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Welcome to AMERICAN MOSAIC1 in VOA Special English.


I'm Bob Doughty2.

As always, music makers3 released lots of new holiday albums this year. There are country, jazz, gospel and other kinds of holiday songs. Since it is Christmas today we thought we would take time to listen to some of the new offerings.

The biggest surprise came from this artist. Maybe you will recognize the voice.


Bob Dylan's album, "Christmas in the Heart," has many traditional Christmas songs. The video for the song "Must Be Santa" has been very popular on the Internet. Dylan is wearing false long hair and dancing around with a crowd of mostly younger people at a wild house party. It is all very strange. But it does seem merry. "Christmas in the Heart" is truly a gift, too. All of Dylan's profits from the album are going to aid organizations.

Also for charity is another release in the "Very Special Christmas" series. Two thousand nine marks the seventh recording4 in the series. It began in nineteen-eighty-seven to help the Special Olympics. Artists who took part this season include Colbie Caillat, Miley Cyrus and this country superstar, Carrie Underwood. She sings "Hark! The Herald5 Angels Sing."


The country band Sugarland released its first Christmas album this year called "Gold and Green." The band's two members, Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles6, perform some traditional songs. They also co-wrote many new holiday songs too, like the title track.


Straight No Chaser is a famous men's singing group that began at Indiana University. Former members formed a professional group of the same name. Straight No Chaser is an acapella group which means the singers do not perform with any instrumental music. Their voices do all the work.

Straight No Chaser released "Christmas Cheers" in November. Here the men perform a funny piece called "The Christmas Can-Can."


Last month, the British musician Sting released "If on a Winter's Night ... " The album is filled with beautiful, old music from the British Isles7. The recording is more about the winter season than a holiday. However, in "Christmas at Sea" Sting takes a haunting Robert Louis Stevenson poem and sets it to music.


"My Christmas" is Andrea Bocelli's new holiday album. The Italian singer invited many guest artists to perform on the recording. They include the Mormon Tabernacle Choir8, the Muppets, and Mary J. Blige.

Here Andrea Bocelli and Natalie Cole sing "The Christmas Song," from "My Christmas."


Ayiesha Woods is a Christian9 musician originally from Long Island, New York. The singer-songwriter has won several gospel music awards and has released four albums. They include this year's holiday recording, "Christmas Like This." It was released last month. Here Ayiesha Woods performs "O Holy Night."


Neil Diamond is another American singer-songwriter. He has been a superstar in the music business for almost forty years. "A Cherry, Cherry, Christmas" is Diamond's third Christmas album. Diamond says his latest record let people experience the special feelings of Christmas year after year. One of those feelings might be the fun of a sleigh ride through the snow.


There is also a nice seasonal10 album out for jazz lovers. "Jazzy Brass11 for the Holidays" is the latest recording by jazz trumpet12 player Eddie Allen. Allen arranged all fourteen pieces on the recording. He also leads the four-member brass band, drummer and bass13 player.

We leave you with Eddie Allen and the band playing "Let it Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" from "Jazzy Brass for the Holidays."


I'm Bob Doughty. This program was written and produced by Caty Weaver14.

Do you have a question about people, places or things in America? Send it to mosaic@voanews.comand we may answer it on this show.

Join us again next week for AMERICAN MOSAIC, VOA's radio magazine in Special English.



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  • The sky this morning is a mosaic of blue and white.今天早上的天空是幅蓝白相间的画面。
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