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This is everyday life for Tracy and Pam Norrell, tending to their chickens on their small farm in Burleson."Ordinary barn, ordinary chicken, ordinary coop." But on Monday, they say the ordinary became the extraordinary.

 It’s something that Norwell have been doing for years, raising chickens and gathering their eggs. But it was one particular egg laid by this particular chicken that caught their eye. "There was, just like a miracle." Clearly imprinted on the top of one of these eggs what appears to be a small cross.

 "Nobody decorated it, nobody did anything to it. I think God did it" Pam Norwell calls it her holy egg and says there is a deeper meaning behind the unique treasure laid before her. "At this time of the year, we so take up with presents, you know, money, we forget about and the reason. And I think he was just telling us now I'm the reason for the season."

She is now sharing that message with others. "When I open this box and they look down. It’s like opening the best Christmas present you could ever open. And such a small little thing can bring a lot of happiness. I’ve seen a lot of miracles, but just not quite as this one."

You can call it a miracle or a mistake, but the small wonder is hatching hope and has renewed the faith of at least one North Texas family, just in time for Christmas.