UNIT 3 Buying and Selling Lesson 23 Push That Product(在线收听

[ti:UNIT 3 Buying and Selling Lesson 23 Push That Product]
[0:00.762]UNIT 3 第三单元
[0:02.085]Buying and Selling 买与卖
[0:03.974]Lesson 23: 第二十三课:
[0:05.680]Push That Product 推销产品
[0:07.767]In 1900, Edwin Moore had an idea. 1900年,埃德温·摩尔有一个想法。
[0:11.597]He would make something useful that people would want to buy. 他想要做一些人们想买的有用的东西。
[0:15.373]What was that thing? 那是什么东西?
[0:17.261]It was a push-pin. 就是图钉。
[0:19.016]A "push-pin" is a "pin" that you "push." “图钉”是一种你可以“推”的“大头针”。
[0:22.074]You push it into walls or bulletin boards. 你把它推进墙或者是布告板里。
[0:25.633]Why? 为什么?
[0:26.602]To hold up posters, maps and other papers. 为了固定住海报、地图或其他文件。
[0:31.017]There is a push-pin holding up this piece of paper. 这有枚图钉固定住了这张纸。
[0:35.683]Edwin Moore lived in the United States. 埃德温·摩尔住在美国。
[0:38.794]He made his first push-pins by himself. 他自己做出了第一批图钉。
[0:41.994]For a little money, he bought some supplies and rented a room. 用了很少的钱,他买了一些原料,租了间房子。
[0:46.773]Every afternoon and evening, he made push-pins. 每天下午和晚上,他做图钉;
[0:50.492]Every morning, he sold them. 每天早晨,他把图钉卖掉。
[0:52.882]Then, he bought more supplies and made more push-pins. 然后,他买更多的原料,做出更多的图钉。
[0:57.007]Moore's first push-pins cost two dollars for 144 pins. 摩尔的第一批144枚图钉卖了两美元。
[1:02.777]That's cheap! 很便宜!
[1:04.333]One day, a company paid Moore a thousand dollars for some push-pins. 一天,一家公司支付给摩尔1000美元购买了一些推钉。
[1:09.404]It was his first big success. 那是他第一次获得大的成功。
[1:12.492]Hmmm... let's see... 144 push-pins for two dollars. 哦……我们想想……144枚图钉卖两美元。
[1:17.970]How many for a thousand dollars? 1000美元能买多少枚?
[1:20.494]Yikes! That's seventy-two thousand push-pins! 呀!是七万两千枚!
[1:24.236]I hope he had some help! 我希望他能得到一些帮助!
[1:26.580]Have you ever pushed a product? 你曾经推销过产品吗?
[1:28.902]If you "push a product" in English, what are you doing? 如果你用英语“推销一种产品”,你会怎么做?
[1:32.689]Well, if it's a push-pin, you may be really pushing it. 哦,如果是图钉,你就真得推它。
[1:36.792]But if you're "pushing" any other product, you are trying to sell it. 但如果你要“推销”其他产品,你就要努力地去卖它。
[1:41.367]What's a good way to push a product? 什么是推销一种产品的好方法?
[1:43.667]Advertising! 广告!
[1:45.583]Lots of people bought Moore's push-pins. 很多人买摩尔的图钉。
[1:48.631]They liked them! 他们喜欢它们!
[1:49.953]Moore's business grew. 摩尔的生意越做越大。
[1:51.885]In 1903, he began advertising his product across the United States. 1903年,他开始在全美为他的产品做广告。
[1:57.834]His first ad was in a magazine called The Ladies Home Journal. 他的第一个广告刊登在一本叫做《妇女家庭杂志》上。
[2:02.681]Today, the Moore family still owns the company and the Moore Push-Pin Company still makes push-pins. 如今,摩尔家族仍然拥有这家公司,摩尔图钉公司仍然在生产图钉。
[2:09.511]It also makes more than two hundred other small, useful products. 他们还生产出两百多种其它小而实用的产品。
[2:14.426]It has forty-one employees and a factory with a hundred machines. 公司有41名员工,还有一个拥有100台机器的工厂。
[2:18.883]It advertises on the Internet. 公司在网上做广告。
[2:21.120]It sells thousands of push-pins all over the world. 在全世界销售数以千计的图钉。
[2:24.832]What's the price of a push-pin today? 现在一个推钉多少钱?
[2:27.544]A box of one hundred push-pins costs about $4.95. 一盒100枚装的图钉卖4.95美元。
[2:33.046]That's more expensive than in 1900, but it's still cheap! 比1900年要贵些,但仍很便宜!
[2:38.203]ONE PUSH-PIN $0.05 一枚图钉0.05美元
[2:41.876]Learning Tips 学习贴士
[2:43.878]We can call a lady "madam." 我们称一位女士为“madam”。
[2:47.475]LET'S DO IT!
[2:49.206]Talk about Mr. Moore with a partner.
[2:52.789]What did he do well?
[2:55.001]Why was he successful?
[2:57.455]Was advertising a good way to "push his product"?
[3:01.911]What else was important to his success?