CNN 2011-06-08(在线收听

Today marks the first official visit and State Dinner for a European leader during my presidency.  It’s only fitting.  The transatlantic alliance is the cornerstone ,is the heart of our efforts to promote peace and prosperity around the world.  And Germany ,at the heart of Europe , is one of our strongest allies

Germany and the United States are partners, sharing responsibility for a peaceful and stable Afghanistan.We are pulling in the same direction, trying to keep Iran from following its course of developing a nuclear forces capability.In North Africa,we support the struggle for freedom.And in the Middle East,we support efforts to fill the peace process with new life.

Still zero percent contained as finally 2,500 firefighters here.Right now there is basically one road in and out of here as the authorities here try to encourage people to evacuate. They will probably try to enforce that a little more come tomorrow.And what you see is these thick timbers on these mountains here, and they go for only about 10 miles away from Springerville, is the front of the fire. And anywhere there is not this thick timber, there's this kind of grass. Listen to this. I mean, this is just fuel ready to go. So they say when it gets to this, it will spread even faster.

I didn't know that he was going to fess up.So if he started to dig in again and started blaming me, saying this is Breitbart. He made this up. These photos are made up, I would have been there to grill him. But I ended up becoming,you know, just like everybody else, witness to something that felt tragic and sad at an unbelievable level. I am not the cruel person that the media and people, certain people on the left think that I am. And I guarantee you, that is a news worthy photo. I just don't think that , I don't want to be known as the person that released that photo.