听电影学英语-征婚广告 17(在线收听

  [00:01.96]- You gonna eat that? - No. Here. -你想吃吗? -不,给你
  [00:07.52]Thank you. 谢谢
  [00:10.08]You did sleep with June, didn’t you? 你和琼睡过对吧?
  [00:19.72]Does it matter? Really? 那有什么关系?说真的?
  [00:22.04]It’s just that you told me nothing happened. 可你说什么事都没发生
  [00:24.88]I knew we’d be great together, I didn’t want anything to get in the way of that. 我知道我们会合得来, 所以不希望受其他事影响
  [00:29.48]And we were. 我们确实合得来
  [00:49.56]That was fun. Thanks a lot. I’ll call you. 真开心,太谢谢你了,我会打你电话
  [00:54.40]- You mad at me? - No, I’m not mad at you. -你在生我气? -不,我不是生你的气
  [00:57.40]- Good, I was afraid something had... - I’m mad at myself for trusting you. -那就好,我还担心有什么... -我是气自己会相信你
  [01:00.88]For not listening to that voice that said: 没有听信直觉:
  [01:04.24]"He is a shallow, self-centered bastard." Which is what you are, you stupidhead! "他是个浅薄,自私的混蛋" 那就是你,你这蠢货
  [01:07.16]Maybe I have been teaching preschool too long, but you took advantage of me. 也许我是在幼儿园呆太久了, 你利用了这点
  [01:12.84]You knew how vulnerable I was. I was the weak impala of the herd. 知道我有多容易得手, 是唾手可得的猎物
  [01:15.92]And you pounced on that with that whole sensitive dad-of-the-year act. 所以演了一整套"年度最佳爸爸"的好戏
  [01:18.48]And, "we’re adopting a puppy." 加上"我们收养了一条狗"

  [01:20.88]And the fake professor thing with these fake glasses. 还戴着副假眼镜装斯文
  [01:25.84]These aren’t even real, are they? 根本不是真的对不对?
  [01:29.40]Sorry. 抱歉
  [01:30.40]I just hate guys like you. I hate guys like you! 我讨厌你这种男人,讨厌你这种男人
  [02:07.08]But this is a good look for you, Sarah. 你这样挺好看
  [02:10.04]You’ve gone beyond pajamas and are now wearing the bed. 你已经丢开睡衣,开始穿床单了
  [02:14.24]Oh, God. I just went after the wrong guy again. Like always. 老天,我又找错了人,总是这样
  [02:19.52]I slept with a man who’s not my husband. 我和一个不是我丈夫的男人上了床
  [02:21.40]I’m promiscuous. 简直是滥交
  [02:29.04]Oh, God. I’m a complete and total love failure. 上帝,我是个不折不扣的感情失败者
  [02:35.20]- Oh, no. - Stop it, it’s not that funny. -哦,不 -够了,没那么好笑
  [02:40.60]Stop laughing. 别笑了
  [02:41.16]What about that cute guy I met? Condom man. 我见过的那个帅哥呢?保险套先生?
  [02:45.48]- Yes, that’s how he likes to be known. - Condom man? -他肯定乐于听到这称呼 -保险套先生?
  [02:46.96]- Sounds like a superhero. - I can’t. -听起来象超级英雄 -不可能
  [02:51.12]He hates me. And I don’t blame him. 他讨厌我,但我并不怪他
  [02:54.48]No, I had my chance with him, and I blew it. 我和他有过机会,但我给弄砸了

  [03:02.64]Let’s go watch Beaches. 那我们去海滩上找吧
  [03:05.56]Oh, my God. 老天
  [03:12.00]When they remake this, they gotta add a happy ending and nudity. 重拍这部片时 该加上大团圆结局和床戏
  [03:15.80]They won’t remake it. Nobody wants to watch this kind of yearning nowadays. 不会重拍的, 现在没人想看这种怀旧的片子
  [03:20.08]It’s too painful. 太痛苦了
  [03:21.04]- Modern man can’t take it. - This has gotta end. -现代人接受不了 -该结束了
  [03:22.20]There’s a world beyond Zhivago-land. 走出日瓦戈的天地, 忘了那女人,重新生活
  [03:24.32]Forget about the dog-park girl and live again.
  [03:28.72]You think your friend still wants to buy my boat? 你朋友还想买我的船吗?
  [03:29.36]Let him chop it up, stick it on his wall. 得让他切开安在墙上
  [03:32.16]- Call him. - Seriously? -打电话找他 -真的吗?
  [03:37.84]Tell him to come by the boat basin this weekend. I’ll row it down myself. 让他周末去船闸, 我会亲手划过去
  [03:41.44]And call some of those insane, pansexual girls you’re so fond of. 再叫些你喜欢的那种 疯疯癫癫的豪放女人
  [03:45.48]I want a date every day until christmas. 圣诞节前我每天都要有约会
  [03:53.04]- Where have you been all my life? - Waiting for you. -去哪了害我等这么久? -在等你
  [04:02.48]You are absolutely perfect. You know that, don’t you? 你完美极了,知道吗?
  [04:06.68]I do. But it’s still nice to hear. 知道,但这话我总是爱听
  [04:09.96]Hello, hello. Hi.
  [04:12.12]Already in them, a little early for that. Come on, have a seat. 现在穿可早了点,过来,坐下
  [04:12.32]Look at you, cute jammies. 你这身打扮真可爱
  [04:19.20]Eric, come on. 艾里克,过来
  [04:19.56]All right. Now... 是这样,现在...
  [04:22.36]...Eric and I are here to cheer you up, and we have many options. ...艾里克和我是来让你开心的, 有很多选择
  [04:26.28]I’m ready. 我准备好了
  [04:28.92]First, there’s line dancing at the Grove. Very Southwest, mid-’80s. 首先,是去"树丛"俱乐部跳排舞, 80年代西南风格那种
  [04:32.64]- Too gay. - Or... -同性恋味太浓 -要么...
  [04:32.72]...we can use these teacher gift certificates... ...可以用这些教师礼劵...
  [04:38.16]...for midnight manicures. - Perfect. Can we do that? -去午夜店修指甲 -好极了,就这个行吗?
  [04:41.56]- That’s not too gay? - No. -这就不同性恋了? -不
  [04:44.56]He keeps the mystery alive, doesn’t he? 他保持着神秘的活力是吧?
  [04:49.12]What color? 什么颜色(人种)?
  [04:51.52]White. Caucasian. 白人,白种人
  [04:52.40]What color nail? After wax. 我是问指甲的颜色
  [04:57.68]- I don’t know. What do you think? - Your nail, not mine. -不知道,你觉得呢? -你的指甲,又不是我的