CNN 2011-04-24(在线收听

We continue to call on BP to fulfill their promises of their ads.We continue to call on on BP to truly make it right.Here in Louisiana we have over 300 miles of our coast that continue to be oil. We again call on BP to make these payments within days not weeks not  months but within days so we can preceed with  restoring our coast. Today should seve as the day that we look back and remember the disaster that took human lives that caused ecological damages. Today should also be a day that we look back and remember the heroes.Remember the people that stood up to defend a way of life that fought so hard to make sure that we could go fishing again we could live a living in this coastal community again.Wow,that's not good guy.That's full out.

seconds....We are gonna full in...

We are instituting the national terrorism advisory system and what this system does is that they will provide alerts based on specific and credible information about potential terrorist activities and say goodbye to that will be going way next week.In its place will be something that provides the citizenry of this  country with more information that they can use in the event of  a specific and credible threat or terrorist attack.

Mr.Obama was never in danger.There was never any threat of dange. What took place is something we were investigating and when we finished our investigation we will anounced the results.We consider any incident like this serious incidents. and it's under  investigation and we will get to the bottom of what happened and how it happened.Obviously make sure it doesn't happen again.