CNN 2011-04-04(在线收听

This morning at 6 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time, 12 days after the launch of the military action in Libya, NATO took sole command of international air operations over Libya. The alliance effort dubbed Operation Unified Protector has assets in place and is now leading efforts to enforce the arms embargo and the no-fly zone, and to protect Libyan civilians. As you'll remember, the president pledged to the American people at the start of our effort in Libya that U.S. military action would be limited in duration and scope, and that we would ultimately transition from a U.S. to a coalition lead in days and not weeks.

It turns how I got there, obviously the situation in Japan is what they just happened, travelled across the jet streams across the Pacific ocean and landed on our shores. It’s hardly surprise that happened. It was expected. It’s important to remember that. Actually, we live surrounded by radiation every single day. It comes from the sun. It comes from our Television and it comes from our cell phone.

Over the past 4 months, the people of Cote divoire have lived through a political crisis that has devastated their economy, created a humanitarian crisis that threatens a region and led to a death of over 400 divoire citizens. This week has seems some of the most intense fighting in Cote divoire since the political crisis began in late November. United States calls on all parties to exercise restraint and to make the protection of civilians their highest priority.