[00:02.49]第二十一单元 谁拿了这些钱?
[00:04.99]Lesson 81 1 Reading comprehension
[00:08.62]第八十一课 1阅读理解
[00:12.25]Read the text fast to find answers to these questions.
[00:18.00]1 Who is going to get the money?
[00:20.18]1 谁将会去拿钱?
[00:22.36]2 Who visited the detective and why?
[00:25.14]2 谁去拜访这位侦探,为什么?
[00:32.37]J.J.Coal stopped his work on a report, put down his cigar
[00:38.92]and went to the door to greet his new customer.
[00:43.18]A handsome young man of about thirty stepped into the Washington office
[00:49.42]of the famous detective.
[00:52.98]"Good morning,Mr Coal.
[00:56.03]I hear that you are one of the best detectives in the capital.
[01:01.00]Well,I have a problem""So how can I help you?" asked the detective.
[01:08.36]"My name's Tom Goode,by the way.My aunt,Mrs Flower,died three weeks ago.
[01:16.62]Her husband had built up a large business during his lifetime,
[01:22.08]and when he died ten years ago in 1989 he lift all his money to his wife.
[01:29.94]"So your aunt was a wealthy woman?"
[01:33.78]"That's right.And she's left about $4 million in her will“
[01:40.94]to her husband's daughter by his first marriage.
[01:45.69]The young woman's name is Calre Flower.She was born in 1966.
[01:53.74]She left home when she was eighteen
[01:57.71]and has lived in Los Angeles for the past fifteen years.
[02:02.98]She didn't visit her step-mother much,
[02:06.93]though I believe that they used to speak on the phone from time to time.
[02:12.39]None of the family apart from her father and my aunt have seen her since.
[02:18.55]"When my aunt was buried,Clare turned up at the service,”
[02:23.91]and afterwards stayed for tea
[02:27.67]while the family's lawyer explained how my aunt's money was to be divided up.
[02:33.84]In fact it all goes to Clare.
[02:38.20]I was speaking to her about my aunt,
[02:42.14]and mentioned that my aunt had been very sad ever since Klegg died,
[02:48.10]and said to her,'Of course,you know how important Klegg was to her.'
[02:54.65]And Clare said,'Did they use to go out a lot together,
[03:00.53]you know,for meals and to concerts and the cinema?'
[03:05.78]I managed to hide my surprise when I answered,
[03:10.43]because Klegg,you see,was my aunt's pet dog.
[03:16.00]The point is,Clare didn't even seem to know about my aunt's dog Klegg.
[03:23.86]And I know that they wrote to each other and spoke on the phone,

[03:28.72]even if they didn't often see each other.
[03:32.87]"So what do you want me to do?" asked the detective.
[03:37.84]"I want you to check out this Clare Flower
[03:42.51]and see that she has the right to get my aunt's money,
[03:47.37]because something somewhere smells funny.
[03:52.62]Coal nodded. "OK.I can do that.
[03:58.47]First,I'll need some information about Clare.
[04:03.04]For a start,how old was she when her father married again?
[04:08.50]"He married my aunt in 1971,so Clare would have been five years old."
[04:17.46]"I see.Maybe there are some things among your aunt's papers,
[04:23.63]like Clare's school reports,old photographs,and so on.
[04:29.48]Can you go through them and give me whatever you find?
[04:34.02]I'll also need a list of all your
[04:38.28]and her relations' addresses and telephone numbers.
[04:43.25]I also need your permission to speak to the family lawyer about this matter.
[04:49.31]Lesson 82 1 Reading comprehension
[04:52.49]第八十二课 1阅读理解
[04:55.68]Read the text fast to find answers to these questions.
[05:01.24]1 What happens to "Clare," and why?
[05:03.92]1 克莱尔发生什么事? 为什么?
[05:06.60]2 Who gets the money in the end?
[05:08.98]2 最后谁得到了这笔钱?
[05:15.79]Seven weeks later,there was a meeting at the lawyer's office.
[05:20.94]Present at the meeting were Calre Flower,
[05:25.07]Tom Goode,the lawyer and the detective,
[05:30.42]who was introduced to everyone as the lawyer's assistant.
[05:35.28]There was another unknown man.
[05:40.04]When everyone had taken his/her place,the lawyer spoke as follows.
[05:46.51]"Mrs Flower's house has now been sold.”
[05:51.16]It only remains for me to pass all the money that she had to the right person.
[05:57.64]Will Clare Flower please step forward?
[06:01.90]The young woman stood up and stepped forward.
[06:06.16]"Your name is Clare Flower?""It is."
[06:11.80]Mrs Flower directed that all the money that
[06:16.35]belonged to her should come to you.
[06:20.71]Here is a cheque for $4,725,466.
[06:30.09]Please sign here to show that you have received the money."
[06:35.05]Clare took the pen and added her signature,saying
[06:40.09]"Good.That is all correct.
[06:44.06]"No,it isn't," said the detective suddenly
[06:48.71]He turned to the young lady.
[06:52.37]"You have signed your name'Clare Flower'but that is not your name."
[06:59.13]"Yes,it is,"she said."And who are you,anyway?"

[07:04.18]"My name is J.J.Coal Private Detectice.
[07:09.22]And this man is a police officer.
[07:13.19]You have tried to get Mrs Flower's money by taking a false name.
[07:19.04]Your name is Hope Darwin," said the detective.”
[07:24.19]Turning to the rest of the group,he continued.
[07:28.55]"You met Clare at university in Los Angeles,
[07:33.12]and later you shared a flat with Clare for five years.
[07:38.08]Then Clare fell ill after a holiday in Mexico,
[07:43.33]and you knew she was going to die.
[07:47.38]You knew her step-mother was rich and you suddenly had a bright idea.
[07:53.34]If you could pretend to be Clare,
[07:57.10]you would be able to get the money instead.
[08:01.18]Fortunately,you knew that Clare had not seen any of her family for many years,
[08:07.34]apart from her step-mother.
[08:10.81]It was unlikely that
[08:14.16]any of them would know the difference between the two of you.
[08:19.02]Perhaps you will explain to this police officer
[08:23.48]why you changed the colour of your hair to dark brown two months ago?
[08:30.01]"I'm allowed to change the colour of my hair," she said angrily.
[08:35.66]"Yes,but you're not allowed to sign your name Clare Flower
[08:41.51]if your name is Hope Darwin.
[08:45.27]He turned to the police officer.
[08:48.72]"I watched Hope secretly for a week,
[08:52.87]and I even paid a visit to her at work.
[08:56.95]I had several photographs of Clare Flower,
[09:01.31]and I picked out one interesting photograph of Clare aged twelve
[09:07.08]in an art class at school.
[09:10.61]"Don't tell me that
[09:13.85]all this is because of a photograph taken when I was twelve.
[09:19.70]A lot of things can change over twenty-one years.
[09:24.53]"Yes,but one thing is most unlikely to change.
[09:30.38]Just now we all watched you sign to show that you had received the cheque.
[09:36.26]You are left-handed,but in this photograph
[09:41.51]you will see that the young girl is painting with her right hand.
[09:46.76]People change,
[09:49.82]but they don't suddenly change
[09:53.29]from being right-handed to being left-handed.
[09:57.55]When the police officer had taken away Hope Darwin,
[10:02.41]Tom Goode turned to the lawyer.
[10:06.07]"Now we know that Clare Flower is dead,”
[10:10.22]does that mean the money will now come to me?
[10:14.48]After all,I am the only one of my aunt's relations still alive.
[10:20.54]He was smiling hopefully.The lawyer was brief and to the point

[10:28.30]"No.Your aunt did foresee that Ms Flower might die before her.
[10:35.95]She instructed in her will that if that were to happen,
[10:41.41]all the money should go to an organization for helping the blind
[10:47.08]called "Helping Hand".
[10:51.02]So,to answer your question,you get nothing.