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VOA慢速英语2013 AS IT IS - A bakery in New York City and the growing movie business in China

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AS IT IS - A bakery in New York City and the growing movie business in China

From VOA Learning English, welcome to AS IT IS!

这是来自VOA英语教学,欢迎来到AS IT IS!

AS IT IS --- our new magazine show in Special English. Today and in the days to come, we will be expanding on major world events and reporting on issues that concern you. We will be talking with newsmakers, experts and VOA’s own reporters to help make sense of this quickly changing world --- AS IT IS.

AS IT IS- - - - -我们特别英语的新版块。在今后的日子里,我们将更加关注世界主要事件和你关心的问题。我们将跟大事件,权威们和美国之音的记者来帮助你了解这个迅速变化的世界- - - - - AS IT IS 。

Hello, again. I’m Jim Tedder2 in Washington. It’s nice to have you with us. On today’s program, the big cats of Africa are disappearing, and Zambia has decided3 to act. Also, a look at the growing movie business in China, and how it is affecting Hollywood. But first, a trip to New York City to a bakery that helps to change lives with every loaf of bread it sells.


Ahhh! The air is filled with the wonderful smells of freshly baked breads …walnut raisin4, grindstone rye, and sourdough. Welcome to the “Hot Bread Kitchen.” Six years ago, Jessamyn Rodriguez left her job at the United Nations and started the business. But bread was not all she had in mind.

啊!空气中充满了美妙的新鲜的烤面包的气味…核桃葡萄干,磨石黑麦和酵母。欢迎来到“ Hot Bread Kitchen “.六年前,Jessamyn Rodriguez离开她在联合国的工作开始做生意。但她所想要的并不仅是做面包。

“Many women who immigrate5 to the United States have passion and skill in the culinary arts but often end up in jobs with no professional trajectory6.”


Ms. Rodriguez’s idea was to hire women to bake the kinds of bread they made in their home countries. She knew that immigrant minority women were hard workers, but often very poorly paid.


“And I’m also a firm believer that if you invest in a woman you are investing in a family and a community.”


She has eighteen women working in her bakery. They come from Mexico, Bangladesh, Togo, Morocco, Haiti, and other places.


“A head baker1 in New York City can make up to sixty-five thousand dollars a year. We’re hoping that within a few years our women will be headed toward head baker management track positions in the city.”


The women who work and learn at the Hot Bread Kitchen are paid nine dollars an hour. They also receive health care and get English lessons two times each week. Fatiha Outabount is from Morocco.

在Hot Bread Kitchen工作和学习的妇女们被支付9美元一个小时。他们还获得卫生保健和每周两次的英文课。Outabount Fatiha来自摩洛哥。

“Before, I don’t speak English…nothing. Just “Hi, bye, goodnight” …that’s it. But when I start to have class here, I’m speaking English little bit well.”


The breads the women bake are sold to markets and expensive restaurants in New York City. Ms. Rodriguez says her business is the only bakery in the city that produces breads from so many different cultures.

妇女们烤的面包卖给市场和在纽约市的昂贵的餐馆。 Rodriguez 女士说她的业务是这个城市唯一一家生产不同文化的面包的面包店。

“I like to say that we’re like the United Nations of breads.”


When asked Fatiha if the job was what she expected it would be, she smiled and said, “Yes.”


“So I love this program. We learn a lot of stuff. We work like a family.”


Experts say there are twenty to forty thousand lions in Africa. There are even more leopards7. But, their numbers are sharply lower than they were 20 years ago. Now, Zambia has decided to act to slow the loss of these extraordinary animals. Caty Weaver8 tells us more.

专家说有二十到四十万年非狮子在非洲.甚至有更多的豹子.但是,它们的数量正在大幅低于20年前. 现在,赞比亚已决定采取措施保护这些非凡的动物。 Caty Weaver 告诉我们更多。

In January, Zambia banned the hunting of lions and leopards in several areas. The country’s Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo says Zambia has not fully9 profited from permitting hunting by visitors.

今年1月,赞比亚在几个地区禁止猎杀狮子和豹子。国家旅游部长 Sylvia Masebo 说赞比亚没有充分借鉴允许游客狩猎。

Ms. Masebo says a number of the parks have areas that private businesses pay to use for safari10 hunting operations. Recently the government advertised 19 game management areas for safari hunting. But Ms. Masebo says the process was marred11 by corruption12.


The hunting ban covers those 19 areas. However, there are other national park areas where safari hunting will still be permitted. And Ms. Masebo says there is no ban on private game properties that are fenced and have the legal permits for hunting. But the surrounding community will now play a part in such operations.


“We need to ensure that the people that come from these areas must benefit. The government itself must benefit. The animals themselves must be protected.”


Gavin Robinson is chairman of the Professional Hunters Association of Zambia. He says the ban in the 19 areas means fewer jobs for professional hunters in Zambia. And he does not share the government’s concern about the lion population in the country.

Gavin Robinson是赞比亚猎人协会的主席。他说,禁止在19个地区意味着职业猎人在赞比亚更少的工作.他不同意政府的担忧在该国狮子数量。

“We have always looked after the remaining lion to ensure that we have lion for the following year. We as professional hunters are very involved in conservation.”


The ban in Zambia follows similar action in Botswana. That country announced last November that it would ban sport hunting in 2014. I’m Caty Weaver.


China has become a huge market for films. It is second only to North America. China is also extending it entertainment work with other countries. And this is changing the way the American film industry does business. Steve Ember has a front row seat.


A foreign army invaded the United States in last year’s remake of the movie “Red Dawn.” But the filmmakers changed the movie just before its release. The invaders13 had originally been Chinese soldiers. They became North Koreans. The “Red Dawn” filmmaker did not want to offend Chinese audiences or censors14.

一个外国军队入侵了美国在去年的重拍的电影"Red Dawn". “但是导演在上映之前做了改编. 侵略者原本是中国士兵, 该成了朝鲜人。“ Red Dawn ”导演并不想冒犯中国观众或审查。

A team of censors in China watches movies to decide if they contain offensive material. The James Bond movie “Skyfall” had parts removed for that reason. And, the censors cut 40 minutes from the recent film “Cloud Atlas15.” Most of the scenes showed sex and violence. But, films also may be cut if they are judged critical of China or its government.

一个团队在中国电影的审查表,决定如果他们包含攻击性材料。这就是詹姆斯邦德电影  “Skyfall” 部分删除的原因.还有,从最近的电影  “Cloud Atlas” 审查削减40分钟。“大部分显示性和暴力的场景。但是,电影依然可能被削减,如果他们被认为批评中国或其政府。

Stanley Rosen is a Chinese film and culture expert at the University of Southern California. He says Chinese censors also influenced other films, like the disaster story “2012.”

斯坦利·罗森是南加州大学夫人中国电影和文化专家. 他说,中国审查者也影响了其他电影,像灾难故事“2012”。

“Even if you’re not shooting in China, a film like ‘2012’ will be very careful to include positive references to China. Negative references will simply kill the market.”


Stanley Rosen says more Hollywood studios are finding Chinese partners for joint16 productions. Hollywood needs China because the North American market has not been strong, the professor believes. But, he says, China needs Hollywood as well.


I’m Steve Ember.

And that’s AS IT IS for today. I’m Jim Tedder.


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