新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第四册 Unit 3b(在线收听

  @  |<1>annoy    |vt.   |make sb. angry |使生气;使烦恼
  | |   | |His constant joking was beginning to annoy her. |他连续不断的玩笑开始使她生气了。
  | |   | |It really annoyed that he forgot my birthday. |他忘了我的生日,真让我生气。
  |    |<2> <em>annoyed</em>|a.  |angry |烦恼的;生气的
  | |   | |I was so annoyed with him for turning up late. |我对他来得这么晚感到生气。
  | |   | |He was annoyed at the way she tried to take over the whole meeting. |对她试图控制整个会议的这种方式他颇感生气。
  |   |<3>dense   |a.   |1. closely packed together |密集的;稠密的
  | |   | |A dense crowd waited for the arrival of the President. |密集的人群等待总统的到来。
  | |   | |The road is dense with traffic. |这条路上交通繁忙。
  | |   | |Books with dense print can be difficult to read. |印得密密麻麻的书阅读起来很困难。
  |    |          |v.   |2. thick |厚的;浓密的
  | |   | |The fog was so dense that we could not see anything. |雾很浓,我们什么都看不见。
  | |   | |There will be dense fog in the northern part of the country tomorrow. |我国北部地区明天将有浓雾。
  |    |<4>charter  |vt.  |rent a boat, plane, bus, etc. |包租;租用
  | |   | |a chartered van/plane |一辆包车/一架包机
  | |   | |The company chartered a plane to fly him home for the business meeting. |公司包了一架飞机把他接回国开商务会议。
  |    |          |n.  |[C] a statement of the principles, duties, and purposes of an organization |纲领;章程
  | |   | |Education is one of the basic human rights written into the United Nations Charter. |接受教育是写入联合国宪章的基本人权之一。
  | |   | |It is two years since the Government published its White Paper on the Citizen's Charter. |政府发表公民宪章白皮书已有两年。
  |    |<5>van      |n.  |[C] a vehicle for carrying goods |小型货车
  | |   | |a delivery van |送货车
  | |   | |They may even give you a lift in their van. |他们也许会让你搭上他们的货车。
  |@  |<6>angle     |n.    |1. [C] |角;角度
  | |   | |The two lines form an angle of 45o. |这两条线构成一个45度的角。
  | |   | |The two roads cross at an angle of about 45 degrees. |这两条路以约45度角交叉。
  |    |          |     |2. [C] a way of considering an issue or a problem |角度
  | |   | |A creative person tends to approach a problem from a new angle. |有创新精神的人倾向于从新的角度探讨一个问题。
  | |   | |He wrote the news story from the political angle. |他从政治的角度写了这篇新闻报道。
  |    |<7>jaw      |n.  |[C] the lower part of the face |下颌,下巴
  | |   | |the upper/lower jaw |上颌/下颌
  | |   | |His jaw was broken in the fight. |在打架时,他的下巴被打裂了。
  |   |<8>mist    |n.  |[U] a thin layer of liquid on the surface of sth. which makes it dificult to see |薄雾;水气
  | |   | |There's always a mist on the window when I've had a shower. |我淋浴的时候,窗上总有一层雾气。
  | |   | |The early morning mist had lifted by breakfast time, giving us a magnificent view over the lake. |清晨的薄雾在早餐时散开,我们面前展开了一幅湖上美景。
  |@    |<9>steer  |vt. |control the direction in which sb. moves |引导,带领
  | |   | |He steered the guests into the dining room. |他把客人带进了餐厅。
  | |   | |He steered the discussion away from the subject of money. |他把讨论从金钱这个话题引开。
  |    |          |v.   |control the direction of a vehicle |驾驶;掌舵
  | |   | |Our garage door isn't very wide and it's quite difficult to steer the car through it. |我们车库的门不是很宽,要把汽车开进这道门相当困难。
  | |   | |Jenny is learning to ride a bike, but she isn't very good at steering it. |詹妮正在学骑自行车,但她车把掌握得不是很好。
  |    |<10>stoop    |n.   |[C] a way of standing or walking with one's head and shoulders bent forward  and downward |驼背
  | |   | |She walks with a pronounced stoop. |她走路时明显弓着背。
  | |   | |He is a tall man with a slight stoop. |他是个高个子,略微有些驼背。
  |    |          |vi.  |bend the top half of the body forward and downward |俯身;弯腰
  | |   | |The doorway was so low that we had to stoop to go through it. |这门框太低了,我们只能弯腰走过。
  | |   | |He stooped down and picked up the book. |他俯身把书拣了起来。
  |    |<11>liter    |n.  |[C] (BrE litre) a unit for measuring the volume of liquid |升
  | |   | |three liters of water |3升水
  |    |<12>grape  |n.   |[U] |葡萄
  | |   | |a bunch of grapes |一串葡萄
  | |   | |grape juice |葡萄汁
  |    |<13> <em>cross-legged</em> |a.   |  |盘着腿的;两腿交叉的
  | |   | |He sat cross-legged on the floor. |他盘腿坐在地上。
  | |   | |They were sitting on the bed, cross-legged and giggling. |他们盘着腿坐在床上,咯咯地笑。
  |    |<14>rug      |n.    |[C] a small carpet that covers part of a loor |小地毯
  | |   | |My dog loves lying on the rug in front of the fire. |我的狗喜欢躺在火炉前的小地毯上。
  | |   | |They have a Persian silk rug hanging on the wall. |他们墙上挂着一块波斯丝绸壁毯。
  |    |<15>fabric  |n.   |[C, U] a type of cloth or woven material |布料;织物
  | |   | |I have enough fabric left over from my coat to make a skirt. |我做外套剩下的料子足以做条裙子。
  | |   | |Fold the fabric and stitch the two layers together. |把布折叠,把两层缝在一起。
  |    |<16>dye    |vt. |change the color of sth. by using a special liquid |染
  | |   | |I'm sure he dyed his hair. |我肯定他染发了。
  | |   | |She dyed the white dress blue. |她把那件白裙子染成了蓝色。
  |    |          |n.   |[C, U] a substance used to change the color of sth. |染料
  | |   | |She dipped the material into the dye. |她把布料浸到了染料里。
  | |   | |There are dozens of different dyes to choose from. |有许多不同的染料可供选择。
  |    |<17>lad      |n.  |[C] a boy or young man |男孩;小伙子
  | |   | |A group of young lads were standing outside the shop. |一群男孩子站在商店外面。
  | |   | |He's a nice lad. |他是个好小伙子。
  |    |<18>gallery|n.   |1. [sing.] a group of similar people or things |一组(相似的人或物)
  | |   | |His novel features a rich gallery of characters. |他的这部小说的特色是汇集了形形色色的人物。
  | |   | |Among the audience, there is a gallery of middle-aged men. |观众中有一群中年男子。
  |    |          |     |2. [C] a  room or building which  is used  for showing works of art |画廊;美术馆;展览馆
  | |   | |the National Gallery |国家美术馆
  | |   | |a contemporary art gallery |当代艺术馆
  |    |<19>violet  |n.   |[C] |紫罗兰
  |    |          |a.   |blue-purple in color |紫罗兰色的
  | |   | |blue-purple in color |紫罗兰色的
  |    |<20>blouse |n.    |[C] a shirt for woman |女衬衫
  | |   | |The blouse shaped her very nicely, he thought. |他觉得衬衫很合她的身。
  | |   | |When she came back, Alice had changed into a cotton skirt and a white blouse. |艾丽斯回来时已换上了棉裙和白衬衫。
  |    |<21>crown  |n.   |[C] |王冠;皇冠
  | |   | |The queen wore a crown encrusted with diamonds. |女王带着一顶镶有钻石的王冠。
  | |   | |He laid his hand gently on the crown of her head. |他把一只手轻轻地放在她头带的王冠上。
  |    |<22>centimeter   |n.   |[C] (BrE centimetre) a unit for measuring length, equal to one hundredth meter |厘米
  |@  |<23>highlight    |vt. |1. make sth. easy to notice so that people pay attention to it |使...突出;强调
  | |   | |The report on the accident highlights the need for considerable improvements in safety. |事故报告强调了提高安全的重要性。
  | |   | |In the class the teacher highlighted the important points. |课堂上老师强调了重点。
  |    |          |     |2. mark part of a text with a special color to emphasize it or make it easier to see |突出显示
  | |   | |It might be useful for you to highlight important points in yellow, green, or some other color. |把要点用黄色、绿色或其它颜色标出来可能对你有用。
  | |   | |Many of the students were highlighting mistakes in their compositions, but Jack refused to make a single mark in his. |许多学生把作文中的错误标出来,但杰克不肯这样做。
  |    |          |n.   |[C] the best or most exciting or important part of sth. |最精彩(重要)的部分
  | |   | |The highlight of our trip to New York was going to the top of Empire State Building. |我们纽约之行的最精彩部分是登上帝国大厦之顶。
  | |   | |Highlights of the match will be shown after the news. |比赛最精彩部分将在新闻报道之后播放。
  |   |<24>dessert  |n.   |[C] sweet food eaten at the end of a meal |甜食;甜点
  | |   | |There is apple pie, ice cream or fruit for dessert. |饭后甜点有苹果馅饼、冰淇淋和水果可选。
  | |   | |Would you like to see the dessert menu? |你想要看看甜点单吗?
  |    |<25> <em>backstage</em>   |a. & ad.  |behind the stage in a theater, esp. in the actors' dressing rooms |后台的;在后台
  | |   | |We went backstage after the show to meet the actors. |演出后我们到后台去见演员们。
  | |   | |A backstage accident delayed the play. |后台出了事耽误了演出。
  |    |<26>brass  |n.    |[U] |黄铜
  |    |<27> <em>fingernail</em>  |n.    |[C] the hard smooth part that covers the top end of a inger |指甲
  | |   | |She had long red fingernails. |她留着长长的涂红的指甲。
  |    |<28>overhead   |a.     |above one's head |在头顶上的
  | |   | |The sign said "Danger—overhead cables". |标牌上写着:“危险,高架电缆”。
  | |   | |The plane flew overhead. |飞机从头顶上掠过。
  |    |<29>curve   |v.    |bend continuously and have no straight part, or make sth. do this |(使)弯曲
  | |   | |The road curves east. |道路向东弯。
  | |   | |The golf ball curved through the air and landed on the green. |高尔夫球在空中划了道弧线,落在草地上。
  |    |         |n.  |[C] a line or surface which bends continuously and has no straight part |曲线;弯曲
  | |   | |a curve in the road |道路的弯处
  | |   | |The train turned in a curve. |火车沿弯道转弯。
  |    |<30>lump    |n.    |[C] a mass or piece of sth. solid |团;块
  | |   | |Put a few more lumps of coal on the fire. |给火堆再加几块煤。
  | |   | |She dropped several lumps of sugar into her tea. |她在茶里放了几块糖。
  |    |<31>cab     |vt.   |[C] a taxi |出租车
  | |   | |The cabs were lined up outside the station. |出租车在站外排成一行。
  | |   | |It will save time if we go by cab. |如果我们乘出租车去能节省时间。
  |    |<32>inn     |n.    |[C] a small hotel, esp. one in the countryside |小旅馆;客栈
  | |   | |We stayed at an inn. |我们住在一个小旅馆里。
  | |   | |He was to spend the night at an inn in the town. |他要在这个小镇的一家小旅馆过夜。
  |    |<33>skim    |v.    |1. move quickly over a surface |掠过
  | |   | |Birds skimmed (over) the waves looking for food. |鸟掠过波浪寻找食物。
  | |   | |The plane skimmed the treetops.|飞机几乎擦着树梢飞过。
  |    |         |    |2. read sth. quickly to ind the main facts or ideas in it |浏览;略读
  | |   | |I've only skimmed (through) his letter. |我只略读了一下他的来信。
  | |   | |We've only skimmed the surface of the problem. |这个问题我们只触及了表面。
  |@  |<34>veil    |n.    |1. [C] a layer of sth. that makes it hard for sb. to see far |遮盖物;遮蔽物
  | |   | |A veil of mist covered the woods. |薄雾笼罩着树林。
  | |   | |There is a veil of secrecy over the army's activities. |军队的活动蒙着一层神秘的面纱。
  |    |         |    |2. [C] a piece of cloth worn to protect or hide the face or head |面纱
  | |   | |Some women wear veils for religious reasons to prevent strangers from seeing their faces. |由于宗教原因有些妇女戴面纱,不让陌生人看见她们的脸。
  | |   | |She's got long fair hair but she's got a veil over it. |她虽留有一头金色长发,可她用面纱盖住了。
  |    |<35>realm   |n.    |1. [C] an area of interest, activity or knowledge |领域;范围;范畴
  | |   | |His interests are mostly limited to the academic realm. |他兴趣主要局限于学术领域。
  | |   | |We knew that the music was leading us into new realms of pleasure. |我们知道音乐正引导我们进入新的快乐王国。
  |    |         |    |2. [C] a country ruled by a king or queen |王国
  | |   | |The king searched the length and breadth of his realm for the greatest knights to guard his castle. |国王搜遍全国最佳骑士来保卫城堡。
  |@  |<36>magic   |n.    |1. [U] the mysterious power to make impossible things happen |魔法;魔力
  | |   | |They believe it was all done by magic. |他们相信这全是靠魔力实现的。
  | |   | |Do you believe in magic? |你相信魔法吗?
  |    |         |    |2. [U] the skill of doing tricks that look like magic in order to entertain people |魔术;戏法
  | |   | |He's a comedian who also does magic. |他是个喜剧演员,也会表演魔术。
  | |   | |I'll show you a magic trick. |我给你表演个魔术。
  <TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
  ||<37>bear witness to sth. |show or prove that sth. is true or sth. happened in the past |是...的见证;证明
  | |   |His neat rooms bear witness to a well-ordered mind. |他那整洁的房间说明了他是一个很有条理的人。
  | |   |The latest rises in sales bear witness to the universal appeal of our recent advertising campaign. |最近销售量的上升证明了我们近来广告活动有普遍的吸引力。
  ||<38>loaded with|having a large amount of a particular thing or quality |有大量...的,充斥...的
  | |   |The truck is loaded with cargo. |卡车装满了货物。
  | |   |He is loaded with extra work. |他超负荷工作。
  ||<39>switch on|turn on a light, radio, etc. |开(灯、收音机等)
  | |   |Don't forget to switch on the radio at 8 p.m. for the news. |别忘了晚上8点打开收音机收听新闻。
  | |   |Could you switch the TV on? |您能打开电视机吗?
  ||<40>out of tune  |not singing or playing the correct musical notes |走调
  | |   |That tall boy seemed to be out of tune. |那位高个男孩好像走调了。
  | |   |The piano is out of tune. |这架钢琴走音了。
  ||<41>hold up |raise sth.; keep sth. raised |举起,抬起
  | |   |Those who were for the resolution held up their hands. |那些赞成决议的人都把手举了起来。
  | |   |He was killed before he could hold up the rifle. |他还来不及举起枪就被打死了。
  <TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
  ||<42>Bangkok  | |曼谷(泰国首都)
  ||<43>Thailand | |泰国(东南亚国家)
  ||<44>Belgian  | |比利时人