CNN 2009-12-28(在线收听

As you know, Christmas is a day Christians celebrate the birth of Christ. Well, this morning we thought we show you how people in Bethlehem, Beijing and London were getting ready for this special day. First to the West Bank.

 I am Paula Hancocks in Bethlehem, where some 15,000 visitors are here to celebrate Christmas eve. Now there is a very festive feel to this West Bank town. There will be marching bands and groups of schoolchildren in scouts coming through Major Square all day against the musical back drop of the Church of the Nativity.

 This is built upon the site where Jesus is traditionally believed to have been born. Now many Christians have come from all over the world to celebrate here today a very rare day when politics and the conflicts is put on the back burner. And also here in major square, we have a rock band(s), now for the more conservative Christians, this is not what they would like to see. Next to the church. Such as an active difference to the occasion. There also will be silent nights.