英语口译教程(第二版)--高级 UNIT 4-6(在线收听

[00:01.00]英语高级口译资格证书考 试 高级口译教程第二版 第二盒;
[00:36.86]Unit four Business Negotiation;
[00:53.10]Passage 2 English-Chinese Interpretation;
[01:01.42]Listen to the tape and interpret the following passage from English into Chinese:;
[01:11.16]Ladies and gentlemen, We're aware of an emergence of a new;
[01:16.84]and exciting mode of information economy driven by networked technology.;
[01:22.93]What I want to say is that the computer Internet;
[01:27.06]is transforming business operation patterns and contributing to;
[01:31.45]what is called the new information economy.;
[01:34.97]An immediate consequence of this profound change;
[01:38.56]is the simplification of business transaction.;
[01:42.68]Take,for example,the way that I recently bought my car.;
[01:47.62]First I went to an Internet site listing cars,their features and their prices,;
[01:54.93]both wholesale and retail.I did all my research.;
[02:00.41]And then I went to an auto dealership and asked for this particular price.;
[02:07.11]The transaction lasted less than 30 minutes. No hassle.Easy.Simple. I was informed.;
[02:17.39]I went in. I was an informed buyer.It's not that none of these things is happening.;
[02:25.57]It's the importance of these things compared to;
[02:29.24]what we have been used to for the last 200 years.;
[02:33.71]Thanks to technology something very important is happening to the US economy.;
[02:40.13]Indeed, something new and different is happening around us.;
[02:45.41]We are able to grow faster without triggering inflation;
[02:49.71]than we thought possible. Of course, there's the down side.;
[02:54.10]The new economy does not mean we will never have another recession;
[02:58.88]or even a deflationary spiral. It does not mean inflation is dead.;
[03:04.82]It does not mean stock prices will stay at their lofty levels;
[03:09.21]or that there will never be another bear market.;
[03:12.46]Nobody is promising you a rose garden. I anticipate dislocation,;
[03:18.62]volatility and uncertainty accompanying the emergence;
[03:23.57]of the new information economy. But because of what I view as higher productivity,;
[03:30.07]I see the possibility of sustained economic growth without the threat of inflation,;
[03:36.00]more jobs and higher wages.The emergence of electronic business has created enormous;
[03:44.34]and exciting challenges for business managers.;
[03:47.67]Internet commerce immediately opens global and more efficient markets.;
[03:53.71]I woutd challenge many people to tell me;
[03:56.90]where it has not brought about greater efficiency in markets.;
[04:01.40]We as consumers have benefited from that.;
[04:05.19]Of course, there are companies that have been hurt by that,;
[04:08.99]which is the other side of the story.;
[04:11.41]In any case, the Internet will transform the way companies do business.;
[04:16.99]And those companies that do not address that issue will not be the market winners.;
[04:24.56]Unit five Conference Address;
[04:32.19]Text for Interpretation;
[04:37.51]Passage 1 Chinese-English Interpretation Text interpreting;
[04:47.78]Listen to the tape and interpret the following passage from Chinese into English:;
[04:57.07]各位嘉宾,女士们、先生 们: 初秋时节的北京,万木葱 茏,金风送爽。;
[05:06.77]今天,第二十二届万国邮 政联盟大会将在这里隆重 开幕。;
[05:13.96]这是万国邮政联盟成立一 百二十五年和中国加入万 国邮政联盟八十五年来,;
[05:21.83]首次在中国举行这样的 在大会。 我代表中国政府和中国人 民,并以我个人的名义,;
[05:30.73]向大会致以衷心的祝贺! 向与会的各国代表和来 宾表示诚挚的欢迎。;
[05:39.30]在人类进入21世纪这样 的时刻,大家共同讨论面 向新世纪的邮政发展战略 和行动纲领,;
[05:49.64]其意义十分重要。 我相信,这次大会将在 国际邮政史上留下光辉 的一页。;
[05:59.09]现代科学技术正在突飞 猛进,世界多极化和经 济全球化的趋势继续发 展,;
[06:08.14]人类社会的进步正处在 重要的历史关头。各国 都面临着机遇和挑战。;
[06:16.82]和平与发展仍然是我们 这个时代潮流。 实现世界的持久和来与 普遍繁荣,;
[06:27.24]需要各国人民共同努力。 邮政应成为致力于世界 和平与发展的崇高事业 的一支重要力量,;
[06:37.08]在推动建立公正合理的 国际新秩序中发展积极 的作用。;
[06:42.50]邮政活动深入千家万户, 通达五洲四海,对促进 人类社会的政治、经济、;
[06:50.57]科技、文化、教育等事 业的发展,具有重要的 作用。日新月异的现代 信息技术,;
[06:59.91]给国际邮政事业的发展 注入了新的活力。邮政 的信息传递、物品运送、 资金流通三项基本功能,;
[07:09.13]其内涵正在日新月异地 丰富和拓宽。邮政事业 有着广阔的发展前景。;
[07:17.88]邮政事业要适应当今经 济发展和社会进步的新 形态,发挥更大的作用,;
[07:25.36]必须进行体制改革和技 术创新。各国的经济发 展水平、历史文化传统 和社会制度不同,;
[07:34.67]邮政发展水平也不同, 进行改革不可能有一种 统一的模式。各国应根 据本国的实际情况,;
[07:44.84]本着有利于社会需求、 促进社会进步和普遍服 务的目的,积极进行改 革的探索与实践。;
[07:54.15]中国政府历来重视邮政 事业的发展。经过新中 国成立五十年特别是改 革开放二十年来锐意进取;
[08:05.01]中国邮政事来有了长足 的发展。一个沟通城乡、 覆盖全国、连通世界观 的邮政体系已经形成,;
[08:15.49]并正在向现代化迈进。 中国实行了全行业的邮 电分营。;
[08:23.55]中国邮政已成为国民经 济体系中独立运营的一 个部门.具有悠久历史的 中国邮政焕发出勃勃生机;
[08:34.84]我们将继续推进中国邮政 的现代化建设,使它能 更好地为中国人民和世界 人民服务。;
[08:43.54]发展国际邮政事业,应 坚持平等协商、求同存 异、相互支持、互利合 作,;
[08:52.15]这样才能共谋发展, 共求繁荣。;
[08:56.87]积极帮助发展中国家克服 邮政建设中面临的努力缩 小发展中国家与发达国家 在邮政领域的差距,;
[09:06.36]应成为国际邮政合作的 当务之急。中国政府愿意 在相互尊重、平行互利的 基础上,;
[09:14.54]加强与在万国邮政联盟各 成员国在邮政领域的交流 与合作,;
[09:20.33]为促进邮政领域高新技术 的开发和应用,促进国际 邮政事业的发展作出自己 应有的贡献。;
[09:29.21]最后,我预祝第二十二届 万国邮政联盟大会圆满 成功。谢谢各位。;
[09:38.61]Passage 2 English-Chinese Interpretation Text Interpreting;
[09:51.07]Listen to the tape and interpret the following passage from English into Chinese:;
[10:00.47]Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen,;
[10:04.84]Good afternoon, and thank you for inviting me;
[10:08.54]to the "International Conference on Leadership.";
[10:11.51]I feel privileged to have been asked to be with the people of Tsinghua University;
[10:17.59]and address the issue of "The Importance of Working Together".;
[10:22.64]It is always a pleasure to be among the best;
[10:26.38]and the brightest in an atmosphere of learning.;
[10:30.36]The university setting is the best incubator;
[10:34.05]that exists for the inception and sharing of ideas.;
[10:39.28]The agenda you've set forth here for the next two-and-a-half days;
[10:45.07]is one that goes to the heart of what is exciting;
[10:48.90]and important to business and industry today.;
[10:53.93]I've been asked to share my thoughts with you today about moving from;
[10:59.72]"me" thinking to "we" thinking.;
[11:03.28]My view is simple: individuals add; team players multiply.;
[11:12.12]Tsinghua undergrads are fortunate in that;
[11:16.18]more and more your university is encouraging teamwork in your case work,;
[11:22.63]stimulating the transition from "me" to "we".;
[11:27.84]At Wilson, we, too,are making great strides in breaking down the psychological;
[11:35.49]and organizational barriers that result from "me" thinking.;
[11:40.45]Even though we have more yet to do,;
[11:44.67]we have been reaping exciting rewards by effectively using work teams;
[11:50.42]to reengineer processes;
[11:52.85]to gain improvements in costs, quality andresponse times.;
[11:58.29]More than five years ago,we began gathering the leaders of all Wilson divisions;
[12:05.00]together monthly for the purpose of integrating separate efforts of authority,;
[12:10.77]sharing best practices and seeking creative ways;
[12:15.15]to use our resources cross-functionally.;
[12:18.95]Also, we've been using work teams to shorten new product development cycles;;
[12:24.98]to implement demand flow manufacturing to shorten deliver cycles to customers;
[12:31.19]and reduce inventory; and to encourage innovation in all business processes.;
[12:38.63]The cumulative result of these efforts is the healthy;
[12:42.26]and sustained business growth in the last five years.;
[12:47.31]Our success shows in earnings per share;
[12:50.65]that have grown at an average compound annual rate of 24 percent.;
[12:56.23]Our operating margins have increased by more than 65 percent.;
[13:02.11]We have reduced working capital investments by about 56 percent,;
[13:07.77]increased inventory turnover by nearly 43 percent,;
[13:12.62]reduced outstanding receivables by over 15 percent,;
[13:17.21]and saved $ 150 million in purchasing costs;
[13:22.51]via a corporate-wide strategic sourcing initiative.;
[13:26.94]These efforts have persuaded fourteen key analysts, who follow the company,;
[13:33.11]to recommend that investors buy our stock.;
[13:36.85]But, as much as I enjoy talking about Wilson,;
[13:40.63]I'm not here to boast about the successes;
[13:43.63]that were made possible through teamwork.;
[13:46.66]The truth is that while we at Wilson think we are doing unusually well;
[13:52.96]with what we are doing how we are doing it is not unusual in the business;
[13:58.97]and manufacturing industries today.;
[14:02.71]Increasingly, U.S. companies are becoming relationship-focused.;
[14:09.34]We seek to be customer-driven. We want to partner with suppliers.;
[14:16.64]We are moving from a manufacturing economy to a value-added,;
[14:21.75]service-oriented economy. And at the heart of service are relationships:;
[14:29.08]interpersonal relationships, intergroup relationships,;
[14:33.67]and interdepartmental relationships.;
[14:37.84]The ascendance of work teams in large U.S. organizations puts a new premium;
[14:44.10]on the relationship of team members.;
[14:47.20]In fact, emphasis on teamwork;
[14:50.29]has long become the most frequently valued managerial competence;
[14:55.36]in studies of organizations around the world.;
[14:58.88]About half the Fortune 500 companies say they are using self-managed work teams;
[15:05.92]and expect to expand their use in coming years.;
[15:10.35]Teamwork,for many of us,;
[15:13.79]is a big switch from how we're accustomed to functioning.;
[15:18.18]And that's especially true for those of you at the beginning of your careers.;
[15:24.61]Some people never get out of the individual contributor mode;
[15:29.62]because they have limited expertise with the interpersonal skills required;
[15:35.08]for team-building. But the highly-effective people of success;
[15:40.35]are those who move from child-like dependence to independence,;
[15:45.86]and then onto interdependence, or win-win, "we" thinking.;
[15:52.57]Teamwork really builds.If there's no trust and honesty among employees;
[15:59.46]and everyone is maneuvering based on what it might do for their own careers,;
[16:04.57]you're not going to accomplish much.;
[16:07.50]An old Oriental proverb;
[16:10.26]that "people with one mind will remove Mount Tai"is true.;
[16:16.25]Another way is to consider this: individuals add; team players multiply.;
[16:24.86]Of course,as the whole is never the sum of its parts, it may be greater or lesser,;
[16:31.93]depending on how well the individuals work together.;
[16:36.84]A good team leader is one who can create group synergy;
[16:41.22]in order to pursue collective goals.;
[16:45.04]If you're going to be a good boss, make sure that you support people around you;
[16:50.88]and keep the group working well.;
[16:53.63]That's an important lesson I learned from one of my former chief executive officers,;
[16:59.71]who held me accountable for my beliefs—in fact,;
[17:04.28]there were times he held my feet to the fire —;
[17:07.50]but he never held a grudge against me for believing in something different from him.;
[17:13.68]You're never too old to learn something new.;
[17:17.79]There's plenty of research;
[17:19.72]that proves that emotional intelligence skills can be learned, honed,;
[17:24.83]and enjoyed at any stage in life.;
[17:28.31]It's called the "acquisition of wisdom", and it's a lifetime project.;
[17:34.67]Remember this: individuals add; team players multiply.;
[17:41.51]Thank you and good luck.;
[17:45.84]Extra Text for Practice  Passage 1 Chinese-English Interpretation;
[17:58.81]Listen to the tape and interpret the following passage from Chinese into English:;
[18:08.49]校长先生、同学们、 老师们、女士们、 先生们:;
[18:16.78]我感谢布罗斯校长的邀 请,使我有机会来到久 负盛名的剑桥大学访问。;
[18:23.23]能够与青年朋友们聚集 一堂,共同讨论人类如 何在新世纪里迎接挑战、;
[18:30.31]共同创造更加美好的未 来,我感到很高兴。;
[18:34.23]剑桥大学是具有七百年历 史的世界著名学府,曾经 培养出牛顿、培根、弥尔 顿、拜伦、;
[18:43.63]达尔文等对人类进步事业 作出杰出贡献的伟大科学 家、思想家和诗人。;
[18:50.75]今天,剑桥大学作为获得 诺贝尔奖学者最多的大 学,在世界高等学府中依 然居于显要的地位。;
[19:00.61]剑桥大学与中国交往的历 史,始于一百多年前。 那时剑桥大学开设了汉语 课程。;
[19:09.51]贵校已故的李约瑟博士中 国学术界享有很高的声 名。他倾注毕生心血撰写 的《中国科学技术史》,;
[19:19.37]是一部研究中国古代科学 技术和文明成就的鸿篇巨 制。;
[19:24.97]一百年来,许多中国学者 不远万里到剑桥求学访问 中国杰出的数学家华罗庚 就是其中最著名的代表。;
[19:36.51]今天,中国学术界和剑桥 大学继续保持着良好的交 流与合作。;
[19:42.96]这对加强中英人民的文化 交流和友谊,推进科技和 思想进步产生了积极的作 用和影响。;
[19:51.42]20世纪,人类创造的物质 文明和精神财富,超过了 以往任何一个时代。;
[19:59.60]令人遗憾的是,人类在这 一百年中也经历了前所未 有的苦难,特别遭受了 两次世界大战的浩劫。;
[20:09.66]但是世界的历史从来是由 世界人民创造和书写的, 因而正义战胜邪恶,光明 总会战胜黑暗,;
[20:21.13]进步总会战胜落后,人类 必然会不断地克服艰难险 阻,向着美好的未来开拓 前进。;
[20:31.59]在21世纪,世界人民虽然 仍然面临着许多严峻的挑 战,可以肯定地说,人类也 面临着巨大的发展机遇.;
[20:42.84]只要世界人民同心协力, 形成战胜一切挑战的巨大 力量,人类文明进步的航 船就必将乘风破浪地前进;
[20:54.17]世界是丰富多彩的。各国 人民走过了不同的历史发 展道路,有着不同的文化 背景、;
[21:02.59]社会制度和价值观念, 延续着不同的生活方式。 这种多样性正是世界充满 竞赛、;
[21:11.46]活力和创新的根本原因, 各国之间应该加强交流和 了解,在相互尊重和平等 相待的基础上。;
[21:23.22]而不应让这种多样性成为 阻碍各国人民携手共进的 隔阂,更不应人为地从中 挑起对立和冲突。;
[21:32.80]尊重和发展世界文明的多 样性,并在这种多样性中 找到共同利益之所在,;
[21:39.32]是人类社会向前发民兵的 伟大动力。;
[21:42.92]两千五百五十年前诞生的 中国古代杰出的教育家、 思想家孔子说过:“逝者 如斯夫!不舍昼夜。”;
[21:53.83]时光流逝不可逆转。人类 美好的未来要靠一代代年 轻人去创造。;
[22:01.59]我希望中英两国青年顺应 时代的要求和世界发展的 潮流,刻苦学习,知难而 进,为建设自己的国家,;
[22:11.26]为维护世界和平、促进人 类进步事业作出应有的贡 献。谢谢各位。;
[22:19.76]Passage 2 English-Chinese Interpretation;
[22:27.63]Listen to the tape and interpret the following passage from English into Chinese:;
[22:37.14]Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen,;
[22:41.60]It is a privilege to participate in this conference.;
[22:46.26]I have been asked this morning to share a few thoughts;
[22:50.06]on the state of the pharmaceutical industry,;
[22:53.28]and that's a pretty daunting task when you think about it.;
[22:57.93]In an industry that is so fragmented,;
[23:00.97]there is obviously likely to be fragmented opinion;
[23:04.91]on how the industry is doing.;
[23:08.19]So I'm not going to spend that much time today;
[23:12.28]discussing the current state of the industry.;
[23:15.29]Instead, what I'd like to do is focus on how Merck is doing.;
[23:20.67]Specifically, I will describe how Merck is pursuing a growth strategy;
[23:27.06]that is grounded in the belief that innovation is the key to global success.;
[23:34.07]We—leaders in industry academia and government — operate;
[23:40.57]in a dynamic environment that is growing more complex and competitive.;
[23:46.82]And this is particularly true in the pharmaceutical industry,;
[23:51.63]which faces increasing globalization, competition;
[23:56.40]and rapid advances in science and technology.;
[24:00.37]Within this environment, we make decisions;
[24:04.68]that affect not only the men and women who work for us and with us,;
[24:09.56]but also those who rely on our medicines and services worldwide.;
[24:15.50]To succeed, we need a winning strategy that will make us unique and set us apart,;
[24:23.94]and one that will give us a clear competitive advantage.;
[24:28.23]At Merck, we believe that a commitment to innovation is important;
[24:34.46]for global success today. Innovation as a strategy can be high risk.;
[24:41.81]But as a means to grow and compete in today's global economy, innovation offers,;
[24:49.19]I believe, the highest return. Because Merck is a research-based pharmaceutical company;
[24:58.84]it should come as no surprise;
[25:01.44]that innovation plays a central role in our strategy for growth.;
[25:07.12]Our strategy is to discover truly innovative medicines;
[25:13.31]through breakthrough research that are unique-in-class;
[25:17.90]and have proven health outcomes.;
[25:20.79]We focus on medicines for diseases with large patient populations worldwide,;
[25:27.89]taking advantage of new knowledge about pathways of disease,;
[25:33.40]and using that new knowledge to come up with a novel drug.;
[25:38.56]And we look for drugs that are highly potent and highly specific and that are oral;
[25:46.58]and once-a-day — and therefore easy to use.;
[25:51.48]Innovation has been the hallmark of Merck's success in the past, and we know;
[25:57.95]that it will continue to be the driving force behind our success in the future.;
[26:03.63]Speaking more generally, innovation has emerged as a theme for the new century.;
[26:11.09]Innovation is now driving the growth of the whole business;
[26:15.95]and manufacturing industry as companies realize;
[26:20.25]they must innovate to remain competitive in today's global market.;
[26:25.55]In the last century companies sought to s trengthen their competitiveness;
[26:31.35]by increasing productivity.;
[26:33.78]Today, in addition to improving the bottom line through increases in productivity,;
[26:40.82]companies are aiming to grow the top line through investment in innovation.;
[26:47.32]Also, governments all over the world are beginning;
[26:52.33]to realize the value of innovation to the overall economic health;
[26:57.09]and well-being of their nations.;
[27:00.23]Innovation is indispensable to the progress of a nation.;
[27:05.67]Just as your president Mr. Jiang Zemin said, innovation is the soul of a nation's progress;
[27:13.88]The economic prosperity the United States enjoys today,;
[27:19.73]despite the financial turmoil in the global market,;
[27:23.82]shows that we are reaping the benefits of innovation.;
[27:28.05]And I believe there is no better case study of the importance;
[27:33.35]and value of innovation than the pharmaceutical industry.;
[27:38.93]Pharmaceutical innovation holds the greatest promise for providing long-term,;
[27:45.10]sustainable solutions to our current and future health care challenges worldwide.;
[27:51.72]Medicines not only offer hope to patients and their families,;
[27:57.31]but also can be cost-effective alternatives to other forms of care,;
[28:02.36]such as surgery and hospitalization.;
[28:06.04]Merck has discovered more important new medicines;
[28:09.93]than any other research organization in the world.;
[28:13.86]In the past three years, we have introduced 12 new medicines and vaccines;
[28:20.03]— more than in any similar period in our history.;
[28:24.17]Of those 12, we introduced five in just the past nine months.;
[28:30.67]Last year, we strengthened our commitment to innovation;
[28:35.04]by doubling the rate of increase of spending for basic and applied research,;
[28:40.19]compared to the rate in the year before.;
[28:43.35]Clearly,innovation not only is driving growth at Merck,;
[28:48.59]but also is benefiting millions of people worldwide.;
[28:52.92]For patients, innovation by Merck has meant new medicines for HIV/AIDS;
[28:59.83]osteoporosis, asthma, migraine and cardiovascular disease.;
[29:06.65]For investors, it has translated into strong earnings growth;
[29:11.76]and stock price appreciation. And for our employees,;
[29:16.75]it has brought meaningful work and advancement opportunities.;
[29:21.77]As Merck expands into new therapeutic areas and parts of the world,;
[29:28.22]as we become even larger,;
[29:30.70]more complex and more geographically dispersed,;
[29:34.87]we'll continue to face new difficulties and competitive scientific challenges.;
[29:42.02]The key to overcoming those challenges and the key to our success is constant innovation;
[29:49.79]It is what we believe sets us apart and creates a true competitive advantage.;
[29:56.73]The firm commitment to innovation defines the type of leadership;
[30:01.98]we need at Merck to succeed in the 21st century. Thank you.;
[30:12.93]Passage 3 Chinese-English Interpretation;
[30:21.15]Listen to the tape and interpret  the following passage from Chinese into English:;
[30:30.58]李文先生、各位嘉宾、 朋友们、同志们、 女士们、先生们:;
[30:39.06]在这月明中秋的良宵, 我们在东海之滨的上海欢 聚一堂。我代表中国政府 和人民,;
[30:48.88]向前来参加时代纳集团举 办的“99《财富》全球论 坛”活动的朋友们,表示 热烈欢迎!;
[30:57.06]这次论坛的主题是: “中国,未来的五十年 ”中国是一个发展中的社 会主义大国,;
[31:06.16]它的未来发展,不仅直接 关系着中国人民的前途, 而且对亚洲和世界的发展 与进步也会产生重要影响;
[31:15.93]在过去的一进多年间, 中国人民经历沧桑,在奋 起斗争的过程中进行了伟 大的历史变革。;
[31:25.78]新中国五十年的发展取得 了令世人瞩目的巨大 成就。;
[31:31.80]今晚我们所在的上海浦东 陆家嘴地区,六年前还是 一些简陋的住宅和农田, 如今是高楼林立、;
[31:42.09]生机盎然的金融贸易区。 我相信,在座各位也目睹 了上海日新月异的变化。;
[31:50.03]上海的发展,从一个侧面 反映了中国所发生的巨大 变化。;
[31:56.65]在20世纪的前五十年里, 中国人民坚持不懈地继续 着鸦片战争以来为改变自 己悲惨命运而进行的努力;
[32:07.50]经过艰苦卓绝的斗争,缍 在中国共产党的领导下结 束了半殖民地半封建的 历史,;
[32:15.08]赢得民族独立和人民解 放,建立了中华人民共 和国。;
[32:20.95]在20世纪的后五十年里, 中国人民自务更生,奋发 图强,开展社会主义 建设,;
[32:29.44]在旧中国一穷二白的基础 上建立了比较完整的工业 体系和国民经济体系,;
[32:36.90]使自己的物质生活水平和 精神文明程度得到了大幅 度的提高,中国日益走向 繁荣昌盛。;
[32:45.91]现在,中国人民正满怀信 心地沿着邓小平同志开创 的建设有中国特色的社会 主义道路走向未来。;
[32:54.77]中国人民进行的这些历史 性的创造,不公彻底改变 了近代中国的悲惨命运,;
[33:01.07]而且也是中华民族对人类 进步事来的重大贡献。;
[33:06.10]展望未来五十年的前景, 我们充满信心,中国人民 将继续坚定不移地走改革 开放的道路。;
[33:15.59]我们的目标是,到二十一 世纪中叶基本实现现代 化,;
[33:21.37]把我国建成富强民主文明 的社会主义现代化国家, 实现中华民族的伟大 复兴。;
[33:29.71]中国的发展与外国的发 展,世界南方的发展与 北方的发展,是互相联 系、相互补充的,;
[33:38.41]应该平等互利地加强交流 与合作。中国人民希望过 上和平幸福的生活。;
[33:46.34]也希望各国人民携手努 力,战胜人类生存与发 展面临的各种挑战,保 护生态环境,;
[33:53.92]缩小贫富差距,建立公正 合理的国际经济新秩序, 实现共同发展和普遍 繁荣。;
[34:03.02]发达国家在这方面应多承 担责任,发展中国家要自 强不息。;
[34:10.20]让我们为促进人类和平与 发展的崇高事业而共同努 力!我坚信,中国的明天 将会更加美好,;
[34:19.53]世界的明天将会更加美 好。谢谢各位。;
[34:25.51]Unit six Publicity and Presentation;
[34:33.61]Text for Interpretation;
[34:38.42]Passage 1 Chinese-English Interpretation Text Interpreting;
[34:48.56]Listen to the tape and interpret  the following passage from Chinese into English:;
[34:59.25]上海的字面意思是指“海 上之埠”,这是世界上最 大的海港城市之一,;
[35:07.64]也是中国主要的工业和商 业中心。随着经济改革的 日益深化,这座昔日被誉 为远东金融、;
[35:18.33]经济和贸易中心的城市正 在为促进长江流域的经济 发展起着龙头作用。;
[35:25.84]与此同时,上海以她独特 的风韵吸引着数以百万计 的海内外游客。;
[35:33.58]作为一座国际大都市, 上海的国际航班可直达 曼谷、新加坡、香港、 汉城、东京、大坂、;
[35:43.72]名古屋、长崎、广岛、 布鲁塞尔、法兰克福、 纽约、;
[35:49.49]洛杉矶、旧金山、 芝加哥、多伦多、 温哥华、悉尼等20多 个城市。;
[35:56.86]以东方明珠闻名于世的上 海是中国通向世界的东大 门。;
[36:04.41]早在唐宋时期上海便是中 国东部的一座外贸商镇, 与日本、朝鲜和东南亚各 国之间有着商贸关系。;
[36:16.84]到了清朝乾隆、喜庆年 间,上海成了中国东南 部的大都市和海运中心。;
[36:25.47]那时,申城里万商云集, 浦江上千帆斗艳,好一派 繁荣兴旺的景象!;
[36:34.91]自20世纪50年代起,上海 取代广州,成了中国的外 贸中心,至今仍保持着这 一龙头地位。;
[36:45.85]今天这座著名的国际港市 已发展成为中国重要的经 济、金融、贸易、科技、 信息、文化中心。;
[36:56.51]上海作为中国的一座历史 文化名城,有70余处国家 级和市级重点历史文物保 护单位,;
[37:06.98]充分展示了特色鲜明的海 派文化。上海是美食家的 乐园,全市数以千计的餐 馆汇集了全国各大名菜,;
[37:20.68]如鲁菜、川菜、粤菜、 扬州菜、闽菜等各种风 味,一应俱全。世界各地 的风味烹调,;
[37:31.84]如法、俄、意、英、德、 日、韩、印等外邦菜, 比比皆是,各领风骚。;
[37:41.89]清真人士和素食者,自有 去处,各得其所。享有 “万国建筑博览会”之美 誉的上海,;
[37:51.71]在外滩和市内各处都有风 格各异的建筑物。浦东的 金茂大厦、国际会议中心 和东方明珠电视塔,;
[38:03.23]相伴电视塔左右的雄伟的 南浦大桥和杨浦大桥,连 接两桥的内环线高架交通 干道,;
[38:12.83]以及人民广场上的上海博 物馆、上海大剧院和上海 城市规划展示馆,使申城 旧貌换新颜。;
[38:24.81]上海是旅游者的天地。 上海有众多的休闲度假胜 地,;
[38:31.72]如佘山国家旅游度假区、 淀山湖风景区、太阳岛度 假区、环球乐园、梦幻世 界以及野生动物园。;
[38:43.68]上海每年都要举办多姿多 彩的旅游节,其中包括除 夕夜的龙华迎新撞钟活 动,;
[38:53.65]春天的龙华庙会、南汇桃 花节和国际茶文化节,金 秋时节的上海黄浦东旅游 节和上海桂花节。;
[39:06.53]这些海派气息浓郁而又十 分迷人的节庆活动,引来 无数海外游客竞相参与。;
[39:15.16]海派文化是南北东西文化 交汇、融合的结晶。海纳 百川,有容乃大。;
[39:24.82]上海恢宏的气度源于充分 开放的历史。上海的快速 崛起上改革开放的成果。;
[39:34.53]论历史,上海在宋代成 镇,元代设县,明代长 城,在中国灿若群星的名 城古都中,;
[39:45.95]并不耀眼夺目,远不能比 西安、开封、洛阳、,近 不能比南京、苏州、 杭州。;
[39:56.56]但是上海自开埠以来,以 超常的速度发展。自改革 开放以来,尤其是自20世 纪90年代初以来,;
[40:06.96]上海开始了新的腾飞, 城市面貌日新月异,在建 设现代化国际大都市的征 途上高歌猛进,;
[40:16.84]其巨大成就,举世瞩目。 “两千年看西安,五百年 看北京,一百年看上海。;
[40:26.59]”上海已成为现代中国城 市的象征。;
[40:31.91]历史曾经厚爱过上海,也 委屈过上海,现在又给上 海以难得的机遇.“乘骐骥 以驰骋兮.来吾道夫先路";
[40:47.58]21世纪的上海人既是聪明 人,也是精明人,更是具 有大气魄的高明人。;
[40:55.71]21世纪的上海不仅会说上 海话,也会说普通话,还 会说国际通用语言,具有 世界公民的特质。;
[41:06.11]21世纪的上海成为世界经 济、金融和贸易中心已属 必然。世界注视着中国, 尤其注视着上海。;
[41:18.13]上海这座地球上最具有希 望的城市之一,竭诚欢迎 各国朋友光临。;
[41:27.28]Passage 2 English-Chinese Interpretation Text interpreting;
[41:38.97]Listen to the tape and interpret the following passage from English into Chinese:;
[41:48.51]London is the capital of the United Kingdom and chief city of the British Commonwealth.;
[41:55.73]With a population of about 7 million and an area of 1,580 sq km,;
[42:03.97]this vast metropolis is by far the largest city in Europe,;
[42:09.07]a distinction it has maintained since the 17th century.;
[42:14.13]In the 19th century it was the largest and most influential city in the world,;
[42:19.88]the center of a large and prosperous overseas empire.;
[42:23.94]Although it no longer ranks among the world's most populous cities,;
[42:29.41]London is still one of the world's major financial and cultural capitals.;
[42:35.51]By European standards, London is physically spread out and dispersed,;
[42:41.45]without a predominant focal point.;
[42:44.11]London's metropolitan area is divided into 32 boroughs and the City of  London.;
[42:51.72]At the core of this immense urban area is Central London,;
[42:56.61]which includes the City of London, the City of Westminster,;
[43:00.72]and districts in the West End.;
[43:03.49]The City of London is the traditional heart of the city;
[43:07.59]and stands as its own political unit.;
[43:10.62]The City of Westminster is the seat of the national government.;
[43:15.61]Much of the outer portion of this huge conglomeration of people;
[43:20.26]and activities is made up of low-rise residential development.;
[43:25.17]The historical center of London is now a relatively small area still known;
[43:30.66]as the City, which covers only about 2.6 sq km.;
[43:37.21]This is where London began as a Roman colonial town around AD 50.;
[43:43.37]Today this area is one of the world's leading financial centers.;
[43:48.97]The permanent residential population of the City is now less than 6,000,;
[43:54.79]but about 350,000 commute here daily to work.;
[43:59.57]The most prominent landmark of the City is Saint Paul's Cathedral.;
[44:04.71]The City of Westminster, about two miles from the City of London,;
[44:09.25]emerged as England's political;
[44:11.56]and religious center of power after the 11th century.;
[44:15.61]At the heart of Westminster is Westminster Abbey,;
[44:19.67]which has always been closely associated with the monarchy;
[44:23.33]and is used for such state occasions as coronations and royal funerals.;
[44:29.05]Virtually across the street are the Houses of Parliament,;
[44:32.69]officially called the New Palace of Westminster.;
[44:36.71]Farther west is the monarch's permanent residence in London, Buckingham Palace.;
[44:43.45]To the west and north of London's Trafalgar Square is the West End,;
[44:49.08]which is usually regarded as the center of town because it is London's shopping;
[44:54.35]and entertainment hub. The busiest shopping area is Oxford Street,;
[44:59.80]where famous large department stores are located.;
[45:03.67]Scattered throughout the Soho and Covent Garden sections are foreign restaurants;
[45:09.20]and entertainment attractions, including the Royal Opera House;
[45:13.27]and most of London's major theaters and movie houses.;
[45:17.18]In the northern part of the West End is Bloomsbury,;
[45:21.27]the city's traditional intellectual center, with its concentration of bookshops;
[45:26.52]and homes of writers and academics.;
[45:29.29]Here, too, are the British Museum and the giant complex of the University of London.;
[45:35.69]The East End of London, in strong contrast to the prosperous West End,;
[45:40.64]has frequently been characterized by slums, poverty, and crime.;
[45:46.06]The East End grew with the spread of industries to the east of the City.;
[45:50.84]It is especially famous as the centre of the clothing industry in London.;
[45:56.10]Petticoat market takes place every Sunday morning;
[45:59.94]and has become one of the beautiful sights of London.;
[46:04.03]London is one of the world's great centers for classical and popular culture.;
[46:09.50]It has enjoyed a reputation for superb theater;
[46:13.82]since the time of Shakespeare in the 16th century.;
[46:17.63]The variety ranges from the majestic Royal National Theatre;
[46:22.08]to the lavish Royal Opera House.;
[46:24.66]The sheer number of symphony orchestras is impressive;
[46:28.40]and includes the London Symphony Orchestra,;
[46:31.62]the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the English Chamber Orchestra.;
[46:36.50]Some of the most well-known concert halls in the world,;
[46:40.22]such as the Royal Festival Hall,;
[46:42.41]provide favorable venues for the cornucopia of performances in London;
[46:48.65]London itself is a living museum, with more than 2000 years of history and culture;
[46:56.37]But it also boasts one of the greatest concentrations;
[47:00.26]of significant museums (more than 100) of any city in the world.;
[47:06.14]The jewel in this cultural crown is the British Museum,;
[47:10.27]with 4 km of galleries and more than 4 million exhibits.;
[47:15.53]The Victoria and Albert Museum displays an important;
[47:20.04]and varied collection of applied arts.;
[47:23.31]Across the street are the Natural History Museum with its dinosaurs,;
[47:28.95]and the Science Museum,;
[47:30.57]which includes a renowned section on the history of medicine.;
[47:35.46]The Museum of London effectively introduces visitors to London's history;
[47:40.76]by walking them through successive eras chronologically.;
[47:44.86]London is a major repository of the greatest Western art;
[47:49.10]and a creative center for contemporary artists.;
[47:52.84]The National Gallery on Trafalgar Square contains Britain's premier art collection;
[47:58.36]with holdings from every major European art school.;
[48:02.40]Next door is the National Portrait Gallery,;
[48:05.79]with thousands of striking portraits of Britons.;
[48:09.43]The Tate Gallery contains the principal collection of British art;
[48:14.03]and modern international art.;
[48:16.56]What Londoners do for a living has changed considerably since the city was a commercial;
[48:22.25]and industrial center in the 19th century.;
[48:25.31]Manufacturing has steadily declined;
[48:27.85]and today accounts for less than 10 percent of total employment.;
[48:32.52]The printing and publishing industry is now a leading employer.;
[48:36.95]Far more important is the services sector,;
[48:40.28]which employs 85 percent of London's workforce.;
[48:44.12]This is led by financial and business services.;
[48:48.17]Tourism is another important part of the services sector.;
[48:52.66]London attracts more than 24 million visitors annually ,;
[48:57.36]more than half of them from outside the country.;
[49:00.27]Serving tourists is thought to employ at least 300,000 Londoners.;
[49:06.91]Although London has suffered some growing pains through its history,;
[49:11.19]we have reasons to be optimistic about its future.;
[49:14.76]We're positive that this old city will continue;
[49:17.96]to be one of the world's great cities in a new spirit of youthful enthusiasm.;
[49:24.53]Extra Text for Practice;
[49:29.92]Passage 1 Chinese-English Interpretation;
[49:37.44]Listen to the tape and interpret  the following passage from Chinese into English:;
[49:47.62]上海奥特茵中心是一家装 潢华丽的四星级花园式旅 游宾馆。;
[49:55.34]“中心”占地面积30亩, 集住宿、餐饮、娱乐、 健身、商务、会务于一 体。;
[50:04.83]宾馆拥有88间豪华套房、 168间标准客房以及可容 纳300多人的会议厅。;
[50:15.45]宾馆内设有中西餐厅,全 天供应各种应时美味佳 肴,直至深夜。;
[50:24.35]各种娱乐设施一应俱全: 如网球场、保龄球场、 游泳池、健身房、 桌球房、;
[50:34.04]迷你高尔夫球场、卡拉OK 歌舞厅等。;
[50:38.32]宾馆提供各种便利服务 项目,其中包括出租车 联系、机票预订、外汇 兑换、国际电话直拔、;
[50:51.66]因特网使用等;宾馆接受 主要信用卡,提供衣服洗 熨、美容美发、桑那沐 浴、按摩推拿等服务。;
[51:04.00]上海奥特茵中心那田园式 的环境,优雅静谧,颇有 欧美乡村情调,是旅游 度假或商住的理想场所。;
[51:16.02]宾馆服务人员训练有素, 为每位宾客提供一流服 务,使他们在宾馆期间愉 快舒适,;
[51:25.56]有一种宾至如归的感觉, 离别时所带走的是种种美 好的回忆。;
[51:32.76]上海奥特茵中心地处沪嘉 高速公路的北出口,毗邻 享有“东方迪士尼”美誉的 哥士摩乐园。;
[51:43.61]上海奥特茵中心地理位置 优越,交通便利,驱车 20分钟可达虹桥机场, 30分钟可至上海火车站,;
[51:54.61]前往市中心的商贸区或兴 世闻名的外滩风景区也同 样便利。;
[52:02.64]Passage 2 English-Chinese Interpretation;
[52:10.61]Listen to the tape and interpret the following passage from English into Chinese:;
[52:20.43]New Zealand is a South Pacific country located midway between the Equator;
[52:26.63]and the South Pole. Lying within the South Temperate Zone,;
[52:32.52]New Zealand has an oceanic climate, without extremes of heat or cold.;
[52:39.61]Most parts of the country enjoy ample sunshine and rainfall,;
[52:44.92]although the weather is rather changeable.;
[52:49.01]Seasons are the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere,;
[52:52.84]with temperatures generally higher in the north of the country,;
[52:56.64]which experiences sub-tropical warmth in summer.;
[53:00.51]Winter brings extensive snowfalls in the Southern Alps.;
[53:05.29]There are now over 3,300,000 New Zealanders of all races,;
[53:11.73]predominantly of European and Polynesian origin.;
[53:16.64]The Maori population is around 12% of the total.;
[53:22.20]As the result of intermarriage,;
[53:24.57]many New Zealanders have both Maori and European ancestors.;
[53:30.11]This country has a low population density,;
[53:34.00]with about 12 people in every square kilometer.;
[53:38.35]More than two-thirds of New Zealanders live in the North Island;
[53:43.00]and three quarters of the people live in cities and towns along the coastal areas;
[53:48.01]and lowland plains.;
[53:50.52]New Zealanders are traditionally keenly interested in sports of all kinds,;
[53:56.51]and the temperate climate encourages most forms of outside recreation.;
[54:01.87]Although rugby probably remains the major national winter sport, football,;
[54:07.88]netball, hockey, rugby league and skiing are increasingly popular.;
[54:14.04]The principal summer sports include cricket, softball, tennis, athletics,;
[54:20.46]swimming, surfing and boating,;
[54:22.80]while golf and horseracing are enjoyed throughout the year.;
[54:27.27]New Zealanders have a strong and increasing involvement;
[54:31.66]in a wide range of cultural activities throughout the country.;
[54:35.72]The performing arts are well established, with professional;
[54:39.96]and amateur companies active in music, drama and dance.;
[54:44.55]New Zealand writing, painting, pottery;
[54:47.25]and weaving have achieved growing international recognition;
[54:51.95]in recent years.;
[54:53.04]Filmmaking has also become an important industry over the past twenty years.;
[54:59.57]The educational system strongly encourages music,;
[55:03.31]drama and the visual arts at all levels.;
[55:07.34]A pioneer in social welfare,;
[55:10.90]New Zealand has a comprehensive social security scheme for the aged, disabled,;
[55:16.34]sick and unemployed. An innovative accident compensation scheme provides compensation;
[55:22.43]and rehabilitation for all people injured by accident.;
[55:28.84]Comprehensive health services, mostly supported by the State,;
[55:34.05]are available to New Zealanders. Public hospital treatment,;
[55:36.95]prenatal and maternity service, and many medicines are state subsidized,;
[55:45.00]as is dental treatment for children.;
[55:48.20]There is also an expanding private health service industry.;
[55:52.97]The infant mortality rate is 10.8 per thousand births.;
[55:58.58]Average life expectancy is 77 years for women and 71 for men.;
[56:05.94]Education is provided from primary school to university,;
[56:10.85]and is compulsory between the ages of six to fifteen.;
[56:15.34]The majority of schools are supported by the state,;
[56:18.36]and administered by School Boards of Trustees.;
[56:22.76]Others are supported by churches or private interests.;
[56:27.22]There are 7 universities, and the larger towns and cities;
[56:31.87]have technical institutes;
[56:33.43]and community colleges to provide further tertiary education.;
[56:38.77]A state correspondence school caters for children;
[56:42.81]who cannot attend school in the normal way (for reasons of isolation,;
[56:47.93]illness or disability) and for others enrolled in continuing education courses.;
[56:54.68]New Zealand has a worldwide reputation for quality agricultural products,;
[57:00.12]and almost half of the nation's export earnings are derived from farming.;
[57:05.78]A tradition of scientific agricultural research and development,;
[57:09.98]the use of modern machinery including aerial topdressing of pasture,;
[57:15.79]and efficient pasture and soil management enables full advantage;
[57:20.45]to be taken of a temperate climate;
[57:22.81]and ample rainfall to obtain high yields from the land.;
[57:28.53]Grassland farming remains New Zealand's most important industry.;
[57:33.90]New Zealand is an active trading nation,;
[57:36.98]linked to its principal trade partners by regular sea and air services.;
[57:42.24]The country is one of the world's largest exporters of wool,;
[57:46.44]and the largest single-country exporter of dairy products;
[57:50.24](notably butter,cheese and milk powder), lamb and mutton.;
[57:55.36]Other major exports are timber and timber products, fish and horticultural produce.;
[58:02.83]China is one of New Zealand's principal trade partners.;
[58:07.38]The two countries have experienced increasing exchanges in many areas in recent years,;
[58:12.31]including the frequent exchanges in cultural, educational and public health fields.;