CNN 2011-03-28(在线收听

A very,very strong quake,no doubt folks in here fell that regardless of the deaths.The question is,you know,what kind of damages are we getting from the city,certainly enough to do damage ,to strike on the border there actually,pretty close to parts of Thailand,but the most important thing ,it is very far away from the Indian ocean,so this is not going to generate,it is not.It is large enough,typically 7.0 or higher would be large enough to create the tsunami ,strong quake nonetheless, not associated with the fall lines in Japan.
"Our games are very clear and we're gonna give up the command position we've set from the early beginning,hope it'd be able to command the control,but that give up that  command position can be participants in that process but not in command ,and then we're gonna continue to provide predominantly,those capabilities that we had our unique that,enable the operations ,as well as additional capacity that coalitian may not have that we do bring to the fight,an example will be tankers,some of our ISR platforms.And I'll anticipate that we will continue to provide some of, interdiction strike packages as well ,should that be needed  via the coalitian"
American 1900 ,so you're aware the tower is apparently not manned.We've made few phone calls.Nobody's answering.So two airplanes went in the past 10-15minutes,so you can expect to go in as an uncontrolled airport.
So the reason is not manned?
Well,I'm going to take a guess and say that controller got locked out...I've heard of this happpening.
That's the first time I've heard of it.
I'm not sure that's what happened now.,but anyway there's nobody in the tower.
That's interesting.
It is.
As her doctor's descibed in her last press conference,on March 11th,she's doing remarkable well.She 's starting to walk,talk more,more be days,and she's starting to process some of the tragedy that we all went through that January,she's going to through that as we speak