美国观光英语会话 3、在饭店(在线收听

3.At the Hotel
[00:03.24](1)Checking In at the Hotel
[00:07.42]Model Dialogs
[00:09.48]Dialog 1 Arriving at the Hotel
[00:11.73]对话1 抵达旅馆
[00:13.98]A:Here. I'll take your suitcases, sir.
[00:17.68]B:Thank you.
[00:18.96]A:Right this way, sir.
[00:21.42]B:Thanks. Here you are.
[00:23.95]A:Thank you, sir.
[00:25.70]B:Good afternoon. I believe you have my reservation.
[00:30.59]C:Your name, please?
[00:32.57]B:Yes, Terry Chen.
[00:35.42]C:Oh, yes, Mr. Chen. We have a single with bath for you. Now, will you fill in this card, please?
[00:43.23]B:Oh, surely. Incidentally, what time are the meals?
[00:48.33]C:Breakfast is from six to nine, lunch is from eleven to two, and dinner is from five to eight.
[00:56.53]B:I see. And what's the check-out time?
[01:00.24]C:Twelve noon, sir.
[01:02.15]B:OK. There you are.
[01:04.91]C:Thank you. Now, I'll have the bellboy take you to your room.
[01:09.56]B:Thank you.
[01:10.92]Dialong 2 Reserving a Room
[01:12.66]对话2 预订房间
[01:14.40]A:Park Hotel? Reservation desk, please.
[01:18.73]B:Reservation desk. May I help you?
[01:21.50]A:Yes, please. I'm phoning from the airport here in Los Angeles. I'd like to reserve a single room for tonight.
[01:30.41]B:All right, sir. That's a single with bath?
[01:33.88]A:That's right. How much will that be?
[01:37.59]B:Our singles begin at forty-five, sir.
[01:41.64]B:Your name, please.
[01:43.31]A:My name is Terry Chen. C-H-E-N.
[01:48.20]B:Thank you, Mr. Chen. When will you be arriving?
[01:52.14]A:I'm arriving soon. I'm taking a taxi to the hotel.
[01:56.87]B:Right, sir. We'll hold your room for you until 9 P.M..
[02:01.76]Dialog 3 No Rooms Available
[02:03.69]对话3 房间客满
[02:05.62]A:I'd like a room, please.
[02:07.92]B:Do you have a reservation, sir?
[02:10.46]A:No, I'm sorry, I don't.
[02:13.30]B:Well, I'd like to help you, but I'm afraid all our rooms are taken.
[02:18.68]A:I see. In that case, could you suggest another?
[02:23.96]B:Why don't you try the Royal Hotel? It's right down the street.
[02:28.38]A:Thank you.
[02:30.05]Useful Expression
[02:32.58]Just up to (as far as) the front desk.
[02:38.28]Just carry (take) them to the front desk.
[02:43.00]Thanks. Here you are (go).
[02:47.11]You have a reservation for me, I believe.
[02:50.84]I'll be here for two nights.
[02:54.08]I'm planning to stay a week.
[02:57.79]Where it says "Date of Departure", I'm not quite sure yet.
[03:03.88]Well, I think I'll probably be here for a week.
[03:08.13]No, I don't have a reservation.
[03:12.24]I'd like to stay a day longer.
[03:15.40]I'd like a single with bath for about $45.00 a night.
[03:21.80]Do you have any accommodations available at that price?
[03:26.73]Don't you have anything less expensive?
[03:30.44]Could you give me a cleaner room, please?
[03:34.00]Do you have any vacancies for tonight?
[03:40.00]front desk; reception desk; registration
[03:44.65]information desk
[03:55.21]a single room
[03:57.19]a double room
[03:59.10]a twin-bed room
[04:03.07]room rate
[04:06.91]registration card
[04:09.36]full name
[04:11.04]place of birth
[04:13.10]date of departure
[04:17.15]forwarding address
[04:21.59]passport number
[04:35.36]room key
[04:37.26](2)Having a Bellboy Help You
[04:41.21]Model Dialogs
[04:43.59]Dialog 1 The Bellboy Shows You to Your Room
[04:46.51]对话1 服务生带你去你的房间
[04:49.44]A:Good afternoon, sir. Is this all your luggage, sir?
[04:53.85]B:No, I have two more suitcases outside.
[04:58.81]A:Just a moment, sir. I'll bring them right in.
[05:03.07]A:Won't you come this way, please?
[05:05.84]B:Thank you.
[05:07.28]Dialog 2 In Your Room
[05:09.25]对话2 在房间内
[05:11.22]A:Here's your room, sir... Here's the light switch.
[05:16.89]A:Here's the closet and that's the door to the bathroom.
[05:20.84]B:Great! I want to get washed up.
[05:24.15]A:Can I do anything else for you, sir?
[05:27.08]B:No, thanks. You've been very helpful.
[05:30.40]A:Well, if there's anything else you want, please call room service.
[05:36.25]B:Thank you... Here you are, This is for your help.
[05:40.66]A:Oh, thank you, sir.
[05:42.57]Useful Expression
[05:44.87]Yes, that's everything(the lot, all of it, all I have).
[05:52.05]No, thanks. I think I'm OK.
[05:55.53]Thank you. This is for you.
[05:58.92]Thank you. Here's something for your trouble.
[06:05.24]room key
[06:07.54]room light
[06:12.38]air conditioner
[06:16.89]fire exit
[06:31.11]hot water (cold water) faucet
[06:36.23]shower head
[06:40.43]drain plug
[06:44.79]toilet paper
[06:48.92]medicine chest
[06:55.27]bath towel
[06:57.49]wash cloth
[07:02.48]shaving brush
[07:08.59]towel rack
[07:10.26]bath mat
[07:16.14]curtain rod
[07:17.97]shower curtain
[07:20.27]lock and chain
[07:23.04]dressing table
[07:29.70]television; TV
[07:35.39]lamp shade
[07:52.71]chest of drawers
[07:59.95]pillow case
[08:05.98]night table
[08:07.97]tissue paper(a box of)
[08:12.23]alarm clock
[08:20.56]hotel directory
[08:22.94](3)Room Service
[08:26.57]Model Dialogs
[08:28.79]Dialog 1 Ordering Beverage
[08:31.15]对话1 点饮料
[08:33.52]A:Room service, please.
[08:36.05]B:This is room service.
[08:38.11]A:This is room 303. Would you send up a bucket of ice and some ginger ale, please?
[08:46.47]B:Yes, sir. Right away.
[08:49.01]Dialog 2 Ordering Breakfast
[08:51.10]对话2 点早餐
[08:53.19]A:Good morning. Room service.
[08:55.80]B:Good morning. I'd like a pot of coffee, some toast, and a half grapefruit brought up to my room, please.
[09:03.14]A:Yes, ma'am. Right away.
[09:05.52]B:Oh, and when you come, please bring me the morning paper also.
[09:10.40]A:Yes, ma'am.
[09:12.46]A:Good morning. This is room service.
[09:15.70]B:Please come in.
[09:17.06]A:Here's your breakfast, ma'am. Please sign your name and room number here.
[09:22.68]B:All right. There you are.
[09:25.84]A:Thank you.
[09:26.88]Dialog 3 Asking for Service in Your Room
[09:29.82]对话3 在房间内要求服务
[09:32.76]A:Room service.
[09:34.62]B:This is Mr. Chen in Room 3235. Something must be wrong with the heating system.
[09:43.26]My room is very cold. I wish you would take a look at it right away. And, when you come, please bring me another blanket.
[09:55.10]A:Yes, sir. We'll have someone up there immediately.
[10:00.08]Useful Expression
[10:02.51]I'd like some ice cream and a couple of bottles of sodawater, please.
[10:08.39]Could I get a bottle of whiskey sent up and some glasses and ice?
[10:13.59]I wonder if I could have a chicken sandwich and a glass of milk sent up, please.
[10:21.14]I'd like breakfast in my room, please.
[10:24.74]I ordered breakfast for 7:30, but it hasn't come yet.
[10:30.13]I'd like to have to call me at six tomorrow morning.
[10:34.12]There's no soap here.
[10:36.84]There's no towels here.
[10:42.04]room service charge
[10:45.25]room maid
[10:48.28]room clerk
[10:50.61]morning call
[10:55.86]coffee(a cup of, a pot of)
[10:59.85]ice water
[11:02.10]bacon and tomato sandwich
[11:05.42]orange juice
[11:07.85]toast and coffee
[11:10.56]boiled eggs
[11:12.31]scrambled eggs
[11:15.45]fried eggs
[11:17.77]poached eggs
[11:22.24]ham and eggs
[11:25.17]bacon and eggs
[11:29.95](4)At a Restaurant and a Coffee Shop
[11:34.94]Model Dialogs
[11:37.47]Dialog 1 At the Coffee Shop
[11:39.18]对话1 在咖啡店
[11:40.89]A:Good morning, sir. What'll you have?
[11:44.50]B:I'd like the number one, please, with ham.
[11:48.60]A:Orange or tomato juice, sir?
[11:51.03]B:A large orange juice, please.
[11:53.95]A:How would you like your eggs, sir?
[11:56.59]B:Scrambled lightly.
[11:58.84]A:Coffee now or later, sir?
[12:01.87]B:Now, please.
[12:03.41]A:More coffee, sir?
[12:05.73]B:No, thanks. May I have the check, please?
[12:09.65]A:Here you are, sir. Have a nice day.
[12:13.07]B:Where do I pay this?
[12:15.79]A:Please pay the cashier over there.
[12:19.21]In the Hotel Dining Room
[12:20.62]对话2 在旅馆内的餐厅
[12:22.03]A:Good evening, sir. A table for one?
[12:25.17]B:Yes, please.
[12:26.61]A:Would you like a cocktail before dinner?
[12:29.43]B:Yes, I'd like a Tom Collins, please.
[12:33.14]A:Yes, sir.
[12:34.70]A:Here you are, sir. May I take your order now, sir?
[12:38.13]B:Yes, I'll have the roast beef dinner, please.
[12:42.51]A:Will you have an appetizer?
[12:44.97]B:The fruit cup sounds good.
[12:47.84]A:All right. You have a choice of two vegetables with your dinner.
[12:52.81]B:I see. Then, I'll have mashed potatoes and green beans... and I'll have blueberry pie for dessert.
[13:03.23]A:What would you like to drink, sir?
[13:05.92]B:Coffee, please.
[13:07.57]A:With your meal or with dessert?
[13:10.62]B:With dessert, please.
[13:12.92]Useful Expression
[13:15.09]Is this seat taken?
[13:17.47]Bacon and eggs, please.
[13:20.00]Bring me some bacon and eggs, please.
[13:23.42]I guess I'll have some bacon and some toast, please.
[13:26.56]I'd like the number three with three-minute eggs, ham, toast, tomato juice and milk.
[13:35.18]I'd like some coffee, please.
[13:37.79]Coffee, black, and some orange juice, please.
[13:41.94]More water(coffee, tea, butter), please.
[13:46.98]May I have another cup coffee, please?
[13:50.72]A glass of milk, please.
[13:53.07]May I see the menu again, please?
[13:56.73]What do you recommend?
[13:59.24]What's today's special?
[14:02.06]Give me this (the Chef's Special).
[14:05.95]What's the number 5 like?
[14:08.69]Will this take long?
[14:10.57]What can you serve very quickly?
[14:14.07]How do you eat this?
[14:16.42]Waiter, please bring me another fork.
[14:20.32]No more, thank you.
[14:22.75]May I have the bill (check), please?
[14:36.75]French toast
[14:40.51]bread(a slice of)
[14:43.57]bacon (a piece of)
[14:46.70]tea (a cup of, a pot of)
[14:50.91]coffee with cream and sugar
[14:54.25]black coffee
[14:56.52]milk (a glass of)
[15:05.69]grapefruit juice
[15:09.69]orange juice
[15:13.68]tomato juice
[15:17.84]pineapple juice
[15:20.03]vegetable juice
[15:27.95]scrambled eggs
[15:30.06]boiled eggs
[15:32.18]hard-boiled (soft-boiled) eggs
[15:36.38]fried eggs
[15:40.62]poached eggs
[15:42.81]ham and eggs
[15:44.61]bacon and eggs
[15:47.36](5)At the Front Desk
[15:51.48]Model Dialogs
[15:53.76]Dialog 1 A Souvenir Shop
[15:55.55]对话1 纪念品店
[15:57.34]A:Excuse me. I wonder if you could help me. Is there a souvenir shop around here?
[16:05.20]B:Why, yes, sir. There's one three blocks up and two to the left.
[16:10.27]A:What are the prices like?
[16:12.62]B:Quite reasonable, I think, sir.
[16:15.86]Dialog 2 American Handcrafts
[16:17.72]对话2 美国手工艺品
[16:19.59]A:I'd like to see some American handcrafts.
[16:23.17]B:Well, ma'am, the Museum of Contemporary Crafts usually has something interesting.
[16:29.86]A:Where is it?
[16:31.66]B:29 West 53rd Street.
[16:35.32]A:What kinds of things do they have?
[16:38.06]B:Oh, rugs, tapestries, and jewelry are some of the exhibits they've had.
[16:44.30]Dialog 3 Where Is The Last Man Playing?
[16:46.68]对话3 《最后男人》在何处上映?
[16:49.06]A:Excuse me. Can you tell me where The Last Man is playing?
[16:54.52]B:You mean Bertolt Brecht's play, sir?
[16:57.50]A:Yes, that's the one.
[16:59.38]B:It's on at the Living Theater, sir.
[17:02.35]A:Is that on Sixth Avenue?
[17:04.94]B:Yes, Sixth Avenue and 14th Street.
[17:08.75]Dialog 4 Reporting a Robbery
[17:11.09]对话4 盗窃报案
[17:13.43]A:Front desk? I've been robbed.
[17:16.49]B:Are you sure, sir?
[17:17.97]A:Yes. My camera is gone.
[17:21.11]B:All right, sir. I'll call the police.
[17:24.09]A:What should I do now?
[17:25.97]B:Just wait. Please don't touch anything.
[17:29.23]C:When did you leave the hotel this morning?
[17:32.89]A:Between 9:30 and 10:00.
[17:36.55]C:Was anything else taken?
[17:39.76]A:No. The rest of my valuables were in the hotel safe.
[17:44.59]C:Is there any way of identifying your camera?
[17:48.88]A:My name is on the case. Do you think I'll ever get my camera back?
[17:54.57]C:I don't know. We'll try, though. How long do you intend to stay here?
[18:01.34]A:One more day.
[18:03.30]Useful Expression
[18:05.57]Are these many museums in this city?
[18:09.38]Are they open to the public?
[18:12.20]Would you suggest some?
[18:14.56]I'm interested in painting and scuplture.
[18:18.53]What are its hours?
[18:21.43]Could you tell me where the nearest department store is?
[18:25.63]Is there any mail for me?
[18:28.84]Where can I send a telegram?
[18:31.67]I'd like to send a cable to Taiwan.
[18:35.24]How long does it usually take?
[18:38.22]How much will it be?
[18:40.73]Is there any message for me?
[18:43.79]I'd like check my valuables.
[18:46.61]I'm going out now. I should be back around 5 o'clock.
[18:51.91]Would you please hold this luggage until 5 o'clock.
[18:56.67]I left my key in my room.
[18:59.33]What's good on Broadway?
[19:02.59]Is The Last Man still on?
[19:05.81]Where is it playing?
[19:08.63]I'd like two tickets for the Saturday matinee.
[19:13.07]How much does a ticket cost?
[19:15.81]What time does the next (last) movie begin?
[19:21.27]Is the museum open today?
[19:24.62]What time does the department store open(close)?
[19:29.45]Do you know the admission fee for the Museum of Modern Art?
[19:34.67]How much does a movie cost?
[19:37.57]Where Can I see an opera?
[19:40.71]Operas are playing now?
[19:58.89]concert hall
[20:00.93]opera house
[20:02.96]movie theater
[20:09.23](6)At the Cashier
[20:12.45]Model Dialogs
[20:14.41]Dialog 1 Changing NT Dollars into Dollars
[20:16.94]对话1 新台币换成美金
[20:19.47]A:Excuse me. I'd like to change some NT dollars into dollars, please.
[20:26.16]B:How much do you want to change, sir?
[20:29.58]A:Three thousand NT dollars.
[20:33.00]B:All right, sir. I'll have to ask you for your passport, please.
[20:38.39]A:Here it is. What's the exchange rate today?
[20:42.59]B:A dollar is valued at thirty NT dollars, sir.
[20:47.58]B:Well, here you are, sir. Exactly one hundred dollars.
[20:52.49]A:Thank you.
[20:53.75]Dialog 2 Changing a Bill
[20:55.97]对话2 换零钱
[20:58.19]A:Excuse me. Can you change this twenty dollar bill?
[21:03.25]B:Of course, sir. How would you like it?
[21:07.15]A:I'd like three fives and five singles.
[21:11.51]B:Yes, sir.
[21:13.31]B:Here you are. Five, ten, fifteen and five is twenty.
[21:20.08]Dialog 3 Cashing Traveler's Checks
[21:22.30]对话3 兑现旅行支票
[21:24.52]A:Do you cash traveler's checks here?
[21:27.65]B:Yes, sir. Do you have any identification?
[21:32.25]A:Well, I have my passport. Will that do?
[21:36.93]B:Fine. Now, how much you like to change, sir?
[21:41.92]A:Fifty dollars, please.
[21:44.50]B:And how would you like it?
[21:46.85]A:Let me have three tens, two fives and the rest in ones. Oh, could you give me one dollar in small change?
[21:53.17]B:Here you are, sir.
[21:55.21]A:Thank you very much.
[21:58.19]Useful Expression
[22:01.32]I'd like to exchange some NT dollars for dollars, please.
[22:06.08]I'd like to convert some NT dollars into dollars, please.
[22:11.46]What's the exchange rate at the present time?
[22:15.43]Can you break this ten dollar bill?
[22:18.77]I'd like five ones and the rest in quarters, please.
[22:24.16]Can I cash a traveler's check here?
[22:27.50]Well, I have my passport here. Will that do?
[22:32.80]Is that enough?
[22:34.53]Will that be all right?
[22:37.43]Could you give me two dollars of that in small change?
[22:41.71]I'd like to cash this check.
[22:51.98]traveler's check(s)
[22:54.64]a penny; one cent
[22:58.69]a nickel; five cents
[23:02.11]a dime; ten cents
[23:05.77]a quarter; twenty-five cents
[23:09.74]a half dollar; fifty cents
[23:13.79]a silver dollar
[23:16.30]a one dollar bill
[23:19.12]a five dollar bill; a five
[23:23.01]a ten dollar bill; a ten
[23:26.82]a twenty dollar bill; a twenty
[23:30.72](7)Making Telephone Calls
[23:34.92]Model Dialogs
[23:37.04]Dialog 1 I'd Like the Number of a Cliff Topping.
[23:39.88]对话1 查询克里夫·托屏的电话号码
[23:42.73]A:Information. For what city, please?
[23:46.47]B:Columbus, Ohio.
[23:50.62]B:I'd like the number of a Cliff Topping.
[23:54.83]A:How is the last name spelled, please?
[24:03.39]A:Do you know his address, sir?
[24:06.37]B:Yes, 1141 Smith Street.
[24:12.54]A:Just a moment, please.
[24:15.20]A:I have a Topping on Smith Street. The number is 341-4355.
[24:23.14]B:Thank you, operator.
[24:25.34]Dialog 2 Making a Collect Call
[24:27.56]对话2 打对方付费电话
[24:31.42]B:I'd like to make a collect call to Portland, Oregon, but I don't know the number.
[24:38.19]A:Do you have the name and address of the party?
[24:41.25]B:Yes. I do. It's Henry Lu, 451 Madison Drive.
[24:48.40]A:One moment, please... The number is 587-6209. May I have your name, please?
[24:58.43]B:Jim Sang.
[25:00.47]A:And your number, please.
[25:07.73]A:Will this be person-to-person or station-to-station?
[25:14.53]A:Just a moment, please.
[25:17.03]A:This is long distance. I have a collect call for anyone from Jim Sang. Will you accept the charge?
[25:25.60]C:Yes, I will.
[25:27.87]A:Thank you. Go ahead, please.
[25:30.85]Dialog 3 A Person-to-Person call
[25:32.98]对话3 叫人电话
[25:35.11]A:Hello, operator, I'd like to make a long distance call to New York. Person-to-person.
[25:42.50]B:May I have the name of your party?
[25:45.27]A:Jim Han.
[25:47.02]B:And his number?
[25:53.58]B:One moment, sir.
[25:55.64]Dialog 4 An Overseas Phone Call
[25:57.89]对话4 国际电话
[26:00.14]A:Connect me with the overseas operator, please.
[26:04.00]B:Overseas operator.
[26:06.07]A:I'd like to place an overseas call to Taibei Taiwan.
[26:11.34]B:Person-to-person or station-to-station call, sir?
[26:15.68]B:Thank you, sir. Your number, please?
[26:18.84]A:My number is 628-6423.
[26:25.61]B:And your name?
[26:27.36]A:Charlie Han.
[26:29.42]B:Thank you, Mr. Han. Please hang up the receiver and wait. I'll call you back when your party is on the line.
[26:37.52]A:Yes, thank you.
[26:40.21]Dialog 5 Receiving a Local Call
[26:42.38]对话5 接市内电话
[26:45.82]B:Mr. Shen?
[26:48.38]B:There's a call for you from Mr. Brown of J.T.Hot Company.
[26:50.98]B:有个J.T. Hot公司的布朗先生打给你的电话。
[26:53.58]A:Oh, yes. Please put him on. Hello, this is Shen speaking.
[27:00.03]Dialog 6 Making a Local Call
[27:02.09]对话6 打市内电话
[27:04.14]A:World Travel Service. May I help you?
[27:07.14]B:Yes, I'd like to speak to Mr. Wang in the International Department.
[27:12.34]A:Just a moment, please.
[27:14.72]A:I'm sorry, Mr. Wang's line is busy. Will you hold on, please?
[27:21.27]A:Thank you for waiting. I'll connect you.
[27:24.75]B:Thank you. Hello. May I speak to Mr. Wang, please?
[27:29.71]C:I'm sorry, sir, but Mr. Wang is not in right now.
[27:33.89]B:When do you expect him back?
[27:36.66]C:He should be back by three. Would you like to leave a message?
[27:41.26]B:Yes. Would you have him call me back? My name is Shen. I'm at the Drake Hotel, Room 621.
[27:50.92]C:All right, Mr. Shen. I'll give him your message.
[27:54.79]B:Thank you. Goodbye.
[27:58.68]Useful Expression
[28:01.29]Can you give me the number of a Mr. Henry Guo, please.
[28:05.94]Do you have a number listed for a Mr. Robert A. Brown in Manhattan?
[28:12.16]I'm trying to locate the number of a Mr. Henry Guo.
[28:17.44]I believe he lives on Smith Street.
[28:20.91]I'm not quite sure, but I think he lives on King Street.
[28:26.66]Give me long distance, please.
[28:29.11]Long distance, please, person-to-person.
[28:32.82]Operator, I'd like to make a collect call, please.
[28:36.61]Operator, I'd like to call Taibei, please. Station-to-station.
[28:42.36]Hello, is this Mr. Brown?
[28:45.13]Who's calling (speaking), please?
[28:48.44]This is Mr. Shen at the Tower Hotel.
[28:52.23]This is Mr. Shen speaking.
[28:55.31]I'd like to speak to Mr. Brown, please.
[28:58.79]Is Mr. Thomas in?
[29:01.56]Hold on, please.
[29:04.01]When will  he be back?
[29:06.47]Please tell him Mr. Shen called.
[29:09.86]Please ask him to call me back.
[29:13.10]This is an emergency call.
[29:15.87]Please connect me with the police station.
[29:19.58]Extension 947, please.
[29:22.74]I'm sorry, I have the wrong number.
[29:26.76]I'm afraid you have the wrong number.
[29:30.00]Call me at the hotel tonight.
[29:33.32]I'll call you in the morning.
[29:36.32]Give me room service (the front desk).
[29:39.88]Why don't you call me at the hotel tonight?
[29:45.65]telephone directory; phone book
[29:49.20]yellow pages
[29:53.02]local call
[29:55.00]long distance
[29:57.22]overseas call
[29:59.29]person-to-person call
[30:01.98]station-to-station call
[30:04.59]collect call
[30:06.57]toll call
[30:08.40]pay phone; public telephone
[30:12.03]phone booth
[30:15.77]extension phone
[30:17.99]extension number
[30:20.29]area code
[30:22.43]telephone number
[30:24.42]dial tone
[30:26.32]busy signal
[30:30.53]long distance operator
[30:33.61]overseas operator
[30:36.46](8)Valet Service
[30:39.62]Model Dialogs
[30:41.76]Dialog 1 Having Shirts Laundered
[30:43.63]对话1 送洗衬衣
[30:45.50]A:I'd like to have this laundry done.
[30:48.66]B:Yes, sir. Just write your name and room number here. Is there any rush?
[30:54.64]A:There's no rush for the shirts, but I need the underwear as soon as possible.
[31:01.01]B:All right. You can pick it up at five. We'll send the rest up to your room Thursday morning.
[31:07.54]Dialog 2 Having a Stain Removed
[31:09.40]对话2 去掉污点
[31:11.25]A:I spilled something on this suit. Can you get it out?
[31:15.98]B:Well, I don't know. Do you know what it is?
[31:19.54]A:Yes, it's gravy. I spilled it last night.
[31:24.73]B:I think we can get it out. I'll make it "Special Service Required".
[31:30.32]Dialog 3 Cleaning and Pressing
[31:32.18]对话3 烫洗衣物
[31:34.03]A:Valet service.
[31:35.78]B:This is Mr. He in Room 5124. I have somethings to be cleaned and pressed. Can you send someone up to get them?
[31:48.45]A:Yes, sir. Right away.
[31:50.91]Dialog 4 24 Hour Service and Express Service
[31:53.70]对话4 24小时服务和快速服务
[31:56.50]A:Valet service.
[31:58.41]B:Come in. I'd like to have this suit drycleaned. And I want to have these trousers pressed.
[32:06.11]A:How soon do you need these things?
[32:09.35]B:I want the suit by check-out time tomorrow. But I need the trousers by 5:30 this evening.
[32:18.31]A:All right, sir. I'll mark the trousers "Express". And the suit will be ready with our 24 hour service.
[32:27.19]B:Will you bring the things to the room?
[32:30.12]A:Yes, sir.
[32:31.95]Dialog 5 Picking Up the Laundry
[32:33.72]对话5 取衣物
[32:35.50]A:Hello. Is my laundry ready? Here's my slip.
[32:39.68]B:Just a moment, please. I'll check.
[32:42.68]B:Yes, it's ready. Here you are, sir.
[32:45.69]A:How much do I owe you?
[32:48.30]B:Four dollars and fifty cents, sir.
[32:51.07]A:Here you are, four dollars and fifty cents.
[32:55.33]Useful Expression
[32:57.55]Can I get this laundry done today by any chance?
[33:01.88]I wonder if I can get this laundry done in a hurry.
[33:05.91]I'm checking out at 4 P.M. on Friday. Can you have these finished by then?
[33:12.98]How soon can you have these shirts ready?
[33:16.22]Could I have this jacket dry-cleaned?
[33:19.23]Does it take long?
[33:21.37]How much time will it take?
[33:24.14]This button came off. Can you sew it on, please?
[33:28.71]Can you fix this broken zipper?
[33:31.71]Can you get this stain out of my tie?
[33:35.19]Can you mend this rip in my jacket?
[33:40.57]laundry bag
[33:42.32]laundry list
[33:45.90]sport shirt
[33:49.40]suit coat
[33:56.40]trousers; pants
[34:08.42]evening dress
[34:10.40]cocktail dress
[34:16.93]laundry bill (stub, slip, ticket)
[34:21.97]regular service
[34:24.27]express service
[34:26.57](9)Checking Out
[34:29.34]Model Dialogs
[34:31.25]Dialog 1 Paying Your Bill
[34:32.87]对话1 付帐
[34:34.49]A:Good morning. I'd like to check out now, please. My name is Shen.
[34:40.78]B:May I have your key, sir?
[34:43.24]A:Yes, sorry. I have it right here.
[34:47.18]B:One moment, please, Mr. Shen.
[34:49.87]B:Yes, Mr. Shen, you bill comes to a total of $145.00.
[34:55.78]A:Do you accept traveler's checks?
[34:58.70]B:Yes, of course, sir.
[35:00.85]A:Then, please take the hotel bill out of this, and will you cash a additional $50.00 check, please?
[35:09.10]B:Yes, sir. How would you like it?
[35:11.63]A:Four tens and the rest in ones, please.
[35:16.13]B:There you are, sir. And here's your receipt.
[35:19.68]A:Thank you very much. I've had a very nice stay here.
[35:24.49]Dialog 2 Extending Your Stay
[35:26.62]对话2 延长住宿
[35:28.74]A:Hello, I'm Mr. Xu in Room 503.
[35:33.55]B:Yes, Mr. Xu. What can I do for you?
[35:36.95]A:Well, I have to stay in Los Angeles longer than I planned. And I'd like to keep my room, if that's possible.
[35:47.24]B:I see. Well, I think that can be arranged, Mr. Xu. How many more days do you expect to stay?
[35:56.67]A:Just one, I think. But I'm not sure.
[36:01.40]B:All right. Then, just let me know as soon as your plans are definite.
[36:07.14]A:Thank you very much.
[36:09.36]Useful Expression
[36:11.90]I'm checking out now. Will you send someone for my baggage, please?
[36:16.94]I'd like to pay my bill now, please. I'm checking out early tomorrow morning.
[36:22.92]Would you get my bill ready?
[36:25.38]Do you accept American Express Charge Cards?
[36:29.09]Will you take a check?
[36:31.31]Can I use a Dinners Card?
[36:34.31]Do you honor Master Charge Cards?
[36:37.63]Does this amount include the service charge?
[36:45.02]forwarding address
[36:47.32]credit card
[36:49.07]bell captain; head bellboy
[36:53.56]service charge