[00:51.07]A Look at the calendar When are these festivals?
[00:54.74]看这些日历 这些节日是哪个月份的呀?
[00:58.41]What do we do at these festivals?
[01:12.78]January New year 1st
[01:18.30]一月份 新历新年
[01:23.83]February Chinese New year Valentine's Day 14th
[01:31.40]二月 农历新年 情人节
[01:38.98]March April
[01:43.60]三月 四月
[01:48.23]easter Ching ming festival
[01:53.66]复活节 清明节
[01:59.09]May June
[02:03.22]五月 六月
[02:07.35]Dragon Boat Pestival July
[02:11.97]端午节 七月
[02:16.59]August September
[02:21.11]八月 九月
[02:25.63]Mid-Autumn Festival October
[02:30.41]中秋节 十月
[02:35.19]November December Christmas 25th
[02:42.42]十一月 十二月 圣诞节
[02:49.64]Dragon Boat Festival is in June.We watch dragon boat races.
[03:04.19]Valentine's Day is in February.
[03:12.31]We send roses and cards to the people love.
[03:23.36]Picture 1 send roses and cards
[03:29.88]图一 送玫瑰花和情人卡
[03:36.40]Picture 2 visit graves
[03:40.98]图二 扫坟
[03:45.57]Picture 3 watch dragon boat race
[03:51.09]图三 看赛龙周比赛
[03:56.62]Picture 4 watch fireworks
[04:01.68]图四 看烟花
[04:06.75]B Tom is telling Beeno about festivals in Hongkong,Act Tom.
[04:12.53]TOM告诉BEENO 有关香港的节日.扮演TOM.
[04:18.30]here are the answer
[04:33.74]1 Valentine's Day is on 14th February.
[04:47.09]We send roses and cards to the people we love.
[04:59.83]2 Christmas Day is on 25th December.we give presents.
[05:19.58]3 We eat chocolate eggs at Easter.
[05:26.06]3 在复活节,我们吃巧克力蛋.
[05:32.54]4 We get lucky money at Chinese New Year.
[05:40.51]4 在农历新年,我们有红包.
[05:48.47]5 Dragon Boat Festival is in June.we watch dragon boat races.
[06:05.92]6 Mother's Day is in May.We give flowers.
[06:21.75]7 Ching Ming Festival is in spring.we visit graves.
[06:38.29]8 Mid-Autumn Festival is in autumn.We eat moon cakes.
[06:54.96]C The chlidren are talking about festivals in HongKong.
[07:02.19]What are they saying.
[07:15.64]Here are some examples
[07:19.59]Picture 1 I like Christmas very much.
[07:19.59]I like getting presents and singing christmas carols.
[07:30.25]Picture 2 I quite like Mid-Autumn Festival.
[07:42.18]I like eating moon cakes but I don't like burning candles.
[07:56.63]Picture 3 I don't like Dragon Boat Festival very much.
[08:11.36]I don't like sitting in the hot sun or watching dragon boat races.
[08:25.50]Now you try
[08:29.54]What do you like and what don't you like doing at these festivals?
[08:44.59]D Reading:TRICK OR TREAT
[08:57.23]Some people celebrate a very old festivbl on 31st October.
[09:05.70]It is called Halloween.
[09:17.95]In the past, people believed that ghosts
[09:23.49]and witches came out to play on the last day of autumn.
[09:37.85]They believed that witches could do magic
[09:47.89]At Halloween people have parties and play games.
[09:58.94]They dressup as ghosts and witches.
[10:07.87]Witches wear black clothes and tall hats.
[10:13.83]They ride on broomsticks.
[10:25.19]There is a special Halloween game call'Trick or treat'.
[10:38.75]Children go to their neighbours'house at night and ring the bell.
[10:51.28]When their neighbours open the door,
[10:56.25]the children say,'Trick or treat?'
[11:07.79]If the neighbours do not give them sweets.
[11:13.65]They children play trick on them.
[11:24.51]Perhaps they return later and ring the bell.
[11:29.95]Then they run away.
[11:41.20]At Halloween we can buy cards and stickers
[11:52.36]In the supermarket we can buy a large pumpkin.
[12:02.70]We can take out islde of the pumpkin
[12:07.88]and cut holes in the skin to make eyes and a mouth
[12:21.72]We can put a candle inside
[12:26.87]so that the pumpkin looks like a frightening face.
[12:39.93]Have you ever dressed up at Halloween?
[12:48.37]If you play'Trick or treat',
[12:52.52]you must always go in a group or with an older person.
[13:08.98]Never go inside people's houses.
[13:16.84]You can have fun at Halloween
[13:19.46]在万圣节,你可以玩得 开开心心,
[13:22.09]but you must think about your safety too.
[13:34.94]Have you ever dresse up in a costume?
[13:40.90]What did you wear? Did you enjoy it?
[13:54.95]E Answer the questions about the passage.
[14:06.29]1 When is halloween?
[14:15.75]2 What do people do at Halloween?
[14:21.48]2 在万圣节人们做些 什么?
[14:27.21]3 What do witches wear
[14:33.39]3 巫婆穿什么衣服的呀?
[14:39.57]4 What special game do children play on halloween night?
[14:55.11]5 Find one word in the passagae which is a 'treat'.
[15:03.24]5 在这段文章里找一个小孩子们可以在万圣节得到的好东西
[15:11.36]6 How do people play tricks at Halloween?
[15:18.09]6 这些人在万圣节会怎么样捉弄人呢?
[15:24.81]7 What do people use to make a frightening face at Halloween?
[15:32.34]7 在万圣节,人们用什么做成恐怖的脸呀?
[15:39.86]8 For your safety,what should or shouldn't you do at Halloween?
[16:01.28]Look at the tille of the passage on page 4
[16:07.52]and the first sentence again.
[16:12.07]They help you to guess what the passage is about.
[16:30.30]Now look at the title and the first sentence of the following passage
[16:38.87]Which special day do you think the passage is about?
[16:54.41]A special day
[17:01.47]Every year we say' thank you'to our mothers...
[17:07.45]每年我们都会对妈妈说 '谢谢'
[17:13.43]It is about mothers day.
[17:21.48]Now read the rest of the passage to see if you are right.
[17:34.22] We do this on a special day called Mother's Day.
[17:45.77]It is always on a Sunday.
[17:53.14]We give our mothers cards and presents.
[18:03.27]The most popular presents are flowers and chocolates.
[18:14.11]We also help our mothers with the housework.
[18:23.75]We often take them out for a meal in a restaurant
[18:29.89]so that they do not have to cook for the family.
[18:41.65]F You are going to make a book about festivals in Hong Kong.
[18:52.70]Look at the calendar with your friend.
[18:58.16]Write the dates of these festivals for this year.
[19:16.81]Dragon Boat Festival is in June.
[19:26.94]It's on the twenty-fifth of June
[19:36.08]Look at the dates of the festivals.
[19:41.94]On the contents page of your book write the names of the festivals
[19:49.28]in the order of their dates.
[20:05.13]Read these sentences about the festivals.
[20:10.49]Match them with the festivals on the contents page.
[20:17.44]Write the numbers in the boxes.here are the answers
[20:37.50]It is the time when we celebrate the beginning of the lunar new year
[20:50.95]Children like getting red packets very much at this festival.
[21:05.21]It is the time when Jesus Christ died and came back to life.
[21:18.15]It is the day when we remember our dead relatives.
[21:30.89]It is the day when the poet Wat Yuen died.
[21:43.14]It is the day when people enjoy looking at the full moon in autumn
[21:56.99]It is the birthday of Jesus Christ.