[01:14.12]库尔特 · 拉塞尔

  [02:10.92]GIRL: There used to be horses in that barn 那个马厩里过去有马的
  [02:13.56]At least that’s what my grandfather says 至少祖父是这么说的
  [02:18.20]We’re probably the only horse farm in Lexington Kentucky 我们这大概是肯塔基莱克辛托克 是唯一的农场
  [02:20.00]that doesn ’t have one horse 现在没有一匹马了
  [02:23.92]- Not one - (Thunder rumbles) 一匹都没有了
  [02:42.12]MAN: It might rain. 会下雨
  [02:49.92]Pat said it’d be a good day for me to er... come down to the diner. 帕特说我今天去参加 晚餐是个好天气
  [02:52.80]M A N Yeah, we 是的 好的
  [02:56.04]WOMAN: Just be breakfast and lunch three days a week 就是早餐和午餐 一个星期三天
  [02:59.04]MAN: If you ’re working at the diner she comes home from school to nobody or? 若你去吃饭, 她从学校回来 不是就没人在了 ?
  [03:02.24]Well, Pop lives right next door. 喔 帕普就住在隔壁
  [03:05.32]I know you two don ’t talk much, but he and Cale get along real well. 我知道你们俩不太说话 但是他和凯丽相处得很好
  [03:11.72]- And er... - And er... what? 而且… 还有什么?
  [03:13.32]You’ve been promising her for months you would take her to work with you. 你已经保证好几个月了 会带她去一起工作的
  [03:17.60]And I will. I will, Lil. But not today, honey. I got a big race. 我会的 但是不是今天 亲爱的 我有一场大比赛
  [03:20.92]WOMAN: What do I tell her? 那我怎么对她说?
  [03:21.00]MAN: Tell her I was running late and I didn ’t have time to wait 告诉她我要迟到了 所以没时间等她了
  [03:26.76]- You tell her. - Honey, I’m going to work. 你告诉她 亲爱的 我要去上班了
  [03:35.72](Engine starts)
  [04:03.68]All right, get in. I don ’t wanna be late. 好了  快上来 别迟到了
  [04:15.56]There you go 你上来吧
  [05:26.64](Thunder rumbles)
  [05:42.92]- 58 and one. - (Muffled reply from walkie-talkie) 58和1
  [05:47.92]All right, send Sonya. Don ’t let her out. I just wanna... I just wanna watch her action. 好的 把桑娅送来 别让她出去 我只想看看她的情况
  [05:54.84](Horse whinnies in distance)
  [06:06.92]I like him. 我喜欢他
  [06:08.32]Her. 是她
  [06:11.80]I like her, too. 那我也喜欢她
  [06:26.76]MAN: Can I get a bucket of multigrain in stall number three please? 请送一桶杂粮到三号 马厩里去好吗?
  [06:32.40]- Good morning sir - Good morning. 早上好 先生 早上好
  [06:33.16]Balon, you remember Cale? 拜伦, 你记得凯丽吗?
  [06:35.16]Sure. She doesn ’t come around any more. 当然   她不再到处乱跑了
  [06:37.64]Wow, honey, you’ve gotten so big. 哇 亲爱的 你已经长得这么大了
  [06:43.00]Eddie let’s take a look at Goliath ’s Boy 埃迪, 我们去看看格里阿斯的孩子
  [06:43.20]Senorita, buenos dias. 圣诺丽亚, 你好, 早安
  [06:47.16]He’s got legs like steel. Take him in. 他有钢铁般的腿. 带他进来
  [06:47.68]- That means good morning. - Good morning. 这意思是早上好吧. 早上好
  [06:53.08]Whoa, whoa, whoa! 哇 哇 哇
  [06:54.76]BALON: What have you got there? Candy? Hey, Sonya. There you go, Sonya. 你那里有什么呀?糖果吗? 嘿 桑娅 你在这呀 桑娅
  [06:58.64]Ooh, yeah. That’s Sonya. She likes candy. 哦 是的  是桑娅 她喜欢糖果
  [07:03.92]- Sonya likes Twizzlers. - Yeah? 桑娅喜欢特维兹莱. 是吗?
  [07:05.48]Well... who’s this? 喔 这是谁?
  [07:08.64]Got a new jockey? 找了个新职业训马师?
  [07:11.56]Manny, this is my daughter Cale. 曼尼这是我女人凯丽
  [07:12.16]Oh, hey. 哦 嘿
  [07:14.80]Manolin Vallarta. The greatest jockey in the world. 曼诺林. 瓦拉塔, 世界上最伟大的训马师
  [07:18.32]- Fattest jockey in the world. - Fat? 世界上最肥的训马师. 肥?
  [07:21.16]Chacho, I’m too tall to race. 乔科, 我高得无法比赛
  [07:24.28]Look at you. Look at these clothes. This is a barn, not a disco. 看看你 看看这些衣服 这是马厩 不是迪斯科舞厅
  [07:27.44]- Cambiate la ropa! - Ooh! 哦!
  [07:32.88]He likes the way I dress. (Chuckles) 他喜欢我这样穿
  [07:33.48]Now, yo u soo yo u r daddy? 那你现在看到你爸爸了吗?
  [07:36.12]You see how he’s feeling the legs? You see that? 你看到他怎样来检测马大腿吗? 看到了吗?
  [07:39.32]Yeah well we just wanna make sure the horse is sound and healthy 是的 我们只想保证这匹马 是完全健康的
  [07:42.64]Your daddy always say you listen to a horse, he’ll tell you how he feels. 你爸爸经常说呆在一匹马身边 马就会告诉你他的感觉
  [07:48.60]- OK. Thanks, Mark. - (Horse whinnies) 好了  谢谢 马克
  [07:54.92](Tannoy announcement in background)
  [08:00.72]I don ’t know, boy. I’ll tell you, I don ’t know. 我不知道 伙计 我告诉你 我不知道
  [08:01.00]The leg feels fine, but she keeps... she keeps jumping at that. 腿感觉很好 但是她总是… 总是一直那样跳个不停
  [08:06.24]She wants to get back in her stall. 她想回到马厩里去
  [08:07.60]Vamos, Sonya. Vamos. 瓦莫斯, 桑娅 瓦莫斯
  [08:10.72]Venga, venga! 温加, 温加!
  [08:11.16]She gonna race today? 她真的要今天比赛吗?
  [08:15.48]Hello, Mr Palmer. 你好 帕尔默先生
  [08:15.52]Of course she’s gonna race today. 当然 她今天真的要比赛
  [08:19.60]Nice to see you. Wasn ’t sure you were coming today. 很高兴看到你 没想到你今天会来
  [08:22.80]I er... I don ’t believe I’ve ever met... 我… 我不相信我见到了…
  [08:24.64]Prince Tariq Abal. 塔里  阿巴尔王子
  [08:28.44]PALMER: Well, well, Sonya is just as pretty as she is fast. 喔 桑娅跑得又快长得又美
  [08:33.12]Sir, I’ll meet you at our box after I talk with my staff. 先生 我和我的职员讲完话之后 我们就在赛马场见吧
  [08:39.56]- What’s the story here? - She’s acting funny. 这里发生什么故事了? 她表现得很有趣
  [08:40.80]Some heat in that right front this morning 今天早上正前方有点热
  [08:45.08]llm not sure if she wants to run today 我不确定她今天想跑
  [08:48.04]I don ’t feel any heat in that leg. What did the vet say? 我不感觉到那条腿上的热度. 兽医怎么说?
  [08:50.12]The vet and paddock judge both passed her as fine, but... 兽医和围场审判员都断定说 她很好 但是…
  [08:54.52]Well, good. That’s all that matters. 喔 那就好 这样就没事了
  [08:56.68]Sir, I’m just saying I don ’t... I don ’t think she should go today. 先生 我刚刚是说… 我不认为她今天可以出赛
  [08:57.96]Prince Tariq flew his personal Tr3Tr 8,000 miles... 塔里王子让他私人的737号跑了 8千英里…
  [09:01.76]for what? 为什么?
  [09:03.92]I don ’t know, to win the Jansen Handicap, I guess. 我不知道 我想是为了 赢詹森. 汉迪卡
  [09:08.52]To beat his brother Sadir. 打败他的兄弟萨迪尔
  [09:09.40]Tariq only flies in if he can see one of his horses run against one of his brother’s horses. 塔里若看到他的一匹马和他兄弟的 马比赛会逃走的
  [09:14.72]We’re messing with a champion two-year-old who’s won her first two races this year. 我们在为一匹赢了她头两次比赛的 两岁大的冠军而团团转
  [09:18.24]This’ll make three. 会变成三次
  [09:19.88]She’s a little star, no doubt about it. 她是一个小明星 这点是勿庸置疑的
  [09:20.96]She’s a lot more than a star, Everett. 她远不止一个明星, 埃莱特
  [09:25.52]I’m listening to the horse. She’s telling me she could do better with rest. 我正在听马讲话 她正告诉我说 她可以很好的比赛
  [09:27.76]You’d do better by listening to me. 你最好听我说
  [09:28.96]Look, she’s a nice horse. 看 她是一匹好马
  [09:30.48]But I’ve spent millions developing a stable of horses for Prince Tariq 但是我为塔里王子花了数百万 来训练一匹稳定的马
  [09:35.80]Now, I know you got big plans... but just do your job. 现在 我知道你有大计划 但是最好你工作就行
  [09:36.20]so he can beat his brother. 这样他可以打败他兄弟
  [09:41.72]OK? 好吗?
  [09:42.28]Daily maintenance, overseeing the workouts - your job. 日常维护 检查测验-你的工作
  [09:45.76]Picking her races - my job 挑选她比赛-我的工作
  [09:49.72]Are we good? 这样好吗?
  [09:52.00]She’s morning-line favourite. 她是晨线的最爱
  [09:52.24]- Yeah, we’re good. - Good. 是的 这样很好 那就好
  [09:57.52](Claps) Let’s go. 我们走
  [09:58.08]Have one of the Mexicans walk her round to settle her. 曾经有一个墨西哥人带她此处 跑来训练她