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Good morning from the CNN Center here in Atlanta, I'm Melissa Long. It's Wednesday. Here's a look at some of the stories happening NOW IN THE NEWS.

The House takes up a credit card reform bill today. It passed 90-5 in the Senate. Now it's designed to protect you from credit card abuses. The president says he wants to sign it before Memorial Day weekend.

Peter, bottom line on this bill, I mean, it cuts out what, the fine print, those long fine print things you get on the bills. You have to use a, basically, microscope in order to read.

Well, they're gonna make the credit card agreements clearer. They won't be able to raise your rates unless you're 60 days late; they'll have to give you 45 days' notice when they do it. Generally speaking, rate increases will require, general rate increases will require a waiting period. What they won't be able to do is bait and switch so easily.

Now a Harvard trained biochemist says he has a swine flu vaccine that's ready for worldwide testing. The owner of a Boston biotech company says his synthetic vaccine could be available in a matter of weeks. He says it would be at least as effective against H1N1 as a biological vaccine.

Michael Vick released from federal prison this morning just before dawn. Vick will stay under home confinement in Virginia until July 20th. The humane society says Vick has contacted them about partnering to curb the popularity of dog fighting among urban teens. The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hasn't decided if he will let Vick return to pro-football.

The people on that flight that crashed in New York Hudson River are finally getting their luggage back. It's been four months and now the passengers from the US Airways Flight 1549 are starting to get some special deliveries containing their wallets, their coats, cameras and jewelry. The airlines spend months recovering and cleaning 36,000 items. One woman even got her crystal bracelet back.

You're up-to-date. Those are the headlines making news at this hour. Do stay with CNN and for more on these stories or other news that develops today.