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AS IT IS 2015-12-30 “It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over”: Yogi Berra and Other People We Lost in 2015

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AS IT IS 2015-12-30 “It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over”: Yogi Berra and Other People We Lost in 2015

Each year we lose a number of people known around the world for their talents and accomplishments1. Even though these seven famous figures have died, their legacies2 live on. Now, we say goodbye. 

"Yogi” Berra is known as one of the greatest Major League Baseball players of all time.

His full name was Lawrence Peter Berra, but everyone called him Yogi. He was a catcher for the New York Yankees baseball team for nearly most of his 19-year career.

He won some of the top awards in the sport, and played in many All-Star and World Series games. He also won the American League’s Most Valuable Player Award three times.  

After his time as a player, Berra became the manager of his former team.

In addition to his incredible gift for baseball, Berra will be remembered for what he contributed to American English. Berra had many “Yogi–isms” -- expressions or phrases that were not correct but still made perfect sense.

For example, he said,  “You can observe a lot by just watching"; “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over,” and “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

Egyptian actor Omar Sharif passed away in July this year. He is best known for his appearances in both British and American movies. They include “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Doctor Zhivago” and “Funny Girl.” 

"You know I'll be much more direct. You know you are woman. I am man. You are smaller so I can be taller than, you are softer.....

Sharif was nominated for an Academy Award and won three Golden Globe Awards.

Later in life he started playing the card game bridge. Sharif excelled at the game. He was named one of the 50 best bridge players in the world.

Other actors who passed away include Leonard Nimoy. Nimoy was best known for his role as Mr. Spock, the pointy-eared, half–human/half-Vulcan science officer on the television series “Star Trek3.”

Many will remember Nimoy by his famous split-finger salute4 and blessing5: “Live long and prosper6.”

Singer and legendary7 guitarist B.B. King became one of the best-known blues8 performers of all-time. King’s velvety9 voice and expressive10 style inspired a generation of musicians.

King made his first recording11 in 1949. He and his famous guitar, which he called Lucille, brought music to audiences for more than 60 years. In 1970, he won his first Grammy for his hit song “The Thrill Is Gone.”

"Thrill is Gone. The thrill is gone away. Thrill is gone, baby. Thrill is gone away. You done me wrong, baby...."

Wes Craven created some of the most important horror films of all time, including the “Scream” series. In 1984, he defined the horror genre12 with the character Freddy Krueger in the movie “A Nightmare on Elm Street.”

Craven was a film director, writer, producer and actor. He inspired us with his imagination and vision.

Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew13 will be remembered as the man behind Singapore’s success.

Lee oversaw14 Singapore’s independence from Britain and separation from Malaysia. He then transformed the independent country into one of Asia’s wealthiest and least corrupt15 countries. In 2010, Time magazine listed Lee as one of the world’s 100 most influential16 people.

"Whoever governs Singapore must have that iron in him or give it up. This is not a game of cards. This is your life and mine. I've spent a whole lifetime building this."

The People’s Action Party – which Lee co-founded – has ruled Singapore for 50 years.

And, when it comes to equal rights for all, social activist17 and lifelong civil rights leader Julian Bond was passionate18 about his work.

Taught by the Rev19. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Morehouse College, Bond was a leader in the 1960s civil rights movement. He was among the activists20 who demanded equal rights for African-Americans.

Bond’s advocacy for equal rights also went beyond race issues and beyond the United States. He opposed the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War; he was arrested outside the South African Embassy in Washington for protesting against apartheid; and he fought for equal rights for gay and lesbians.

"It just seems to me something right to do. It seems to me the right to be married is a civil right and I believe civil rights ought to be extended to everybody. Who ought not have these rights? what category of people ought not have these rights? I can't think of one."

Words in This Story   

legacy21 - n. something that happened in the past or that comes from someone in the past

incredible - adj. extremely good, great, or large

salute - n. an act or ceremony that shows respect for someone

velvety - adj. soft and smooth

genre - n.a particular type or category of literature or art

advocacy - n.the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal

ought -v. used to say or suggest what should be done


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  • It was one of the President's greatest accomplishments. 那是总统最伟大的成就之一。
  • Among her accomplishments were sewing,cooking,playing the piano and dancing. 她的才能包括缝纫、烹调、弹钢琴和跳舞。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
2 legacies 68e66995cc32392cf8c573d17a3233aa     
n.遗产( legacy的名词复数 );遗留之物;遗留问题;后遗症
  • Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind. 书是伟大的天才留给人类的精神财富。 来自辞典例句
  • General legacies are subject to the same principles as demonstrative legacies. 一般的遗赠要与指定数目的遗赠遵循同样的原则。 来自辞典例句
3 trek 9m8wi     
  • We often go pony-trek in the summer.夏季我们经常骑马旅行。
  • It took us the whole day to trek across the rocky terrain.我们花了一整天的时间艰难地穿过那片遍布岩石的地带。
4 salute rYzx4     
  • Merchant ships salute each other by dipping the flag.商船互相点旗致敬。
  • The Japanese women salute the people with formal bows in welcome.这些日本妇女以正式的鞠躬向人们施礼以示欢迎。
5 blessing UxDztJ     
  • The blessing was said in Hebrew.祷告用了希伯来语。
  • A double blessing has descended upon the house.双喜临门。
6 prosper iRrxC     
  • With her at the wheel,the company began to prosper.有了她当主管,公司开始兴旺起来。
  • It is my earnest wish that this company will continue to prosper.我真诚希望这家公司会继续兴旺发达。
7 legendary u1Vxg     
  • Legendary stories are passed down from parents to children.传奇故事是由父母传给孩子们的。
  • Odysseus was a legendary Greek hero.奥狄修斯是传说中的希腊英雄。
8 blues blues     
  • She was in the back of a smoky bar singing the blues.她在烟雾弥漫的酒吧深处唱着布鲁斯歌曲。
  • He was in the blues on account of his failure in business.他因事业失败而意志消沉。
9 velvety 5783c9b64c2c5d03bc234867b2d33493     
adj. 像天鹅绒的, 轻软光滑的, 柔软的
  • a velvety red wine 醇厚的红葡萄酒
  • Her skin was admired for its velvety softness. 她的皮肤如天鹅绒般柔软,令人赞叹。
10 expressive shwz4     
  • Black English can be more expressive than standard English.黑人所使用的英语可能比正式英语更有表现力。
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11 recording UktzJj     
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  • I want to play you a recording of the rehearsal.我想给你放一下彩排的录像。
12 genre ygPxi     
  • My favorite music genre is blues.我最喜欢的音乐种类是布鲁斯音乐。
  • Superficially,this Shakespeare's work seems to fit into the same genre.从表面上看, 莎士比亚的这个剧本似乎属于同一类型。
13 yew yew     
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14 oversaw 1175bee226edb4f0a38466d02f3baa27     
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15 corrupt 4zTxn     
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17 activist gyAzO     
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18 passionate rLDxd     
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20 activists 90fd83cc3f53a40df93866d9c91bcca4     
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21 legacy 59YzD     
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