[00:04.30]2 台风
[00:08.59]A/Talk about the photos about the storm.
[00:14.12]A/说一下关于 暴风雨的图片。
[00:19.64]Typhoon Signal No.8 hoisted
[00:27.69]Black Rainstorm Warning
[00:34.46]a landslide
[00:40.70]a flood
[00:45.14]a shelter
[00:50.10]a rescue team
[00:55.56]There is a landslide.
[01:02.01]There is a flood.
[01:07.37]B  Charlie has brought home some information from the Observatory.
[01:14.63]Act the children.Talk about what to do in bad weather.
[01:40.08]We bring in plants if there's a number 3 signal.
[01:52.85]If there's a Black Rainstorm Warning,we stay inside.
[02:04.68]Staying safe in bad weather
[02:18.58]Typhoon No.3
[02:29.60]Listen to/Watch the weather report
[02:39.27]Bring in plants.
[02:45.80]Typhoon No.8
[02:51.73]Stay home from school.
[02:58.60]Lock all windows and doors
[03:05.97]Stay away from windows.
[03:13.33]Red Rainstorm Warning
[03:20.10]Black Rainstorm Warning
[03:26.97]Stay home from school.
[03:34.33]Stay inside.
[03:39.90]Thunderstorm Warning
[03:43.45]Do not swim.
[03:48.70]Now you do the rest
[03:55.47]C  Officer Chan and Officer Wu
[04:01.71]have to work during a typhoon.Act the officers.
[04:22.87]1 There's a flood.We meed to clear the drains.
[04:29.06]1 那里有洪灾,我们要清理排水沟。
[04:35.25]2 A sign is hanging dangerously from a building.
[04:38.94]2 有个招牌在一幢外面很危险,
[04:42.62]We need to take it down.
[04:56.49]D  Reading
[05:03.33]Rescue services worked hard in typhoon
[05:14.38]by Sandy Chow
[05:17.06]Sandy Chow报道
[05:19.74]This year's fifth typhoon hit Hong Kong yesterday.
[05:30.68]The number 8 signal was hoisted at 7 a.m.
[05:39.44]The rescue services were busy all day.
[05:48.40]In the morning
[05:51.35]they spent five hours looking for two windsurfers in Tolo Harbour.
[06:06.50]They used three helicopters and twenty men.
[06:17.16]Finally they found thewindsurfers.
[06:27.00]They were sheltering on an island in the harbour.
[06:36.77]At Shek O a group of surfers went into the water after the red flag was hoisted
[06:52.03]If the red flag is hoisted,
[06:55.87]it is dangerous to go into the water but the surfers took no notice.
[07:11.02]The lifeguard had to stay on the beach in case there was an accident.
[07:23.06]Later he told us,'The waves were the highest I've ever seen.
[07:36.41]Those surfers were really crazy.'
[07:43.78]In Tsim Sha Tsui the police had to warn people to stay away from the harbour.
[07:57.23]One of the policemen said,'A huge wave knocked a rubbish bin into the water
[08:11.00]It was lucky that it wasn't a person.'
[08:23.43]Dear Sir,
[08:26.38]I think people are very selfish if they go out in a typhoon just to have fun
[08:40.62]The rescue services have to spend time looking after them.
[08:51.28]This costs the government a lot of money.
[08:59.74]People should stay at home during a typhoon.
[09:09.30]Mabel Lee North Point
[09:13.48]住在北角的Mabel Lee上
[09:17.66]E  Answer the questions about the passage in complete sentences.
[09:32.21]1 What dangerous things do people do in typhoons?
[09:39.29]1 人们在台风的时候会 做什么危险的事呢?
[09:46.37]2 How long did the police spend looking for the windsurfers?
[09:53.95]2 警察花了多不时间去营救那两个玩帆板的人?
[10:01.52]3 Where were the windsurfers found?
[10:12.15]4 Who looks after people at a beach?
[10:18.58]4 谁负责在沙滩注意 人们的安全的?
[10:25.01]5 What does the red flag mean?
[10:30.39]5 挂起红旗代表什么呢?
[10:35.77]6 Find a word in paragraph 4 that means'very big'.
[10:43.64]6 在第四段找出一个意思是‘很大的’词。
[10:51.52]7 What did a wave knock into to harbour in Tsim Sha Tsui?
[10:58.35]7 在尖沙咀的浪卷了什么到海里面。
[11:05.18]8 Do you agree with the writer of the letter?What is your opinion?
[11:22.42]F  The Chows are talking about what to do in a typhoon.Act the people.
[11:38.91]There's a typhoon in the South China Sea.
[11:44.05]It may come closer to Hong Kong.
[11:54.40]1 If there's a numbers 3 signal,we need to check the drains.
[12:07.85]2 We need to bring in all our plants if there's a number 3 signal.