CNN 2012-01-29(在线收听

 Thanks for kicking off today's program, we're going to have more with  XX Brooks later on today.We also want to mention Moutain view high and May set Arizona,students there got this week social media question rights.I'm Carl.Let's get to today's headlines.

And then,there were four.That's how many candidates were left for the race of republican presidential nomination.Texas governor Rick P has dropped out of the race.When he first announced himself as a candidate last August.Governor P jumped way out of in the polls, but Thursday morning he said quate there is no viable past forward for me in this 2012 campaign.
As he backed out,governor Perry indorced formoer house speaker,New   ,he described him someone who can transform the country.New  said that he is honored to have Perry's support.All of this came right before tomorrow's south Carilina Republican primary.The results from our website over the weekend and we will be talking about them on Monday.Meantime ,the results from the Iowa cacuses earlier this month might be changing.The initial outcome showed former Massachusetts governor whom you see on the left here.With en 8-votes win over former senator Rick Santrum on the right.Now,it looks like that Santrum actually has  34 more votes than Ramony.
The XX league is putting together  a report of what's been happening in the middle-easten nation of Syria.MoXX from the group were on a fat fighting mission,you want to see the Syrian government was following up on its agreement to end the violence that's been going on in Syria for months.Millitary  troops has cracked on protestors who'd been speaking out against  their government.Reportes said that thousands of people had been killed.Government official said they would stop the fighting but opposition group said that hasn't happened.The unrest is effecting Syria's economy.These car machanics told the CNN reporter.They are not getting as much work and even when they do,customers aren't always able to pay.Some groups are doing better though, wiht power outage across the country,generator stores are doing more bussiness.
We've been following the wreck of the XX all week,we'll show you how some rescue workers get on board the cruise ship.We haven't seen it from this angle before.Enmergency personel been lower from the helicopter that's hovering over the Italian ship.You see the  XX has making its way down the XX,official are actually when they might call off the search for survivors as a Third day after knew around 20 people are still missing.The ship rolled over on its side after it crushed so you might wonder how authority can get this thing out of the water and what they might do with it.H's here with some possibilities.