听电影学英语-重返17岁 06(在线收听

  [00:06.18]- Wouldn’t you, if you had the chance? - No. - 你难道不会吗,如果你有机会的话? - 不会
  [00:09.50]I’m rich, and nobody stuck my head in a toilet today. 我现在很有钱,而且也没有人 再把我的头塞进马桶里
  [00:11.54]Sure. Besides, it’s not just about me. 的确没错,但是,这不仅仅是我的事
  [00:13.18]- It’s about you. - No, it’s much bigger than me. - 这就是你的事 - 不,这远远不止是我一个人的事
  [00:18.22]- It’s about you. - Okay, maybe it’s about me... - 这就是你的事 - 好吧,或许这只是我的事…
  [00:21.38]...but what’s wrong with that? …但那又怎么样呢?
  [00:22.22]I have not done anything for me since 1989. 自从1989年以后我就没有 为自己做过什么
  [00:26.58]You do what you have to do. But don’t think about sucking me into this with you. 你去做你该做的 但是别妄想把我卷进去
  [00:30.58]Hayden was the low point of my existence... 海顿高中是我人生的低潮...
  [00:32.78]...and I vowed I would never go back to that godforsaken place! ...而且我发誓我永远不会 再回到那个鬼地方
  [00:35.62]Never, ever, ever! 永远永远
  [00:41.62]Never! Never, ever, ever! 永远!永远!永远!
  [00:47.98]I hate you. 我恨你
  [00:50.66]Hello. 你好
  [00:52.86]I’m here to enroll my son... 我来这里登记我的儿子…
  [00:55.18]...in school. …入学
  [00:56.86]Mark. 马克
  [00:58.38]What’s up? 怎么了?
  [01:01.90]NED: So... 那么…
  [01:08.06]So we’ll just have a seat till you’re ready for us. 我们就先在外面坐一下等你有空再来
  [01:11.10]We’ll be right, uh... Okay. 我们就在这儿,嗯
  [01:21.46]What’s this you’re wearing? 你穿的是什么?

  [01:24.46]This is cool. This is hip. I have a picture of Kevin Federline wearing the same thing. 这很酷,很流行,我有张 凯文·费德林的照片,他就是这么穿的
  [01:29.18]- I don’t know who that is. - What are you wearing? - 我可不知道那是谁 - 你穿的这是什么?
  [01:32.86]- I told you, like a dad. - I am. - 我告诉过你,要像个爸爸 - 的确像啊
  [01:33.18]- You look like Clay Aiken. - Leave him out of this. - 你看起来就像克莱·艾肯 - 别把我跟那个扯上
  [01:37.18]MIKE: Are you sure these look legit? - Oh, yeah. Look who you’re talking to. - 你确信这是正统的穿着吗? - 当然,看看你说的是谁
  [01:42.06]I’m the guy who invented the software that prevents people from stealing music. 我可是那个开发了 音乐防盗版软件的人啊
  [01:46.58]I also invented the software that helps people steal music... 同时我也是那个开发了 帮助人们盗版音乐的软件的人…
  [01:51.10]...but that’s a happy coincidence. ...不过那只能说是个愉快的巧合
  [01:51.74]MIKE: What is that? 那是什么?
  [01:57.26]- Wrong. These are for me. - You kidding? - 错了,这些是为我准备的 - 你开什么玩笑?
  [01:58.46]Oh, my G... 哦,我的天…
  [01:58.94]- What’s-her-name and Chewie’s for me. - Miss Masterson will see you now. - 这都是我的 - 麦斯德森小姐可以见你们了

  [02:02.82]Let’s go. 走吧
  [02:07.30]Just don’t try to be funny, all right? 尽量别搞笑,可以吗?
  [02:09.34]Say as little as possible. 尽可能少说话
  [02:12.34]Hey, watch where you’re going, toolbag. 嗨,看着点啊,废物
  [02:14.02]- So sorry, sir. Our fault. - Stan. - 真抱歉,先生,是我们的错 - 斯坦
  [02:20.70]Hello. I’m Jane Masterson, principal here at Hayden High. 你好,我是简·麦斯德森 海顿高中的校长
  [02:26.90]MIKE: Hi. 嗨
  [02:40.46]Hello. 你好
  [02:43.46]JANE: Hi. - Hi. - 嗨 - 嗨
  [02:45.98]Uh, okay. 嗯,行了
  [02:46.82]Yeah, I think we’re good here. 是的,我想这样就可以了
  [02:48.60]Sorry. 抱歉
  [02:53.34]I think our hands just made a baby. 我想我们的双手 刚刚制造了一个爱的结晶
  [02:54.50]Excuse my dad. He’s not used to talking to attractive women. 请原谅我父亲,他不太习惯 和你这么有魅力的女人说话
  [03:02.02]Oh, thank you... 谢谢...
  [03:02.54]- Mark. JANE: Mark... - 马克 - 马克…
  [03:05.38]...for that flattering yet totally inappropriate comment. …你的奉承还不是完全令人反感
  [03:08.74]Please sit. 请坐吧
  [03:12.90]Before we get started, I think you should know that, uh, Mark’s a bastard. 在我们开始之前,我认为应该 先让你知道,马克是个私生子
  [03:16.58]Excuse me? 什么?
  [03:18.78]I had him out of wedlock, so... 我并不是结婚才有的这个孩子 所以…
  [03:20.26]...l’m single. …我还单身
  [03:22.62]And I’m very rich. 而且我还非常富有
  [03:28.30]Okay. 好的
  [03:29.30]- Did you bring your transcripts? - Oh, yeah. - 你带来了你的成绩单吗? - 带来了
  [03:33.66]Transcripts. 成绩单
  [03:33.98]JANE: Last school you went to was Cutler High in Connecticut. 你的上一个学校是康涅狄格州的 卡特勒高中
  [03:37.34]Straight-A student. Very impressive. 全优生,非常注目
  [03:40.86]Math club... 数学协会…
  [03:42.70]...National Merit finalist... …国家奖学金…
  [03:46.70]...Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Champion. …寇妮岛吃热狗冠军
  [03:55.42]Well, I think Hayden would be lucky to have you. 我想海顿高中会很庆幸 有你这样优秀的学生
  [03:58.74]- Welcome. - Thank you. - 欢迎你 - 谢谢
  [04:05.94]Uh, yes, Mr. Gold. Do you have a question? 嗯,高德先生,你有什么问题吗?
  [04:08.62]Your hair is pretty. 你的头发很漂亮
  [04:13.30]Ah. Not a question, but thank you. 啊,不是一个问题,但是谢谢你
  [04:17.50]Would the lady mind if I smelled it? 你介意让我闻一下吗?
  [04:21.18]Now is probably a good time to tell you that I don’t date students’ parents. 不如趁此机会告诉你 我不会和学生家长约会的
  [04:23.38]Well, maybe I should tell you that I never don’t not date the principal of my child. 好吧,也许我应该告诉你 我绝对不会不和我孩子的校长约会的
  [04:28.22]Okay, come on, Dad. Come on, Dad. 好了,爸爸,好了,爸爸
  [04:31.06]Let’s go. 走吧
  [04:34.26]NED: I was about to close! 我正要接近她了

  [04:38.74]MIKE: You have to do it right now? Just calm down. You’re a dad. 你非要挑这个时候这样吗? 冷静一下,你现在可是我爸爸
  [04:40.58]- Hi. Oh, my gosh. We’re in. - You see her undress me with her eyes? - 我的天,我们成功了 - 你看到她用眼神让我缴械吗?
  [04:43.78]I don’t think that’s what that was. 我不认为那是如你所想的那样
  [04:45.78]Hey. Wow. I don’t know how we did it. 我都不知道我们怎么办到的
  [04:49.98]It’s Maggie’s friends. Watch this. 是玛姬的朋友们,看着
  [04:51.14]- Hey, girls, how’s it going? JAIME: Do I know you? - 嗨,女孩们,你好吗? - 我认识你吗?
  [04:52.98]What’d you do, mug K-Fed? 你想怎么样,鬼脸小凯文?
  [05:00.34]Welcome to the bottom of the food chain. 欢迎来到食物链的最底层