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I’m Nicole Lapin at the CNN center in Atlanta. Here’s a look at what’s happening now in the news.

Cleanup is under way across many parts of Georgia as the state recovers from deadly flooding. Major highways all around Atlanta are now back open, but look at this, days and days of flooding have resulted to high waters. Most students in the Atlanta metro area are back in class today though, after getting a rain day as schools try to clean up. But schools in a few Georgia counties still remain closed.

And fresh wild fires are spreading and even threatening hundreds of homes in the southern California area. The fire which is
in Ventura County has burned 85,00 acres. Governor Arnold Schwarsenegger decared a state of emergency there. Emergency crews say that hundreds of structures are threatened. The fire is only 10% contained.

Parts of an Australian turned red, ur, all of Australia turned red I should say, when a dust storm, look at this, a picked-up throughout this, southern part of the country. House officials are warning with, ur, for people with asthma and heart conditions stay indoors, wear masks like that. Ambulance services say that they’ve received a lot of calls involving people with breathing problems already.

Also a safety warning out today that could have connections to the deadly airplane crash. European safety experts have issued a warning on part of the airbus 8330 and 8340.And the part measures air speed and a faulty one could have played a role in the Air France flight that killed 228 people in June. Airbus says that the parts are in limited use.

Gas prices are slightly lower today. Turbulay are now reporting the national average for a gallon of self-serve regular unleaded is 2.54 dollars. That is down four tenth of a cent from just yesterday. Last time, this year, ur, last year at this time, I should say, you remember this, prices for a gallon of self-serve regular were just under 3.73 dollars a gallon. So what
a difference a year makes.

Those are the headlines at this hour, for more on those stories and other news of the day, CNN is always your source on line, on TV or on your cellphone.