英语听力:听电影学英语-高校男生/历史男孩 09(在线收听

  [00:00.54]Take it, feel it, and pass it on. 接受它 感受它  并将它传承下去
  [00:07.10]Not for me. Not for you. 不是为了我 不是为了你们
  [00:09.02]But for someone, somewhere. 但是为了某处的某人
  [00:13.02]One day. 某一天
  [00:16.62]Pass it on, boys. That's the game I want you to learn. 将它传承下去 孩子们  这就是我希望你们能明白的比赛
  [00:18.54]Pass it on! 传承下去!
  [00:33.30]Hector. A word. Hector 过来谈谈
  [00:47.90]Er, this is not the first time, apparently. 呃 很显然 这不是第一次了
  [00:48.54]But on this occasion, she managed to make a note of the number. 但是这一次 她记下了号码
  [00:56.22]For the moment, I propose to say nothing about this. 目前 我不打算对此说什么
  [01:00.22]But, fortunately, it's not long before you're due to retire. 幸运的是 你很快就要退休了
  [01:01.34]In the circumstances, I propose that we bring that forward. 在这样的情况下  我打算把你的退休日期提前
  [01:07.74]I think we should be looking at the end of term. 我觉得应该提前到这个学期结束为止
  [01:17.78]Have you nothing to say? 你没什么要说的吗?
  [01:24.38]"The tree of man was never quiet; "人类之树永不会沉默
  [01:26.06]Then 'twas the Roman, now 'tis I." 昔日是罗马 如今是我"
  [01:29.14]This is no time for poetry. 现在可不是吟诗的时候
  [01:35.46]Erm, I'm assuming your wife doesn't know. 呃 我猜你妻子不知道吧
  [01:37.02]I've no idea. 我不知道
  [01:40.74]What women know or don't know has always been a mystery to me. 女人知道什么又不知道什么 对我来说永远是个谜
  [01:43.54]And are you going to tell her? 那你打算告诉她吗?
  [01:46.34]I don't know. I'm not sure she'd be interested. 我不知道 我不觉得她对这个感兴趣
  [01:52.14]Well, erm... there's another thing. 嗯...还有一件事
  [01:56.62]Strange how even the most tragic turn of events 奇怪的事 甚至最事情最悲惨的转变
  [02:00.58]generally resolve themselves into questions about the timetable. 都逐渐变为时间表的问题
  [02:02.60]Irwin's been badgering me for more lessons. Irwin一直缠着我要更多的课时
  [02:06.30]In the circumstances, a concession might be in order. 在当前情况下 我恐怕要给他特许
  [02:07.70]In future, I think you and he might share. 以后 我想你要和他共享课时了
  [02:12.42]- Share? - Share! - 共享? - 共享!
  [02:14.70]In the meantime, you must consider your position. 与此同时 你必须考虑一下你的位置
  [02:20.14]I do not want to sack you. 我可不想炒你鱿鱼
  [02:25.18]It's so... untidy. 这实在... 很不体面
  [02:25.38]People talk. 流言四起
  [02:31.30]It would be easier for all concerned if you retired early. 怎样说  你提早退休都是好事
  [02:36.18]Look, nothing happened. 看 什么都没发生过
  [02:43.22]A hand on a boy's genitals at 50mph 在每小时50英里的速度下 把手放在一个男孩的生殖器上
  [02:46.74]and you call it nothing? 你管这个叫没什么?
  [02:47.78]The transmission of knowledge is in itself an erotic act. 知识传播的本身 就是一种色情的行为
  [02:52.06]- In the Renaissance... - Fuck the Renaissance! - 在文艺复兴时期... - 让文艺复兴见鬼去吧!
  [02:55.26]And fuck literature and Plato and Michelangelo and Oscar Wilde 让那些文学和柏拉图和 米开朗基罗和王尔德都见鬼去吧
  [03:00.46]and all the other shrunken violets you people line up. 还有你们这些人 动不动就提的其他阳痿者们
  [03:06.90]This is a school, and it isn't normal. 这是个学校  而且不是一般的学校
  [03:47.82]- Still here? - It is Wednesday, sir. - 还在这里? - 先生 今天礼拜三
  [03:52.26]I thought with the day trip to Fountains and... 我觉得在那次去温泉之后...
  [03:54.30]Well, it's only half past four. 现在才四点半
  [03:57.98]- Well, in that case, where's Dakin? - With Mr. Irwin, sir. - 那既然这样 Dakin哪儿去了? - 和Irwin先生在一起
  [04:04.06]Ah. Of course. 啊 当然了
  [04:07.14]He's showing him some old exam questions. 他有些旧考题要给他看
  [04:10.42]Ah, with all the appropriate gobbets, no doubt. 啊 毫无疑问 那些适用的"片段"
  [04:12.70]Well, no matter. We must keep up the fight without him. 没关系了 我们得 在没有他的情况下继续战斗
  [04:18.10]- What have you learned this week? - "Drummer Hodge", sir. Hardy. - 你这个礼拜学了什么? - "鼓手霍奇" 先生 哈代的作品
  [04:20.82]Ah, nice. 啊 不错
  [04:23.82]"They throw in Drummer Hodge, to rest Uncoffined -just as found: " 鼓手霍奇被扔进坑里掩埋 正如找到时那样 没有棺材:
  [04:28.02]His landmark is a kopje-crest Which breaks the veldt around; 他的坟地是南非的一座小山 把周围的平原稍稍撕开
  [04:33.14]And foreign constellations west Each night above his mound." 这坟墓上空的每个夜晚 异国的星座在西边摆开
  [04:38.46]"Young Hodge the Drummer never knew - Fresh from his Wessex home - 刚从西塞克斯老家来到这里,  年轻的鼓手霍奇弄不明白
  [04:44.22]The meaning of the broad Karoo, The Bush, the dusty loam, 灌木丛丛 沃土扬尘  广阔干旱的高原意义何在?
  [04:47.78]And why uprose to nightly view Strange stars amid the gloam." 昏暗的黑夜茫茫一片 闪烁的星座好生奇怪
  [04:52.78]"Yet portion of that unknown plain Will Hodge for ever be; 正是这无名平原的一角  霍奇将要长眠 永不离开
  [04:57.66]His homely Northern breast and brain Grow to some Southern tree, 他将长成一棵南方的大树 带着北方质朴的头脑 胸怀