英语听力:听电影学英语-口是心非 04(在线收听

  [00:16.16]What's that? 那是什么?
  [00:19.52]The reckoning. 账单
  [00:24.00]Bad? 坏事?
  [00:25.08]We've been bad. 我们干了坏事
  [00:27.76]How bad? 有多坏?
  [00:30.68]We've been very bad. 我们非常坏
  [00:34.44]We're very good at it. 我们非常擅长这个
  [00:38.84]Worth it? 值得吗?
  [00:49.84]Very. 当然
  [00:53.84]Very worth it. 非常值得
  [01:16.88]CLAIRE: Oh, my God. RAY: What? - 哦,天啊 - 什么?
  [01:17.20]CLAIRE: It's... 是...
  [01:18.56]It's noon. It's 12:15. What happened to my wake-up call? 已经中午了,现在是12点15 我的起床闹钟呢?
  [01:24.32]I left a wake-up call. 我明明定了闹钟的
  [01:24.44]Oh, Jesus! This can't be happening. This is not the day to not get a wake-up call. 哦,天啊,这没有发生 今天可不该没挂那个电话
  [01:30.32]Oh, God! I can't believe I didn't get my wake-up call. 哦,天啊 怎么会这样,怎么会没听到闹铃
  [01:33.36]I had a 10:30 flight. 我本来有个10点半的飞机
  [01:36.40]I'm supposed to be landing in Geneva right now. 此刻我本该到日内瓦了
  [01:39.44]You probably told me all this. I just don't remember it. 你可能说过,我想不起来了
  [01:40.32]No. I couldn't. It's classified. 不,不会的,这些是保密的
  [01:45.72]Yeah, I was supposed to be in Cairo two days ago. 我两天前就应该在开罗的
  [01:46.40]- You told me London. - The point is, I blew it off. - 你告诉我伦敦 - 关键是,我去不成了
  [01:49.56]And nobody called this morning? 早上没有人叫吗?
  [01:51.16]- You were here. - I'm a heavy sleeper. - 你也在这啊 - 我睡得很死
  [01:55.84]RAY: So what are you saying? I took the call and didn't tell you? 那么你想说什么? 我接了电话然后没告诉你?
  [01:57.92]When did you set this up, anyway? 你什么时候跟服务台说的?
  [01:59.80]CLAIRE: Last night. RAY: Where was I? - 昨晚 - 我在哪?
  [02:00.44]In the bath. 在浴室里
  [02:03.88]- We were in there together. - When I went for the ice. - 我们都在那 - 当我去拿冰块的时候
  [02:05.08]RAY: While I was waiting? 我那时在等着?
  [02:07.80]CLAIRE: I can't believe they didn't call. 真不敢相信他们竟然没挂电话
  [02:08.76]You snuck out of the tub to leave a wake-up call! 你偷偷的离开浴缸是去跟服务员说要叫早!
  [02:13.16]CLAIRE: This is a five-star hotel. How does that happen? 这是一家五星级的酒店 怎么会这样?
  [02:16.84]Welcome to Italy. 欢迎来到意大利
  [02:21.60]Look, I told you it was classified. I shouldn't have to explain this to you. 听着,我跟你说过这可是机密,本不该跟你解释
  [02:25.20]Well, this beats the hell out of Dubai. 已经比迪拜好了
  [02:27.84]- What? - I'm still standing, right? - 什么? - 我至少没喝醉,不是吗?
  [02:33.24]There. See? There it is. 看,你又来了
  [02:33.72]If you're looking for Egyptian Air Defense codes, 如果你正在寻找埃及防空密码
  [02:37.68]- I'm keeping them in my socks these days. - See, I knew it. - 这几天我一直把它们放在我袜子里 - 我知道了
  [02:38.40]You'll never get over that, will you? You couldn't. 你老忘不了那件事,是吧?
  [02:39.10]I'm afraid that's classified. 我想说,那是机密
  [02:41.60]- You actually think, what, I'm playing you? - That's crazy, right? - 你到底再想什么?我在耍你? - 很疯狂,是么?
  [02:44.64]This felt like an assignment to you? Three days? All this? 这像是已经安排好的 三天时间就让你干这些?
  [02:48.76]What was the objective? Rug burn? 为了什么?和你上床?
  [02:51.72]Who knows, maybe you didn't want me in Cairo yesterday. 谁知道,或许根本就是想阻止我昨天去开罗
  [02:55.00]God, that's so sad. 天啊,这真悲哀
  [02:59.48]Because that's exactly what I was just thinking. 因为我就是那么想的
  [03:01.84]That maybe you're playing me, that you canceled my call. 或许你在耍我,取消了我的电话
  [03:02.84]That this was just some revenge to get back at me for Dubai. 以此来报复我在迪拜的所作所为
  [03:08.12]Then I'm thinking how terrible it is that I think that way. 我那么想有点过分
  [03:12.48]Then I realize we both think that way. 接着我发现我们都那么想
  [03:18.56]Then I'm thinking, 然后我在想
  [03:20.76]is that what makes this so worth it? 难道就真值得这样吗?
  [03:24.40]Is that it? 是这样?
  [03:26.28]That I know you're thinking exactly what I'm thinking? 就因为我们两个的想法都一样?
  [03:31.16]Because then I'm thinking, do we both think like that because of what we do? 就因为我们是间谍,所以我们的想法就一样吗?
  [03:36.28]Are we good at what we do because we think like that? 还是因为我们这么想,所以我们就适合做间谍?
  [03:39.84]Everybody thinks like that. They just don't say it. 每个人都那么想 他们只是不说罢了
  [03:40.44]- Civilians don't think like that. - Bullshit. - 老百姓不那么想 - 胡说
  [03:43.10]- Nobody trusts anybody. We just cop to it. - Okay. So cop to it. - 没有人相信别人,我们不过坦白说出来而已 - 好吧,那就坦白吧
  [03:48.36]- Me? I think you better go first. - Why? What am I hiding? - 我?我认为你应该先讲 - 为什么?我还要掩藏什么?
  [03:51.48]This wasn't an accident, was it? 这不是一个偶然,对吗?
  [03:54.24]Being here. Meeting like this. 在这里,如此的见面
  [04:01.08]You came looking for me, didn't you? 你来找我,不是吗?
  [04:02.40]- You'd like that, wouldn't you? - I'm right, though, aren't I? - 你少臭美了  - 难道我说的不对吗?
  [04:06.88]Because you went looking for me, right? 因为你在找我,对吗?
  [04:07.08]But why? Just for this? 为了什么?就为这个?
  [04:10.04]- Isn't that enough? - Not for you. - 这还不够吗? - 对你来说可不够
  [04:12.72]What are we into, Claire? Claire,什么让我们沉迷
  [04:18.60]Can you imagine living like this? 你想过这样的生活吗?
  [04:22.16]- How much fun we could have? - Aren't we in enough trouble? - 我们一起多快乐 - 我们遇到的麻烦还不够吗?
  [04:26.44]I mean, having the money. 我指,拿到那笔钱
  [04:29.84]- Keep going. - How much do you think we'd need? - 继续 - 你认为我们需要多少?
  [04:33.20]- $20 million? - I was thinking 40. - 2千万? - 我觉着应该4千万
  [04:39.08]So what do you have to do to get $40 million? 那你该怎样去得到4千万?
  [04:44.84]Go private. 隐秘
  [04:47.80]Be smart. 聪明
  [04:49.24]Get lucky. 还有幸运
  [04:50.72]How smart? 多聪明?
  [04:51.60]Smart enough to pick the right partner. 能选好搭档就行了
  [04:55.08]- Private, you mean... - Corporate. - 单干,你是指... - 公司
  [04:58.56]And lucky? 还有运气?