UNIT 5 Great People Lesson 37 Touch the World(在线收听

[ti:UNIT 5 Great People Lesson 37 Touch the World]
[0:00.728]UNIT 5 第五单元
[0:02.072]Great People 伟人
[0:03.747]Lesson 37: 第三十七课:
[0:05.407]Touch the World 感触世界
[0:08.700]THINK ABOUT IT!
[0:10.167]What would your life be like if you couldn't see or hear?
[0:15.931]How did Anne Sullivan teach Helen Keller?
[0:20.154]What can you learn from Helen Keller's story?
[0:24.659]THE PLANETARY POST·JUNE 2, 1968 星际时报·1968年6月2日
[0:30.196]Helen Keller Dies at 88 海伦·凯勒88岁去世
[0:33.931]Helen Keller, the well-known writer and educator, died yesterday at the age of 88. 海伦·凯勒——著名的作家和教育家——于昨天去世,享年88岁。
[0:40.669]Helen Keller was a hero to blind and deaf people around the world. 海伦·凯勒是全世界盲聋人的英雄。
[0:46.094]Helen was born in 1880 in the United States. 海伦于1880年出生在美国。
[0:49.923]When she was nineteen months old, Helen fell ill. 19个月大时,海伦生病了。
[0:53.433]She had a high fever. 她发高烧,
[0:55.441]It made her blind and deaf. 这使她成了又盲又聋的孩子。
[0:58.050]Before her illness, Helen had been a bright and happy girl. 在生病之前,海伦曾是个聪明伶俐的女孩。
[1:02.498]When she lost her sight and hearing, she became difficult and wild. 当她失聪又失明之后,她变得难以相处和急躁。
[1:07.697]Helen wanted to understand other people. 海伦想了解其他的人。
[1:10.625]Sometimes, she stood between her mother and her father. 有时,她站在她的父母中间,
[1:14.473]She put her hands on their mouths. 把手放在他们的嘴上。
[1:17.214]She could feel them talk. 她能感觉到他们在说话。
[1:19.128]She felt one mouth move, and then the other mouth move. 她感觉到一张嘴在动,接着另一张也在动。
[1:23.182]What were they doing? 他们在做什么?
[1:24.721]Helen didn't know. 海伦不知道。
[1:26.223]She shouted and cried. 她哭喊着。
[1:29.020]In 1887, a young teacher, Anne Sullivan, began to help Helen. 1887年,一位年轻的教师——安·沙利文开始帮助海伦。
[1:34.988]She spelled words on Helen's hand with her fingers. 她用手指在海伦的手上写字。
[1:38.723]At first, the words didn't mean anything to Helen. 起初,海伦并不明白这些字的意思。
[1:42.327]Then, one day, Helen was playing in some water. 然后,有一天,海伦在玩水。
[1:46.400]Anne Sullivan spelled W-A-T-E-R onto Helen's hand. 安·沙利文在海伦的手上拼出W-A-T-E-R。
[1:50.961]Suddenly, Helen understood. 突然,海伦明白了。
[1:53.439]That day, she learned many more words: mother, father, sister—and teacher. 那天,她学了很多单词:妈妈、爸爸、姐姐和老师。
[2:00.383]As Helen grew older, she learned to read. 随着海伦长大,她学会了读书。
[2:03.424]She had special books with letters she could touch. 她有特殊的能触摸字母的书。
[2:06.784]She also learned to write and even speak. 她还学着写作甚至说话。
[2:09.937]When Helen studied at university, Anne Sullivan sat beside her. 海伦上大学时,安·沙利文坐在她旁边。
[2:14.573]She listened to the professors' words, and then spelled their words onto Helen's hand. 她听教授讲课,然后在海伦的手上拼出那些词。
[2:21.180]After Helen finished university, she visited many countries. 大学毕业之后,海伦到过很多国家。
[2:25.403]She spoke about her life. 她讲述她的生活。
[2:27.465]She was very famous for her courage and hard work. 她因她的勇气和努力而闻名。
[2:31.181]She did her best to help other people who were deaf or blind. 她尽自己最大的努力帮助其他失聪失明的人。
[2:35.705]She will be greatly missed. 她将被深深怀念。
[2:39.143]LET'S DO IT!
[2:40.610]Create an imaginary hero and write something about him or her.
[2:46.940]How old is he or she?
[2:49.669]What is his or her job?
[2:52.507]What great or interesting things has he or she done?