听电影学英语-一个美国新娘的自白 17(在线收听

  [00:07.04]Go into the living room. I've got something for you. 到客厅去, 我有点东西给你看
  [00:07.72]I was too late. 我去晚了
  [00:11.44]Mom, if this is about pie, I don't need to be depressed and fat. 妈, 如果是馅饼就省了吧 我在减肥
  [00:18.60]Alan said you left. Alan说你走了
  [00:22.08]That was the plan. 原本计划是的
  [00:23.36]I was originally gonna go next month... 最初打算下个月走
  [00:27.04]...but the other night I was showering and the drain stopped up. 前天晚上洗澡的时候 发现排水管又堵了
  [00:32.08]And this time... 这次是因为...
  [00:36.44]...the cause was your hair. 你的头发
  [00:39.84]So while the plumber guy was lecturing me again... 当修理工又再教训我的时候
  [00:45.12]...I realized I just couldn't be around here anymore. 才发现这地方真的容不下我
  [00:49.48]But you didn't leave early. 但你还是没有走啊
  [00:51.68]I tried. 我试过了
  [00:53.88]First, I started thinking about the trip, and all the places that I would finally see... 首先, 我开始制定旅程计划 把所有想去的地方
  [00:58.16]...and all the things that I would finally do. 和要做的事情都想好
  [01:03.44]And then I thought about how happy it should make me. 然后就觉得会是非常愉快的旅程
  [01:08.16]But it didn't. 实际上并不是
  [01:12.04]You see... 知道吗
  [01:13.24]...despite everything, Sam... 无论如何...
  [01:18.04]...I missed your hair. 我想念你的头发
  [01:21.12]I don't wanna do any of those things without you. 我不想独自去旅游
  [01:27.16]I don't wanna do anything without you. 没有你我不想做任何事
  [01:30.08]- But why did you call off the wedding? - I didn't. You did. - 那为什么要取消婚约呢? - 我没有, 是你取消的
  [01:35.24]When I said I didn't think I could go through with this... 上次我说不能接受
  [01:41.96]I mean, when I came over here, I wanted desperately for us to fix things. 上次来的时候 我希望能尽力补救
  [01:48.04]You know, I wanted to see that fire, that fight... 知道吗, 我是想一起
  [01:53.67]...that feisty girl kick and claw to make us work. 把我们燃起的战火扑灭
  [01:57.44]- But instead... - I gave up and pushed you away. - 但实际上... - 我却放弃了你
  [02:01.41]Ben, listen to me. I never wanted out. Ever. Ben, 听着 我永远不想离开你, 永远
  [02:06.42]Really? 真的?
  [02:07.75]That feisty girl you've been missing's right here, I swear. 我保证你失去的女孩已经回来了
  [02:10.62]I have missed you so bad that I would do any... 我是多么的想念你 我可以为你...
  [02:16.53]I had forgotten what a great kisser Ben was. 我永远不会忘记Ben那热炽的吻
  [02:20.27]The rest was easy. 接下来就简单了
  [02:25.17]Putting on a wedding that was just canceled in less than a week was difficult... 继续举行一个几天前才取消的婚礼 真的有点难度
  [02:29.51]...but it was still easy, because finally we were a team, a real team. 但也不难, 因为我们齐心协力
  [02:35.71]And then, in the blink of an eye, it was the big day. 眨眨眼睛, 大日子就来临了
  [02:39.28]Was it the wedding I'd always dreamed of? Well, let's see. 这婚礼是不是我梦寐以求的呢? 让我们拭目以待
  [02:42.79]Not only did the O'Shaunesseys show up, but they brought all five kids. O'Shaunessey夫妇不单来临 还把五个孩子都带来
  [02:48.16]The peonies I adored were, of course, out of season, so I had to settle for roses. 这季节没有我喜欢的牡丹花 玫瑰花也不错嘛--只能这样想了
  [02:54.73]The string quartet lost two of its members to strep. 乐队有两个成员感染链球菌去世了
  [02:57.94]I think they were dating. 我想是另有所约吧
  [02:59.50]So we had to go prerecorded. 只好播放录音了
  [03:03.21]But looking out at everyone assembled, I realized... 看着大家出双入对
  [03:07.95]...weddings aren't about the bride and groom... 觉得婚礼不单是为新郎和新娘准备
  [03:11.02]...they're about everyone else. 也是为在场各位准备的
  [03:13.09]Marriages are about the bride and groom. 婚礼的主角是新郎和新娘
  [03:16.79]And when you're walking down the aisle, all the little details mean nothing... 当你走在绿色走廊上的时候 一切都不再重要了
  [03:20.73]...because at that moment it becomes clear... 因为这一刻
  [03:30.07]Ben Rosen, will you give yourself to Samantha Hoyt... Ben Rosen, 你愿意成为 Samantha Hoyt
  [03:34.21]...to be her husband, to love her, comfort her, honor her, and protect her... 的丈夫, 并且爱她 关心她, 宠爱她, 还有不顾一切的
  [03:39.88]...forsaking all others, to be faithful to her so long as you both shall live? 保护她, 一辈子忠于她 你愿意吗?

  [03:45.15]I will. 我愿意
  [03:46.45]Will you give yourself to Ben Rosen... 你愿意成为Ben Rosen
  [03:48.42]...to be his wife, to love him, comfort him, honor him, and protect him... 的妻子, 并且爱他 关心他, 宠爱他, 还有不顾一切的
  [03:53.63]...forsaking all others, to be faithful to him so long as you both shall live? 保护他, 一辈子忠于他 你愿意吗?
  [03:59.10]I will. 我愿意
  [04:10.18]May God bless you and keep you... 愿主保佑你们
  [04:11.94]- let no man put asunder. 永不分离
  [04:15.45]You may kiss the bride. 你可以吻新娘了
  [04:29.49]Ladies and gentlemen, it is our honor to present to you... 先生们, 女士们 现在非常荣幸请出...
  [04:36.00]Mr. And Mrs. Samantha and Benjamin Rosen. Samantha Rosen 和Benjamin Rosen夫妇
  [05:15.41]The day was glorious. 这天一辈子难忘
  [05:17.31]The rabbi and reverend became best friends. 牧师和传教士成为好朋友
  [05:20.28]And if Ben's waltz was, well, a little rocky, I didn't care. 如果说Ben的华尔兹带点摇滚味 我并不在乎
  [05:25.52]To me, that day, he danced like Fred Astaire. 对我来说, 他那天跳得比 Fred Astaire(著名舞蹈家)还好
  [05:33.89]So was it the wedding I'd always dreamed of? 这到底是不是我梦寐以求的婚礼?
  [05:38.16]No. 不是
  [05:39.70]It was better. 但更好
  [05:59.32]- I love you. - I love you too. - 我爱你 - 我也爱你