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 someone who definitely knew that answer is Samantha Garby. She's the focus on our next report from Mary Snow. The research on mussel, the high school student is on running for an award that comes with 100,000$ dollars scholarship. It's a tough competition, but Garvey has some experience over coming adversity.17 year-old Samantha Garby  is an aspiring marine biologist with the keen sense of tough shell. They all congregate with each other.

She spent years for studying muscle and how do they protect themselves. But at New York's Brentwood High school, she has learned some lessons of her own about being tough when the odd stacked against she. She was chosen as a semi-finalist in the prestigious Intel Science Talent search. But Samantha Garby exciting news at homeless shelter. Her family's been living there since being evicted from their home December 31st.
It's worrisome, you know it's just been really worrisome cause you think where am i gonna being? Like if something does not come through, am i going to be a homeless shelter?
Samantha's parents were both injured in a car accident last year. They both lost time on work which cause them to fall behind on bills. As the family struggled Smantha says she got her inspiration from school. And her science teacher, Rebecca Grela, a two times breast cancer surviver.  
She told us the story i thought wow that is amazing. and  I took that from her. 
How does the feel to hear this? It works both way. What i take from Sam, it's a humbleness, her ability to reach out of others, to give effortlessly to give effort this way.
Samantha's story grab the attention of the official at New York suffer county. They are now providing the Garby family with public housing.This is, you know, this is just the most amazing thing you  could ask for.  I know everyone, we're all in tears here, like we can  barely compose ourselves enough to speak. With the tear there was disbelif fron Samantha's mother oka
Samantha's father says his daughter always gonna fight when only 2 pounds when she was born.
She is gone for one a little tiny gain a gain of woman. Marry Snow Tina brentwood new york,Excellent story there.  Onto our first blog report of 2012. We  heard a common theme in your responses to last week's blog post at cnn student news dot com.We've asked you what a president or governor should  consider when pardoning a criminal. From Aryanna  What needs to be reviewed is the severity of the crime.  The only people who should be let out are the ones who are not a threat to society.Ally says leaders should look at what the crime  was, what the criminal`s behavior was like, and how long they've been in  custody.  She adds, it sends a bad message of even if you are  convicted, you don't always have to pay the full penalty.Nicole asked, What if the criminals haven't changed?  What if they might do something like that again?And Ian adds that officials should consider whether the criminal can get a job or if he has a place to live and family support.Olivia suggests that governors look really hard at the criminal's background before giving him or her a pardon.And Will says if someone is convicted of a murder, then it would be the  smarter or common sense answer not to let them out of jail.All right. Before we go today, we are visiting a playful conversation in Alabama. From skyscrapers all the way down to the street, everything here is built by blockheads. This is a Lego convention.  Fans and builders came together for the  recent event.  Some of these creations are no joke.  One display uses  around half a million pieces, and is estimated to be worth $200,000.  For many Lego fans, the hobby began when they were kids.  They started off small, and then. Things built from there.  This story had us toying around  with several punsibilities, like it's time for us to Lego of your  attention.  But we hope you'll block out 10 minutes again tomorrow for more CNN Student News.