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VOA慢速英语2010年-Testing New Ways to Recognize What Mak

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In recent years, Bill Gates has given financial support to improve American education.

Late last year, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation1 launched2 the Measures of Effective Teaching3 project. The project tests new ways to recognize what makes a good teacher.

Its goal is to help educators and policymakers identify and support good teaching.

The study is being carried out in public school systems in seven American cities. Thousands of teachers volunteered to take part. They agreed to have their classes recorded on video, but only for observation4 by expert researchers.

Last spring, the project collected digital5 videos of thirteen thousand lessons in the classrooms taught by the teachers. They were in grades four through nine.

Researchers also collected information from students. They asked students to report their opinions of each teacher’s classroom. Students were also tested in mathematics6, English and biology.

Officials recently released7 early results of the project study. The report says teachers’ past success in raising student scores on state tests is one of the strongest signs of their ability to do so again. This is known8 as a teacher’s “value-added.”

The teachers with the highest value-added scores on state tests also help students understand math or show reading ability.

The results also say students know effective teaching when they experience it. The students gave comments on whether or not their teachers cared about them. They also gave opinions on how much teachers controlled or managed student behavior in the classroom.

The report found that classrooms where students reported positive experiences were more likely to show greater learning9 gains.

Another finding10 shows that combining different sources11 of information helps administrators12 provide better comments and suggestions to teachers. In many cases, administrators had been basing their comments on student test scores only.

The Measures of Effective Teaching project continues through twenty twelve when final results will be released. Researchers plan to test a new measure that examines what a teacher knows about how to teach a subject. Experts say these findings13 could also help create better training and development for teachers.

And that's the VOA Special English Education Report, written by Lawan Davis. Join us online at voaspecialenglish.com. You can also join us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube at VOA Learning English. I'm Steve Ember.


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  • The foundation of the university took place 600 years ago.这所大学是600年前创办的。
  • The Foundation gives money to help artists.那家基金会捐款帮助艺术家。
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v.发射( launch的过去式和过去分词 );[计算机]开始(应用程序);发动;开展(活动、计划等)
  • He launched a bitter diatribe against the younger generation. 他对年轻一代发起了猛烈的抨击。
  • The product was launched amid much fanfare worldwide. 这个产品在世界各地隆重推出。
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  • He created a new system of teaching foreign languages.他创造了一种新的外语教学体系。
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n.观察, 观测, 观察资料(或报告)
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  • Learning languages isn't just a matter of remembering words.学习语言不仅仅是记些单词的事。
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  • He had administrators under him but took the crucial decisions himself. 他手下有管理人员,但重要的决策仍由他自己来做。 来自辞典例句
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13 findings 4tYzV9     
n.发现物( finding的名词复数 );调查(或研究)的结果;(陪审团的)裁决
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  • Their findings have been widely disseminated . 他们的研究成果已经广为传播。
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