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老友记 第四季 03 The One with the Cuffs

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    The One With The 'Cuffs1本集简介:
    Chandler and Joey try to make due with patio2 furniture and a canoe as their only furnishings. Chandler bumps into Joanna (Rachel's boss) and they go out again... and end up having quite a fling; while sneaking3 into Joanna's office, Rachel finds Chandler half naked and hand-cuffed to a chair. Monica caters4 her mother's party and "pulls a Monica" when she loses a fake nail in one of the quiches. A salesman tries to sell Joey encyclopedias5, but Joey just can't afford a whole set.
    4-03-1我明白了故事梗概一天,Joey 的 apartment 里来了一位 salesman,这个人上来就问他:Are you the decision maker6 ot thehouse?这句话问得很有技巧,碰巧被问的人是Joey;Joey 还没缓过劲儿来,这个人已经进门了。原来这个salesman 是推销百科全书(encyclopedia)的,这人问了Joey 一个问题,可谓一针见血,说到了他的痛处。他问:Do your triends evey have a conversation and you just nod along even though you're not really sure what they're talking about? Joey的脑子中马上浮现出一个接一个的片段,全是他跟着人家乱点头,其实,他根本不知道人家在谈什么。
    这个人终于说服了Joey,不过 Joey能买得起吗?
    Joey: Wow! There's a lot I didn't know about vomit7. (The duck comes to the door of the bathroom, quacking8.) (To the duck) In a minute. (The duck goes back into the bathroom.)The Salesman: So, what do you say, Joey? You get the whole set of encyclopedias for twelve hundred dollars, which works out to just 50 bucks9 a book!
    Joey: Twelve hundred dollars? You think I have $1200? I'm home in the middle of the day, and I got patio furniture in my living room. I guess there's a few things you don't get from book learnin?
    The Salesman: Well ah, what can you swing?
    Joey: How about zero down and zero a month for a long, long time?
    The Salesman: You don抰 have, anything?
    Joey: You wanna see what I got? (He gets up to empty out his pockets) Okay? I抳e got a baby Tootsie Roll, a movie stub, keys, a Kleenex, a rock, and an army man. Hey!
    The Salesman: Okay, I-I get the picture. Uh, thanks, for your time. (Starts to leave)Joey: And a 50. (The salesman stops suddenly) Huh, these must be Chandler抯 pants.
    The Salesman: For 50 bucks, you can get one book! What will it be? A? B? C?
    讲解推销员首先问 Joey 是否知道 Van Gogh (梵高),接着问Pope (罗马教皇)住在哪里? Joey 回答说:“In the woods.”,但是他马上意识到自己可能回答错了,就给自己解围,说:No wait—wait,that's the joke answer.事实上,Pope 住在 Vatican City (梵蒂冈城)。如此这般后,推销员的结论是:You need these books.Zero Down 即 Zero Down Mortgage,是指“无首期贷款”。Joey 从口袋中掏出的Tootsie Roll 是美国一种著名的巧克力太妃糖,Kleenex 是卫生纸的一个品牌(克里内克丝面巾纸),中文商标是“舒洁”,它是金佰利公司旗下的世界知名品牌,现在可以称得上是卫生纸的代名词。
    What can you swing是指“你能负担多少?”swing在这里是个及物动词,表示to manage or arrange successfully,即“应付得来,成功安排”,例如swing a deal就有“做成一笔买卖”的意思。
    I get the picture.是指“我明白是怎么回事了”。问句就可以是:Do you get the picture?
    显然,get the picture 是指“明白”的意思,picture 这里并非指“照片、图片”;英语中表示“明白”的词或短语还有“I see.”、“I got it.”、“I've got it.”、“I get you.”、“I understand”、“I see your point.”等等。Get the Picture 还曾经是20世纪90年代在美国电视节目中流行的一档节目。
    4-03-2 Monica 不受妈妈的信任故事梗概Monice 的妈妈(Geller 太太)要开一个 Party,Monica 负责供应食物。Gellet 太太担心 Monica 会咬指甲,所以力荐 Monica 戴上假指甲,谁知等 Phoebe 发现的时候,只剩九个指甲。原来,她不小心将假指甲掉在了某个乳蛋饼(quiche cup)里了。Monica 本想在父母面前好好表现一下,但现在知道自己又闯了祸.生怕母亲知道了会气疯(treak out),于是直接向母亲交待了这件事……Mrs. Geller: (entering) (to Monica) Honey, don't bite your nails.
    Monica: Okay ah, please don't freak out. Umm, but ah, there's a blue fingernail in one of the quiche cups, and there's no way to know which one.
    Phoebe: And! Whoever finds it wins the prize!
    Mrs. Geller: (laughs) I'm not freaking out.
    Monica: Then why are you laughing?
    Mrs. Geller: It's nothing, it's just that now your Father owes me five dollars.
    讲解Monica 的妈妈向来对 Monica 没有信心,就连这次 Monica 为她供应食物她也不放心。她早就和 Monica 的父亲打了赌,赌的正是 Monica 一定会搞砸,这不,果然是妈妈赢了,所以她感到很高兴。不过,Monica 一定气坏了。
    reak 这个词的使用频率很高,指“反复无常;怪人;怪事”等。例如,有一次,Ross 买了一条新皮裤 (leather pants),Chandler 很反对,不过Chandler 在大家面前一致配合说这条皮裤很好,不过 Chandler 一出门,当Ross问:Seriously,what do you think?
    Joey:You look like a,freak.Rachel:Awful,absolutely awful.Phoebe and Monica 也给了一些否定性的评价 (negative comments)。
    freaky 则指“畸形的;奇怪的”。在拉斯维加斯时,Joey 突然惊喜地发现有一个人的手和自己的一模一样 (identical hands twin),并且开心地认为这会带来无限商机。Joey 说:This is Vegas man! People will pay to see,freaky stuff! Okay, how much would you pay to see this hand (Holds up his left hand) twice? Chandler 顿了顿后说:Y'know,I—I can't really put a price on that Joe.而 freak out 则是指“发疯、发脾气”,’有时 out 可以省略,直接说:She is going to freak.(她要发脾气了。) Friends 第四季第18集中,有一次,Rachel 和 Joshua 在房间约会,共进晚餐时,Joey 的宠物鸡和鸭的出现让Joshua很不自在。Joshua 马上站了起来,并躲得远远的。他说:Is there ah,is there some way they can not be here.It's just ah,farm birds really kinda freak me out! (有什么方法能让它们不在这儿吗? 这些家禽真的有些让我发疯!)还有一次,感恩节快到了,Joey 在头上套了一个huge turkey,他本想吓唬吓唬(scare) Chandler,没想到火鸡却卡在了他的头上,取不下来了。这时,Phoebe说:Oh my God! Monica's gonna totally freak out!(哦,天呐! Monica 会气疯的!) 因为将人装扮成动物的情形是Monica最受不了的事情。(It's her pet peeve10.)


1 cuffs 4f67c64175ca73d89c78d4bd6a85e3ed     
n.袖口( cuff的名词复数 )v.掌打,拳打( cuff的第三人称单数 )
  • a collar and cuffs of white lace 带白色蕾丝花边的衣领和袖口
  • The cuffs of his shirt were fraying. 他衬衣的袖口磨破了。
2 patio gSdzr     
  • Suddenly, the thought of my beautiful patio came to mind. I can be quiet out there,I thought.我又忽然想到家里漂亮的院子,我能够在这里宁静地呆会。
  • They had a barbecue on their patio on Sunday.星期天他们在院子里进行烧烤。
3 sneaking iibzMu     
  • She had always had a sneaking affection for him. 以前她一直暗暗倾心于他。
  • She ducked the interviewers by sneaking out the back door. 她从后门偷偷溜走,躲开采访者。
4 caters 65442608bd5622774e5b19fcdde933ff     
提供饮食及服务( cater的第三人称单数 ); 满足需要,适合
  • That shop caters exclusively to the weaker sex. 那家商店专供妇女需要的商品。
  • The boutique caters for a rather select clientele. 这家精品店为特定的顾客群服务。
5 encyclopedias a88b1e8f5e10dbff92d83626a0e989f5     
n.百科全书, (某一学科的)专科全书( encyclopedia的名词复数 )
  • However, some encyclopedias can be found on the Web. 同时,一些百科全书能也在网络上找到。 来自互联网
  • Few people think of encyclopedias as creative enterprises; but they are. 鲜少有人想到百科全书是创意的工作,但它确实是。 来自互联网
6 maker DALxN     
  • He is a trouble maker,You must be distant with him.他是个捣蛋鬼,你不要跟他在一起。
  • A cabinet maker must be a master craftsman.家具木工必须是技艺高超的手艺人。
7 vomit TL9zV     
  • They gave her salty water to make her vomit.他们给她喝盐水好让她吐出来。
  • She was stricken by pain and began to vomit.她感到一阵疼痛,开始呕吐起来。
8 quacking dee15a2fc3dfec34f556cfd89f93b434     
v.(鸭子)发出嘎嘎声( quack的现在分词 )
  • For the rest it was just a noise, a quack-quack-quacking. 除此之外,便是一片噪声,一片嘎嘎嘎的叫嚣。 来自英汉文学
  • The eyeless creature with the quacking voice would never be vaporized. 那没眼睛的鸭子嗓也不会给蒸发。 来自英汉文学
9 bucks a391832ce78ebbcfc3ed483cc6d17634     
n.雄鹿( buck的名词复数 );钱;(英国十九世纪初的)花花公子;(用于某些表达方式)责任v.(马等)猛然弓背跃起( buck的第三人称单数 );抵制;猛然震荡;马等尥起后蹄跳跃
  • They cost ten bucks. 这些值十元钱。
  • They are hunting for bucks. 他们正在猎雄兔。 来自《简明英汉词典》
10 peeve P3Izk     
  • She was in a peeve over it.她对这很气恼。
  • She was very peeved about being left out.她为被遗漏而恼怒。
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