cause of sth. |是...的原因
  ||||The weather is responsible for the delay. |由于天气关系才耽搁了。
  ||||Who is responsible for breaking the window? |是谁把窗子打破了?
  ||||2. (for) having the duty of looking after sb. or sth. |有责任的,承担责任的
  ||||The bus driver is responsible for the safety of passengers. |公共汽车司机应该对乘客的安全负责。
  ||||The police are responsible for keeping public order and safety. |警察有维持公共秩序和保障安全的责任。
  |■|<45>disorganize |vt. |destroy the organization of sth.; throw sth. into confusion |使混乱,打乱
  ||||The general strike will disorganize the whole country. |大罢工会使整个国家陷于混乱。
  ||||Heavy snowstorms disorganized the airline schedule. |大暴风雪打乱了航班时刻表。
  ||<46> <em>disorganized</em>|a.     |not arranged in a clear order |杂乱无章的;无计划的
  ||||disorganized working habits |无条理的工作习惯
  ||||Her files were completely disorganized—she could never find anything she wanted. |她的存档文件杂乱无章, 想找的东西永远找不到。
  ||<47>element|n.|[C] a necessary part of a whole |元素;成分
  ||||Plot is an important element of story writing. |情节是故事创作的重要元素。
  ||||Honesty, industry and kindness are elements of a good life. |诚实、勤劳和善良是幸福生活的要素。
  <TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
  ||<48>sleep on sth.|not make a decision about sth. important until the next day |暂时不作决定,过一晚再作决定
  |||I'll sleep on the matter, and write to you tomorrow. |这件事容我再考虑一下, 明天我给你书面回复。
  |||We will have to sleep on his invitation until we know whether we will be free Sunday night. |我们得先看看星期天晚上是否有空, 然后才能决定是否接受他的邀请。
  ||<49>a gift from the gods|an unexpected benefit that is greatly valued |天赐;走运的机会
  |||The old man said his young wife is a gift from the gods. |那老人说他那位年轻的妻子是天赐的礼物。
  |||Having you join us was a gift from the gods. |你能加入我们是上天所赐。
  ||<50>depend on|happen according to |依靠,依赖
  |||His decision will depend on how much money we can raise. |他将根据我们能筹集到的款项的多少来作决定。
  |||His success depended on effort and ability. |他的成功靠的是努力和能力。
  ||<51>write down|write sth. on a piece of paper |写下来
  |||Write your idea down while it's clear in your mind. |趁你还没忘, 把你的想法写下来。
  |||Write down what you still remember. |把你还记得的写下来。
  ||<52>be occupied with|be busy with |忙于做,专心于
  |||Don't interrupt Father while he's occupied with his newspaper. |父亲看报的时候不要去打扰他。
  |||I had forgotten all about it because I had been so occupied with other things. |我把这件事全忘了, 因为其他事把我忙得够呛。
  ||<53>seek for|try to find; look for |寻找
  |||We should never seek for fame or position. |我们决不应该追求名誉和地位。
  |||This is just what I have long sought for. |这正是我好久以来要找的东西。
  ||<54>as though|as if |好像
  |||Everything went on as usual as though nothing had happened. |一切照常进行, 好像什么也没发生过似的。
  |||This equipment operated as though it had been repaired. |这套设备操作起来好像已经修理过了似的。
  ||<55>take shape|develop into a clear and definite form |成形
  |||Plans for our vacation are beginning to take shape. |我们的假期计划开始成形了。
  |||The new building is beginning to take shape. |这座新楼盖得渐渐有个样子了。
  ||<56>put into|express in |(以... 方式)表达
  |||Though they could not have put it into words, their dislike of him was that he did not wear uniform. |他们不喜欢他不穿制服, 虽然他们没能把这说出来。
  |||I could not, no matter how I tried, put my feelings into words or make others understand me. |不管我怎么做, 我就是无法用语言来表达我的感情, 或让别人理解我。
  ||<57>at work|having an effect; in operation |在起作用
  |||We don't know what forces are at work behind the scenes. |我们不知道幕后是什么势力在起作用。
  |||The powerful economic and social forces are at work behind our own actions. |在我们的行为背后,有强大的经济和社会力量在起作用。
  ||<58>arrive at|reach (a decision, solution, or result) |达成(协议),得出(结论)
  |||Finally, they arrived at an agreement. |他们终于达成了协议。
  |||It took us hours to arrive at a decision. |我们花了几个小时才作出了决定。
  ||<59>search for|try to find; look for |搜索,寻找
  |||They were searching for the missing man. |他们正在寻找那个失踪的人。
  |||The policemen are searching for the survivors of the plane crash. |警察仍在寻找飞机失事的幸存者。
  ||<60>fill sb. with sth.    |make sb. feel an emotion strongly |使充满 (感情)
  |||The music fills me with memories.|音乐唤起了许多回忆。
  |||My father's work filled me with wonder and curiosity.|父亲的工作使我充满了惊讶和好奇。
  <TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
  ||<61>Richard Wagner     | |理查德·瓦格纳(1813—1883,德国作曲家、剧作家)
  ||<62>Rhinegold          | |《莱茵河的黄金》(瓦格纳作品名)
  ||<63>Spezia             | |斯佩齐亚(意大利西北部港市)
  ||<64>Henri Poincare      | |亨利·庞加莱(1854—1912,法国数学家、物理学家和作家)
  ||<65>Fuchsian functions | |富克斯函数
  ||<66>Descartes          | |笛卡尔(1596—1650,法国哲学家、数学家)