[00:01.24]Jimmy Early and The Dreamettes, 吉米·岳利和梦幻三人组

  [00:04.20]singing their No. 1 hit, Steppir to the Bad Side. 将献唱他们的冠军歌 〈弃明投暗〉
  [00:08.96]Steppir to the bad side 弃明投暗
  [00:10.28]Steppir to the bad side 弃明投暗
  [00:12.84]Steppir to the bad side 弃明投暗
  [00:15.64]Steppir to the bad side 弃明投暗
  [00:18.20]Steppir to the bad side 弃明投暗
  [00:20.84]Steppir to the bad side 弃明投暗
  [00:23.48]Steppir to the bad side 弃明投暗
  [00:23.92]Steppir to the bad side 弃明投暗
  [00:26.28]Steppir to the bad side 弃明投暗
  [00:28.04]I had to step into the bad side 我不得不弃明投暗
  [00:33.24]I had to take myself a mean ride 来个手段肮脏
  [00:37.24]You know that smile I had is gone away 往日天真不再
  [00:40.92]Those that steal are gonna pay 今天犹有重重障碍
  [00:41.68]Steppir to the bad side today 今天弃明投暗
  [00:46.76]A man just stole my woman from me 情敌把女友带走了
  [00:49.56]He took her down to Tennessee 去了田纳西州
  [00:52.52]She was the best girl I ever knew 她是我最好的女友
  [00:53.84]If it wasrt for him, she’d still be true 现在独剩我一个烦忧
  [00:54.10]Always been a good man, it’s been said 人人都说 要做完美的男友
  [00:57.80]When I catch the man He’ll wish he was dead 我就要好好教训那情敌
  [01:00.48]Men like him make good men mad 就是他令好男人都发疯
  [01:03.28]Starting today I’m gonna be bad 从今天起,我就要变坏
  [01:07.92]I’m steppir to the bad side 我要弃明投暗
  [01:12.12]I have to take myself a mean ride 要迫自己手段肮脏
  [01:17.08]You know that smile I had is gone away 天真已经不再
  [01:19.04]Those that steal are gonna pay 仍要面对重重障碍
  [01:22.32]Steppir to the bad side 弃明投暗
  [01:22.76]Steppir to the bad side 弃明投暗
  [01:24.72]Steppir to the bad side 弃明投暗
  [01:27.84]Steppir to the bad side today 弃明投暗
  [01:33.76]- Step on - Step on to the bad side - 弃明 - 弃明投暗
  [01:36.68]Step on to the bad side 弃明投暗
  [01:37.64]- Step on - Step on to the bad side - 弃明 - 弃明投暗
  [01:41.12]Steppir to the bad side 弃明投暗
  [01:44.04]- Step on - Step on to the bad side - 弃明 - 弃明投暗
  [01:54.68]Steppir to the bad side 弃明投暗
  [01:59.00]Got to step to the bad side 一定要弃明投暗
  [02:09.08]The motor is now cranked up 已启动汽车引擎
  [02:12.24]and we are moving up the highway of freedom 我们正向着自由的方向出发
  [02:15.16]toward the city of equality. 要到达平等之城
  [02:18.60]And we can’t afford to stop now, 一切都不能停止
  [02:19.60]because our nation has a date with destiny. 我们都在这个历史时刻
  [02:24.20]We must keep moving. 我们要坚持前进
  [02:25.36]I have a dream this afternoon 我下午做了一个梦
  [02:29.56]that one day right here in Detroit, 将有一天,底特律市
  [02:33.80]Negroes will be able to buy a house 黑人所到之处
  [02:36.52]anywhere that their money will carry them, 都能安心置业
  [02:37.20]and they will be able to get a job. 能找到工作
  [02:43.68]Made my peach cobbler! 来试我的蜜桃果派
  [02:46.24]- Hey, baby, you know my sisters. - Tell me something. - 嘻,宝贝,这是我姊姊 - 告诉我
  [02:47.44]Curtis! 君特!
  [02:51.00]Do you think it’s right to promote an amateur performer 你觉得应该传播 他业余的演说
  [02:52.92]over a professional? 还是我专业的歌艺?
  [02:54.00]I don’t know what this is about. 我不知道你的意思
  [02:56.60]It’s about fairness, Curtis. It’s about people paying their dues. 这关于公平,君特 有些人不劳而获
  [03:00.84]Ain’t that what you keep telling me? "Get in line, Effie. Wait your turn." 你不是一直告诉我 "排队,艾菲,会轮到你"?
  [03:04.84]So why am I sitting here without so much as a B-side on the 45 我的歌,一张黑胶唱片的B面 也填不满
  [03:11.92]when an amateur like Martin Luther King, Jr. 你竟然为马丁路德金出唱片
  [03:13.60]Gets his own freakir album? 我怎样还能耐心地等?
  [03:16.96]I mean, can he even sing? 他甚至不懂唱歌!
  [03:31.16]All right, that was a good one. 好,这个玩笑好
  [03:34.28]You’re a great man, Curtis. 你真棒,君特
  [03:35.96]Isn’t your brother a great man? 你不觉得你们的弟弟很棒?
  [03:40.00]We already know you are. 我早就知
  [03:51.44]Never met a man 从未遇到
  [03:55.84]Quite like you 像你的人
  [03:59.72]Doir all he can 尽你所能
  [04:04.16]Makir my dreams come true 为我达成梦想
  [04:09.56]You’re strong and you’re smart 你能干,你坚壮
  [04:11.44]You’ve taken my heart 你俘虏我的心
  [04:13.72]And I’ll give you the rest of me, too 还有我的全部
  [04:18.00]You’re the perfect man for me 你是我的完美男友
  [04:21.96]I love you, I do 我爱你,真的爱
  [04:24.52]I love you 我爱你
  [04:27.92]Never felt 从未有
  [04:32.08]quite like this 这奇妙感觉
  [04:36.56]Hold it, hold it. I promise I’ll get to all of you in a minute, 等等,等等 我答应逐个面试
  [04:39.44]but right now I need someone that can type. 首先,我要一个能打字的人
  [04:40.04]Anybody got some secretarial experience? 有没有人有秘书经验?
  [04:43.96]- I can do it. - You? Come on. - 我有 - 你?来吧
  [04:47.60]What’s all this? 这是什么?
  [04:50.60]All right, come in. 好吧,进来
  [04:54.76]You’re the perfect man for me 你是我的完美男友
  [04:58.84]I love you, I do 我爱你,真的
  [05:03.84]You’ve got the charm 你就有魅力
  [05:05.12]You simply disarm me every time 每次把我迷得投降
  [05:09.80]As long as you drive 只要你在
  [05:12.24]I’m along for the ride your way 我便一直守候在旁
  [05:19.20]You said it before 你曾说过
  [05:20.80]There won’t be a door 我们之间
  [05:21.10]That’s closed to us 永无阻隔
  [05:28.40]I’m puttir all my trust in you 我全心全意信任你
  [05:32.04]’Cause you, you’ll always be true 因为你总是真诚
  [05:35.80]I never could have known 我永不能猜到
  [05:39.12]This would be 但会是
  [05:44.28]You and you alone 你一心一意
  [05:48.72]All for me 全为了我
  [05:54.92]I know you’re the best 你是最完美
  [05:55.68]You’ve passed every test 无人及得上你
  [05:57.80]It’s almost too good to be true 好得太过了头
  [06:01.84]You’re the perfect man for me 你是我的完美男友
  [06:05.64]I love you, I do 我爱你,真的
  [06:10.64]You’re the perfect man for me 你是我的完美男友
  [06:15.48]I love you, I do 我爱你,真的
  [06:32.80]C.C. Wrote it for me. 斯斯给我写的歌
  [06:34.16]What do you think, Curtis? 你有什么看法,君特?
  [06:38.96]It’s too light. We want it light, but not that light. 太轻浅了 我们要浅白,但不是那样
  [06:40.24]Not that light? 不那么轻浅?
  [06:42.04]Okay, but when we fix it, you’re gonna put it in the show, right? 好,我们再修饰一下 那就能演唱,对不?
  [06:42.64]First things first. 当务之急
  [06:43.92]I got to get Jimmy booked down in Miami, 我要替吉米在迈阿密订酒店
  [06:46.80]But you promised I wouldn’t spend my life singing backup, Curtis. 但你答应 我不会一辈子唱伴唱
  [06:47.20]even if I got to buy my own hotel. 即便我可能要付 自己的酒店钱
  [06:49.28]And I still promise that. 我仍然答应你
  [06:50.56]I’m not gonna let this beautiful voice go to waste. 我们不会埋没你天赋歌喉
  [06:57.92]You just got to trust me. 你要信任我
  [06:58.84]- Can we talk about it more tonight? - All night. - 我能晚上再和你详谈? - 好的
  [07:05.48]- All right. - Bye, man. - 好的 - 再见,兄弟
  [07:06.56]All right. 好的
  [07:10.56]Boy, you’re a real snake. 小子,你真狡猾
  [07:12.28]A cheap, second-rate hustler. Street-corner con artist. 下贱二流 街边的骗子
  [07:14.76]Look, you want to buy a car, Marty? Why don’t we talk about it in my office? 听好,你想买车,马列? 何不到我办公室谈?
  [07:16.60]I’m away a week, and you cancel dates behind my back. 我走开一星期 你便取消我所有的计划
  [07:18.12]I spent six months setting up this tour for Jimmy. 我花了6个月为吉米 预备这个巡回演唱
  [07:21.08]Jimmy’s too big for that Chitlin Circuit shit. 吉米身价斐升 不适合再唱这些巡回
  [07:22.28]I’m trying to get him booked at the Paradise in Miami. 我正在安排他在 迈阿密的天堂献唱
  [07:25.08]- Miami? - Miami. - 迈阿密? - 迈阿密
  [07:27.56]You’re really drifting out there, chump. 你竟然浪荡到那里,傻瓜
  [07:29.16]You couldn’t get Sammy Davis, Jr. In there. 你甚至不能把山姆·戴维斯 弄进去
  [07:31.44]That place is so white, they don’t even let our boys park the cars. 那是白人领域 黑人连停车也妄想
  [07:33.84]I got him an audition. 我给他安排了试唱
  [07:36.08]- Luck, man. Hustler’s luck. - That’s just the beginning. - 好,不过是骗子的小运 - 这不过是开始
  [07:40.96]Then we’re gonna do the Copa, the Americana. 他们还要在哥柏 在美洲里唱
  [07:42.84]He could even do American Bandstand. 还有美式大演奏台
  [07:45.84]I’ve been in this business too many years 我在这行打滚多年了
  [07:46.24]- to listen to some hotshot talk bullshit. - Not bullshit, Marty. Change. - 听过不少自命不凡、吹嘘的话 - 不是吹嘘,马列,是改变
  [07:49.32]I’m talking change. Can’t you see? The time is now. 我在说改变风气,此时此刻 你感觉不到吗?
  [07:54.08]Jimmy needs a new act, something classier, with a catchier sound. 吉米需要新曲风 更出色,更触动人心
  [07:56.88]That’ll go down better with white folks. 会比白人民歌更流行
  [07:57.04]That’ll put him where he should be, 会给他应有的定位
  [07:59.08]making the type of money he should be making. 赚他应赚的钱
  [08:00.68]He’s at the top of the pop charts. He’s hot. 他已登上流行榜冠军 灸手可热
  [08:09.92]- We can do this for him. - We? - 我们可通力合作 - 我们?
  [08:11.32]- Yeah, we. - We do nothing. - 对,我们 - 我们做不了什么
  [08:14.96]Jimmy’s mine, so back off, Curtis. Jimmy’s mine. - 吉米是我的,放手吧,君特 - 我才是
  [08:17.84]Jimmy don’t belong to no one. 吉米不属任何人
  [08:18.76]Are you defending this car salesman, Jimmy? 你不是替这个汽车经纪说话,吉米?
  [08:21.04]Can’t you see he’s using you? 你看不出他在利用你?
  [08:24.60]Ain’t nobody using Jimmy, all right? Nobody. 无人能利用我,对不? 无人
  [08:27.08]Who do you think you’re talking to, baby? It’s Marty. 你在跟谁说话? 我是马列
  [08:30.16]The man who found you singing for pennies when you were 10 years old. 那个在你十岁卖唱时 发掘你的人
  [08:34.08]It’s a whole new day, Marty, and a brand new Jimmy. 今日不是昨天,马列 吉利也不是十岁街童
  [08:42.92]You want him, brother? You got him. 你想要他,老兄? 他是你的
  [08:45.96]I’m through. 我不玩
  [08:48.00]- Hey, what you doing? - You can’t have it all, baby. - 嘻,你怎么了,马列? - 鱼与熊掌,不可兼得
  [08:51.16]Hey, come on, Marty, don’t go. I want you to stay. - 嘻,马列,不要走 - 我想你留下
  [08:56.24]I love you, Jimmy. 我爱你,吉米
  [09:00.60]But you can’t have it all. 但你只能任择其一
  [09:12.32]Lady, you got to be Jewish. Of course, yeah, of course. 女士,你一定是犹太人 错不了
  [09:15.40]It’s 105 degrees in here, and you’re the only one wearing a mink stole. 华氏105度 只有你一人穿貂皮披肩
  [09:16.20]Hey, my friend, what’s your nationality? 嘻,老友,你什么国籍?
  [09:20.00]"Nationality." I know it’s a big word. What are you, Cuban? "国籍",话题很大 你什么国籍,古巴人?
  [09:21.68]Of course. You’re Cuban. You’re Cuban, I’m a Jew. 当然,你一定是古巴 你是古巴人,我是犹太人
  [09:25.04]You know, I say this from the bottom of my heart. 你要知,我是真话真说
  [09:26.36]A Negro, if he had enough money, could move into my neighborhood. 有钱的黑鬼 能成为我邻居
  [09:27.40]You, not a chance. 古巴人,无望
  [09:31.48]Tonight, though, we’re here to make history. 今晚,我们会创造历史
  [09:32.40]The first Negro headliners to ever play Miami Beach. 见证第一位黑鬼在迈阿密表演
  [09:38.20]What do you think of that? 怎么样?
  [09:38.24]Come on. It’s a very convenient arrangement. 来吧 会是不错的表演
  [09:39.68]These are good people. I mean, they can sing, they can dance, 他们很好 我是说他们会唱,会跳
  [09:43.16]they can even mop up afterwards. You can’t find help like that. 唱完还会擦洗地板 哪里也找不到
  [09:49.40]Anyway, please give a warm round of applause to the very talented 无论如此 欢迎多才多艺歌手
  [09:52.92]Jimmy Early and The Dreamettes! Come on! 吉米·岳利和梦幻女郎! 来吧!