英语听力:听电影学英语-口是心非 16(在线收听

  [00:16.44](CROWD WHOOPING)
  [00:19.12](SPEAKING GERMAN)
  [00:25.48]RAY: Is there a problem? 有什么问题吗?
  [00:30.36]- Are you testing us? - Excuse me? - 你这是试探我们? - 什么意思?
  [00:34.16]- Or perhaps you think this is a joke. - I don't understand. - 或者说你们在开玩笑 - 我不明白
  [00:36.44]Yes, apparently not. 是的,看上去不是
  [00:40.80](SPEAKING GERMAN)
  [00:42.20]This formula is nothing but a common skin cream. 这配方只是常见的护肤霜
  [00:44.88](SPEAKING GERMAN)
  [00:48.68]Sorry, a lotion. 更正一下,护肤液
  [01:12.20]CLAIRE: I'm so sorry. I just... RAY: Just what? - 非常抱歉,我只是... - 只是什么?
  [01:16.20]CLAIRE: I'm drawing a blank. RAY: Nice try. - 我忘了 - 得了吧
  [01:20.64]A little professional courtesy would make this a lot less awkward. 一点职业礼貌就能少很多麻烦
  [01:24.96]CLAIRE: How do I know you? RAY: How do you know me? - 我怎么认识你的? - 你怎么认识我的?
  [01:25.32]Wow, that's a strong play. 演得真不错
  [01:27.24]Believe me, I've spent a lot of time thinking what this would be like, 真的,我花了好长时间思考事情会变成什么样
  [01:30.32]where we'd be, what I'd say, what you'd say. 我们将身处何方,我会说什么,你又会说什么
  [01:31.28]But I never... 但我从没有...
  [01:36.68]You can cut me off there any time you like. 你随时都能打断我
  [01:39.28]- Sorry. I spaced out. - Okay. So? - 抱歉,我走神了 - 什么?
  [01:43.64]- You wanna start over? - No, no. Just go from there. - 从头再来? - 不,不,接着从那儿开始
  [01:46.24]- Can I have a sip of that? - Go. - 我能来一小口吗? - 当然
  [01:48.48]You clearly have me confused with someone else. 你肯定把我和其他人弄混了
  [01:51.80]I don't know. I mean, I'm not great on names. I should be. I try. 我不知道,我是说,我不太记得住名字 应该记着的,我试了
  [01:54.84]Faces, I'm definitely better. Faces, I'm like a B, B minus. 识面孔方面我呀要明显好点 起码能达到B,B-
  [01:59.44]Where I'm good, people I've screwed. That's a real area of strength for me. 我擅长记住和我做过爱的人 那是我的强项
  [02:01.12]Wrong. 错了
  [02:04.00]- That was perfect. - It's "people I've slept with." - 没 - 应该是“和我睡过觉的”
  [02:07.76]- And I like "traditional." - What do you mean? - 我还喜欢“传统” - 什么意思?
  [02:11.36]"That's been a traditional area of strength for me." “那是我的传统强项”
  [02:11.84]People I've slept with. That's been a traditional area of strength for me. 和我睡过觉的人 那是我的传统强项
  [02:17.12]That's nicer. 这样好多了
  [02:18.04]Look, seriously, I don't know who you think I am, but... 说正经的 我不知道你怎么看我,但...
  [02:18.72]- You're gonna enunciate, right? - What? - 你要声明吗? - 什么?
  [02:22.40]You've gotta really speak up. 你得说得义正言辞才行
  [02:25.28]So you're, like, directing me now? 你这是在,指挥我?
  [02:27.28]You wanna go out there tomorrow and have them not hear it? 你明天不打算去演这出戏了?
  [02:31.64]You are directing me. 你在指挥我
  [02:33.84]No, I'm just filling a gap in the chain of command. 不,我只是在填补指挥系统空白
  [02:37.32]Well, come back here and say that. 过来说说
  [02:38.60]Claire, come on. We're doing this for real in less than 12 hours. Clair,拜托,没有不到12个小时就要来真的了
  [02:43.28]I know. It's just this whole thing makes me think about Rome, 我知道,只是这件事情让我想起罗马
  [02:46.84]and when I think about Rome, I think about you and... 而当我想到了罗马,我就想到你...
  [02:50.20]Let's just do it one more time. 让我们再来一次吧
  [02:51.84]CLAIRE: When I think about you, I can barely enunciate. 当我想到你,我无法义正言辞
  [02:55.28]- One more time without the robe. - RAY: I don't work naked. - 不穿睡衣,再来一次 - 我从不光着身子工作
  [02:59.28]CLAIRE: You know I know it. RAY: So show me. - 你知道我懂 - 那给我看看吧
  [03:02.36]CLAIRE: You show me. 你给我看看吧
  [03:03.44]RAY: (CHUCKLES) Look, let's just do it all the way through. 好,我们就再来一遍
  [03:05.36]RAY O VER SPEAKER... From the top, one more time, and then I'll take off the robe. 从头开始,再来一次,然后我脱掉睡衣
  [03:09.44]CLAIRE... If you love me, you'll do it without the robe, now. 如果你爱我,你现在就会光着来
  [03:14.48]RAY... Okay. From the top. No robe. 好吧,从头开始,不穿睡衣

  [03:18.84]RAY... Remember me? 还记得我吗?
  [03:20.64]CLAIRE... Sure. Of course. We... RAY... Long time, huh? - 当然,我们... - 很长时间了,对吧?
  [03:25.92]CLAIRE... Yes. I'm... RAY... Gotcha. - 是啊 我... - 明白
  [03:29.20]CLAIRE... Look, I'm sorry. Really, I just... RAY... Sorry. Sorry. - 抱歉,我只是... - 抱歉,抱歉
  [03:34.68]CLAIRE... (LAUGHS) I'm just drawing a blank here. 我只是不记得了
  [03:38.92]RAY... You're drawing what? 你怎么了?
  [03:41.24]CLAIRE... Excuse me? 抱歉?
  [03:46.88]Perfect. They're perfect! 完美,他们太完美了!
  [03:48.96]Does that mean we're a go, sir? 这是不是说明我们成功了,先生?
  [03:50.96]Or we could spend another year looking for ways to bait this trap, 或者我们再花上一年时间 绞尽脑汁重新做饵
  [03:53.04]and we wouldn't come up with anything even close. 也不会找到比这更好的方式了
  [03:58.00]They're perfect. What a way to walk this in. 他们太棒了,这样就简单多了
  [03:59.10]I'm only asking. We made sure she found the speech. 我只想问问,我们确保她能找到讲稿
  [04:05.00]JEFF... The rough draft. We let her find it this afternoon. 我们今天下午让她找到了草稿
  [04:08.28]But we could still stall a little bit if we need to tighten things up. 如果想进一步把事情落实 我们可以再拖延一会
  [04:11.44]Once it's activated, Howard, we're in. 一旦开始,我们就得行动了,Howard
  [04:12.12]It's gonna be impossible to call back the troops. 召回大队人马不可能了
  [04:16.72]No. No, no, no, no. We're not stalling anymore. 不 ,不,这就开始
  [04:19.48]- So is this everything? - Yes, sir. - 还有什么疑问? - 是的,先生
  [04:21.56]So the speech... Here is your final copy. 讲稿... 这是你的最终版本
  [04:24.16]HOWARD... the details, the very existence of this project 这个项目的细节
  [04:28.72]must be so carefully protected. 一定保护周全
  [04:31.52]The rough draft that we prepped with you last week is in play. 我们上周跟你一同准备的草稿在制作中
  [04:31.84]DALE... This is starting to look pretty good. 看起来不错
  [04:35.88]PAM: For the travel records, the Dunwoody material, 至于差旅记录方面 Dunwoody的材料
  [04:35.92]DUKE... I can't even tell them apart. Which one is the new one? 我甚至分不出 哪个是新的?
  [04:39.20]we've logged about 200 false-flag travel orders. 我们录入了约200个假的旅行订单
  [04:44.56]Formavale? Damned if I know. Some kind of biotech. Formavale?好像是研究某种生物技术
  [04:47.00]PAM: Cars, planes, hotels, everything. Then we buried them in the actual files. 汽车、飞机、宾馆,所有的一切 我将它们混在真实文件中
  [04:52.92]- And when they start digging? - They find Ronnie. - 他们一查就? - 会查到Ronnie
  [04:55.80]Yes. And there's a plane waiting to take me back to the Bahamas 是啊,这还有一架飞机等着带我回巴哈马
  [04:57.48]once we're done here tonight. 在今晚我们完事后