胡敏读故事记单词 体面的入场下(在线收听

  [00:00.00]beach-bidding A dog attack
  [00:05.30]"I bet our Bereaved widow"
  [00:10.58]had no idea the beast would one day not listen to her husband."
  [00:15.83]Said the Bespectacled inspector
  [00:19.80]as he sipped from his hot Beverage at the crime scene.
  [00:24.66]"That's why I hate big dogs."
  [00:28.92]I don't think they have any bias towards people who want them
  [00:34.27]to be their best friend.
  [00:37.51]They just do their bidding and live off their care
  [00:42.48]while they are waiting for the right moment to betray them."
  [00:47.54]"Well,whether you think the dog knew what he was going to do beforehand or not"
  [00:54.80]it was an ugly attack.
  [00:58.15]Look at the trail of beads that lead down to the beach." Noted a policeman.
  [01:04.10]"Hmmm.Yes,that is strange."
  [01:08.96]Said the inspector as he bent down to inspect the wounds on the man
  [01:14.71]and then scratched at his Beard.
  [01:18.16]"But I don't think the husband was wearing beads."
  [01:23.20]He walked back into the house
  [01:26.73]past the bellows hard at work keeping the furnace running,
  [01:32.19]beset with sudden doubt.
  [01:35.74]"That was a Beneficial insight." He said to the policeman.
  [01:40.78]"I'll be sure to refer to you in the bibliography of my report."
  [01:46.34]Excuse me ma'am. You're under arrest for the murder of your husband!
  [01:52.59]"What?" Said the bewildered woman.
  [01:56.74]"Yes, ma'am.You murdered your husband,"
  [02:01.10]dragged him out of the house and then made the dog bite and chew him after the fact.
  [02:07.87]I know this because of the trail of beads leading to your dead husband
  [02:14.03]and the lack of deep life-threatening dog bites on his body."
  [02:19.81]"Wow." Said the policeman.
  [02:23.36]"This will be a benchmark in your bid to be promoted to chief inspector."
  [02:29.29]bilateral-blunder A clean escape
  [02:38.33]Butch had been blundering with the blueprints of the factory
  [02:43.37]looking for an exit
  [02:46.53]when an explosion in the bleaching room blasted him out of the main hall,
  [02:52.49]through a window and into a patch of rose blossoms.
  [02:57.45]As he lay there bleeding only slightly
  [03:01.71]he realized that he had been blessed by the blast;
  [03:06.07]in the blink of an eye he had been thrown from the scene of the crime
  [03:11.11]that he had committed.
  [03:14.14]He was also unburned
  [03:17.98]by the hot biodegradable bleach that had covered his body.
  [03:23.62]Bless you St.Peter, he thought.
  [03:27.28]He quickly moved to blend into the vegetation even more.
  [03:32.24]Policemen had arrived
  [03:35.41]and the vegetation blocked them from seeing Butch.
  [03:39.85]Thank God the roses were in bloom.
  [03:43.61]Without the blooming flowers he would surely have been seen.
  [03:48.75]They didn't even hesitate
  [03:52.10]as they looked in his direction with blank expressions.
  [03:56.96]Butch stared,still amazed at his luck.
  [04:01.32]He was no longer bitter at his employers.
  [04:05.29]There would be no way they could blame him for the explosion,
  [04:09.94]it wasn't his fault.
  [04:13.00]And the fire it had started was sure to destroy
  [04:17.36]all the evidence of his stealing valuable stockfrom the accountants' office.
  [04:23.21]It had not been a bilateral decision with his wife to steal those documents,
  [04:28.67]but Butch realized that what was once a bleak future was now,
  [04:34.63]because of a bizarre accident,like a bill of freedom for Butch.
  [04:40.37]He would be able to walk away rich, innocent of any suspicion
  [04:45.94]and no longer bound to work with an employer
  [04:50.09]that had almost ruined his life and marriage.
  [04:54.35]Maybe he wouldn't even tell his wife that he had succeeded
  [04:59.31]blunt-breach Too much brainstorming
  [05:06.47]"You're wrecking my botany experiment!"
  [05:10.52]Don't breach the large tank with the soil samples in it!"
  [05:15.69]Shawn yelled as he bobbed his head back down behind the booth
  [05:21.25]in order to avoid another blunt object
  [05:25.62]that was flying across the room like a blur.
  [05:29.77]"I don't care about your stupid plant and soil experiments Said Michelle."
  [05:36.33]"There is no longer any bond between us."
  [05:40.77]I am sick of all of your Boasting about boring
  [05:45.73]into a mountain in Montana to find your bonanza!"
  [05:50.80]"But it's really there!"
  [05:54.04]And I can't cancel our flight booking anymore.We have to go!" Shawn yelled back.
  [06:00.99]Michelle's only response
  [06:04.43]was to bombard him even more with whatever item she could find.
  [06:10.49]She had left the boundary of polite conversation hours ago
  [06:16.06]and was now bound to make Shawn
  [06:20.13]pay for all of the hours of pointless Brainstorming sessions
  [06:25.49]he had forced her into for this stupid idea.
  [06:30.14]"You can't boycott your future, Michelle." Shawn boomed.
  [06:36.17]"There is endless Bounty there for both of us."
  [06:40.61]I know it's a bold adventure,but if we succeed,
  [06:45.66]then you can buy all of the brand name clothing you want when we get hack!"
  [06:51.82]"I don't believe you!" Michelle yelled back.
  [06:56.29]And then she stopped throwing things and started to cry.
  [07:01.15]Shawn crawled out across the border of his safe zone
  [07:06.11]and Boosted himself up to look Michelle in the face.
  [07:10.97]That was when a huge plate crashed on his head and knocked him out.
  [07:16.43]"That was a bonus!" Said Michelle
  [07:20.79]as she looked at him on the ground and got up to leave.
  [07:25.54]breakthrough-bulky Even for a bee...
  [07:34.61]The brood of bees approached the new field of budding flowers with care.
  [07:40.56]The breeze had changed and there was a strange smell in the air.
  [07:45.53]Something bulky was also here.
  [07:49.58]Several bees quickly browsed the area
  [07:53.70]and noted that the ground was bulging in one portion of the field
  [07:59.16]close to the brink of a cliff.
  [08:02.53]This was also the area with the largest amount of flowers,
  [08:07.89]so the queen bee let her workers make a breakthrough
  [08:12.62]to begin briskly gathering nectar.
  [08:16.67]It was a brief hesitation,
  [08:20.22]but her breed of bees had always been very careful in choosing new lands.
  [08:26.46]Ever since her breach of her mother' s command
  [08:30.72]and the subsequent breakup of the bulk of their brood,
  [08:35.47]she was even more careful.
  [08:39.31]Her authority in this new group was brittle and,
  [08:44.96]like the fear of a bugbear by all of the young bees,
  [08:49.82]all of the worker bees were watching to see if she would lead well.
  [08:55.28]She had to budget her commands and earn their respect.
  [09:00.13]This was not her day, however.
  [09:03.69]Suddenly a bee came back to report
  [09:07.94]that the ground was bubbling near the bulging area.
  [09:12.39]And then a buck sprung out of the forest and ran across the field,
  [09:18.26]killing several of her best workers in the process.
  [09:23.23]As she flew over to the area with bubbles
  [09:27.77]she passed over an old brochure for the brewery that was buried beneath.
  [09:33.54]She would bear the brunt of the blame
  [09:37.20]for the deaths of the bees for not being aware of the buck,
  [09:41.85]but at least she could make sure
  [09:45.01]no nectar was harvested from the dangerous bubbling area.
  [09:50.37]She quickly gathered her brood and moved on.
  [09:54.63]Leadership was not easy, even for a bee.
  [09:59.48]bunch-can To Catherine!
  [10:04.21]The bungalow at the edge of campus near the lake
  [10:09.20]was not like the burrow Mrs.Catherine had lived in previously.
  [10:15.26]Sure the bureaucracy had taken long enough to finally allow her to in,
  [10:22.03]and she had had to campaign quite hard.
  [10:26.39]It was a quiet location far from the highway bypass,
  [10:31.43]close to the cafeteria
  [10:35.09]and of better caliber than all of the other bungalows.
  [10:39.95]She imagined that she could be happy here,
  [10:44.81]at least for as long as she could avoid any calamity
  [10:50.16]like the hushfire that had chased her from her last home.
  [10:55.52]She had never calculated that a move would be so exhausting
  [11:01.47]and she collapsed in her bed.
  [11:05.03]As she looked out of the window
  [11:08.55]she saw a buoy in the water that she had never seen before.
  [11:15.00]Suddenly a bunch of young children burst past her window buzzing with excitement.
  [11:22.76]They stripped off their clothing
  [11:26.32]and jumped in the water to swim around the buoy she had just noticed.
  [11:31.88]Soon her beautiful lawn resembled an abandoned campsite
  [11:37.84]with cans thrown everywhere.
  [11:41.49]She looked up at the calendar and moaned: it was Spring Break.
  [11:47.34]As she looked at the buoyant children on the water,
  [11:52.18]the crowd in her lawn burgeoned into a regular party.
  [11:57.51]She had never taken into her calculations that other people
  [12:03.17]might like the peacefulness of her new bungalow at all.
  [12:08.92]But she decided to play along,got her swimsuit on,
  [12:14.38]and went out and joined the party.
  [12:18.04]Soon guests and new friends were going in and out of her home
  [12:25.12]and Mrs.Catherine was happier than ever.
  [12:29.06]A by-product of her good sportsmanship and friendliness
  [12:35.93]was that her name became the buzzword for swimming at this location.
  [12:41.68]cancel-catalogue A caption to love
  [12:47.32]When the caravan captain captured Lucy he had no idea
  [12:54.27]that she would soon become the top candidate to be his wife.
  [12:59.23]She was the casualty of a small battle over cargo
  [13:04.09]that he had had at the last town.
  [13:08.35]He had killed those who had fought with him,
  [13:12.61]carving them up into little pieces
  [13:16.45]to be fed to the carnivores that always followed his train.
  [13:22.01]Casting his eyes to the horizon he had seen them coming already.
  [13:28.46]When he looked back he noticed
  [13:32.02]the former grocery store cashier hiding behind a pile of canes.
  [13:38.49]He pulled out his canteen to offer her water.
  [13:43.25]when she came out to accept he grabbed her.
  [13:47.51]She had been his captive ever since.
  [13:51.27]As they rode away he watched the animals eat the meat of the dead.
  [13:56.73]Some,in their hunger for meat,even cannibalized some of their own.
  [14:02.89]They were capable of anything,the captain thought,just as I am.
  [14:08.64]He catalogued this thought in his head
  [14:12.58]like an entry in a capsule to be viewed at another time.
  [14:17.55]The caption he placed in his head under this thought was,
  [14:23.01]'animals with unlimited capacity'.
  [14:27.37]Then he looked at Lucy.
  [14:30.53]She was beautiful and over the last several weeks of traveling across the desert
  [14:36.46]he saw that she had a truly carefree spirit.
  [14:40.93]This attracted him and he canceled his ownership of her to make him his wife.
  [14:47.46]Lucy loved him in return.
  [14:51.59]The captain's caption for Lucy was "capacity to forgive and love her captor"
  [14:59.55]It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
  [15:04.10]catastrophe-certificate A father found
  [15:13.35]Mark met his father for the first time
  [15:17.60]at the centennial celebration of the cathedral's construction.
  [15:23.38]Mark was catering for the calehrity-filled ceremony
  [15:29.02]when he heard a caustic voice.
  [15:32.78]There,standing only three meters away was a man with a catching young woman
  [15:40.15]He was talking on his cellular phone
  [15:44.51]about delivering some certificate as soon as possible.
  [15:49.47]"No, we need it now. How can we celebrate without the main award?"
  [15:56.24]Yes.I know the Bishop has been censured officially,
  [16:01.59]but this event is not about him.
  [16:05.36]I run the biggest cement company in Germany...,
  [16:10.40]no,not a ceramic company,you idiot!...
  [16:15.36]and I am the presiding president of the central committee.
  [16:20.32]You get that certificate here now,
  [16:24.08]or you will cease to have your job. Do you understand?
  [16:29.13]Don't make this a catastrophe or I'll make your life hell!
  [16:33.99]Mark looked in amazement.
  [16:37.46]He knew that this was his father based on what his mother had told him.
  [16:43.10]But Mark knew that he should proceed with cautiom.
  [16:47.96]His father was in a whole other category of people.
  [16:52.72]Mark's mother was just a worker as was he.
  [16:57.29]His father might not even remember her!
  [17:01.54]But Mark was not so cautious.
  [17:05.31]He approached the man,said who he was and waited for his father's response.
  [17:11.97]His father stared in surprise and then burst out in tears.
  [17:19.13]He wrapped his arms around Mark
  [17:22.57]and said that he had been looking for him and his mother for years.
  [17:28.45]He had even searched every census,all to no avail.
  [17:33.91]Now they were reunited.
  [17:37.46]The catching young woman smiled as well.
  [17:42.61]His father introduced her and said,"This is your half sister.
  [17:48.56]Welcome to a new family, young man!
  [17:52.40]certification-chick The death of a loser
  [17:58.86]The charcoal wiped across Big A1's face certified
  [18:06.90]that he was serious about fighting Terence here and now.
  [18:12.34]There was no more charity in Big A1's face
  [18:16.57]and his charm had all but disappeared.
  [18:20.62]Chaos was all that was in his eyes
  [18:24.59]and there was no charter stating what would be allowed
  [18:30.05]and not allowed in the fight:it would be 'anything goes.'
  [18:35.69]This was one bad character; some long dead gladiator
  [18:41.57]was probably being channeled into him even now.
  [18:46.11]There was also no doubt in Terence's mind that Big A1 was Lisa's champion.
  [18:52.67]Big A1 cherished her more than Terence did,
  [18:57.53]and that was all that mattered to Lisa.
  [19:01.37]She was one chic who only wanted to be loved by the biggest man.
  [19:07.04]And she knew Terrance was no challenge for Big AI.
  [19:11.58]Big A1 charged.
  [19:15.66]He hit Terence like a chartered bus and as Terence fell to the ground
  [19:21.61]he saw the mental checklist of things he still had to do in life disappear.
  [19:27.78]He felt cheated.
  [19:30.73]But this was just characteristic of his life:
  [19:35.09]whenever he thought things were going well,that was when they would end.
  [19:40.55]He had even given Lisa a baby chick that morning
  [19:45.20]to show her that he thought she was the coolest.
  [19:49.43]She loved it and chattered that he was so sweet.
  [19:53.80]When Terence's death certificationarrived at Lisa's door the following week,
  [20:00.14]she placed it at the bottom of the chicken cage that he had given her.
  [20:05.11]Then she went and hugged the Doberman Pinscher from Big AI.