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VOA慢速英语2012 Agriculture Report - The Appeal of Urban Farming

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Agriculture Report - The Appeal of Urban Farming
农业报道 - 生态城市农场的魅力

This is the VOA Special English Agriculture Report.
Old properties and empty lots in cities and towns around the United States are finding new life as urban farms.
Eco City Farms in Edmonston, Maryland, is located near shopping centers, car repair shops and homes. The neighborhood is a working-class community. People do not have very much money, and they have limited access to fresh food in markets.
Over the past two years, the farm has attracted volunteers from the community like Marcy Clark. She schools her four children at home. On a recent day she brought them to Eco City Farms for a lesson.
在过去两年中,这家农场吸引了社区中像马西·克拉克(Marcy Clark)一类的志愿者。她在家教育自己的四个孩子。最近一天她把他们带到了生态城市农场上了一课。
MARCY CLARK: “It’s important that the children understand the connection between the food that they eat, the soil, the air, the pollution, how all this is connected to their well-being1.”
Her children harvested rows of spinach2, mustard greens, lettuce3, Swiss chard and carrots. What did Hannah, Caleb, John and Alston think of the experience?
HANNAH CLARK: “You know, it’s good for the earth and it’s good for us.”
CALEB CLARK: “It may not be like fun, fun, but it’s fun, ’cause you’re learning and not, like, writing something out on a piece of paper.”
JOHN CLARK: “Basically instead of feeling down when I have to eat vegetables, I feel happy.
ALSTON CLARK: “I like coming out here. You know, you connect with the earth, where your food comes from. You appreciate the food a little bit more.”
Margaret Morgan-Hubbard started Eco City Farms. She thinks of it as a place where people can learn to live healthier lives.
玛格丽特·摩根-哈伯德(Margaret Morgan-Hubbard)开办了生态城市农场。她把这里当作一个可以人们可以学会更健康生活的地方。
MARGARET MORGAN-HUBBARD: “Our view is that what happens in a community, influences the culture of that community. So our idea was growing food in a community and showing that you can have farms even in urban areas, redefines what’s possible in that area, in that community and brings people together.”
“Every piece of what we do here is a demonstration4 to show people everything about how to have a sustainable community," she says. That means not only farming food and raising chickens and bees, but improving the soil with compost made from food waste. Sixteen wooden bins5 are filled with worms. Their job is to eat the food waste and help make it into compost.
Benny Erez is a technical adviser6 at EcoCity Farms.
班尼·埃雷兹(Benny Erez)是生态城市农场的技术顾问。
BENNY EREZ: “When people come and look at this, obviously we show them a technique, a technique how to take food waste and close the circle and bring the food back from being food to composted and then use it on the farm, back to growing vegetables and back to people, and it’s basically closing the loop.”
Eco City Farms is an "off the grid7" experimental operation. The farm gets its power not from the local electricity grid but from the sun with solar panels. In winter, the greenhouses are heated using a geothermal system. Buried tubes pump air at underground temperature -- thirteen degrees Celsius8 -- into the structures.
Vegetables can be grown all year. So once a week, all winter long, neighbors like Chris Moss9 and her three children bicycle to the farm to pick up a share of the harvest. What does five-year-old Owen Moss think of it?
该农场全年都可以种植蔬菜。所以在漫长冬季里,每周像克里斯·莫斯(Chris Moss)和她三个孩子这样的邻居就会骑车到农场拿一份农场的收获物。5岁的欧文·莫斯(Owen Moss)对此怎么认为的呢?
OWEN MOSS: “I like eating the vegetables.”
And that's the VOA Special English Agriculture Report. You can find two videos about EcoCity Farms -- including one about the composting worms -- at voanews.cn. I'm Jim Tedder10.
Contributing: Rosanne Skirble


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10 tedder 2833afc4f8252d8dc9f8cd73b24db55d     
  • Jim Tedder has more. 吉姆?特德将给我们做更多的介绍。 来自互联网
  • Jim Tedder tells us more. 吉姆?泰德给我们带来更详细的报道。 来自互联网
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