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VOA慢速英语2017 那些在2017年与我们说再见的人

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Those We Said Goodbye to in 2017

They made you cry and they made you laugh. Some united a country and others divided its people.


Here is a look at some of the well-known people who died in the past year:


Chuck Berry and Fats Domino were known as founding fathers of rock ‘n' roll. Musicians Tom Petty and Greg Allman led their musical groups to the top of popular music charts. Glen Campbell was known for country music and Al Jarreau for jazz. They also were among the well-known musicians who died in 2017, leaving a void in music.

查克·贝里[Chuck Berry]和费兹·多明诺[Fats Domino]被称为摇滚乐的创始人之一。音乐家汤姆·佩蒂[Tom Petty]和格雷格·奥尔曼[Greg Allman]带领他们的乐团进入了流行音乐榜的榜单。格伦·坎贝尔[Glen Campbell]以乡村音乐著名,艾尔·贾诺[Al Jarreau]则是爵士音乐。这些也都是2017年离世的著名音乐人,他们的离世给音乐留下了一片空白。

Jerry Lewis, Don Rickles and Dick Gregory left their own mark on comedy. But the story of the 1960s could not be told without Hugh Hefner and Charles Manson.

杰里·刘易斯[Jerry Lewis]、唐·瑞克斯[Don Rickles]和迪克·格雷戈里[Dick Gregory]在喜剧上留下了自己的印记。但是说起上世纪六十年代,就不得不提到休·赫夫纳[Hugh Hefner]和查尔斯·曼森[Charles Manson]。

Hefner founded Playboy magazine and was credited with helping1 to start the sexual revolution in the 1960s. The decade ended with Manson becoming the face of evil across America. He directed his followers2 to kill several people in Los Angeles, including American actress Sharon Tate.

赫夫纳创办了《花花公子》杂志,他也被认为帮助开启了上世纪60年代的性解放。这个十年随着曼森成为整个美国的恶魔面孔而结束,他在洛杉矶指令他的追随者杀死了一些人,其中就包括女演员莎朗·泰特[Sharon Tate]。

Notable political figures also died this year. Former German Chancellor3 Helmut Kohl reunited East and West Germany, a country divided by the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet4 Union. He helped put Germany at the heart of the European Union.

今年也有些显要的政界人士去世了。前德国总理赫尔穆特·科尔[Helmut Kohl]重新统一了东德和西德,这个国家在冷战期间被美国和苏联分裂开来。科尔帮助德国成为了欧盟的核心。

Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega who was ousted5 by a U.S. military action also died in 2017.

曾被美国军事行动驱逐的前巴拿马独裁者曼纽尔·诺列加[Manuel Noriega]也于2017年去世。

Ali Abdullah Saleh was Yemen's president for 33 years. He stepped down in 2012 during the Arab Spring uprisings that swept through the Middle East. He was killed by the Houthie rebels this year.

阿里·阿卜杜拉·萨利赫[Ali Abdullah Saleh]担任也门总统长达33年。2012年他在席卷中东的暴动期间下台,今年他被胡塞叛军杀害。

And Cardinal6 Bernard Law, the former archbishop of Boston, died at age 86. His failure to stop sexual abuse of children by religious workers brought a serious crisis to the American Catholic church.

波士顿前大主教、枢机主教伯纳德·洛[Bernard Law]去世,享年86岁。他没有阻止宗教工作人员对儿童的性虐待,给美国天主教会带来了严重危机。

Fans said goodbye to film and television stars in 2017.


Mary Tyler Moore changed how women appeared on television in her popular program "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."

玛丽·泰勒·摩尔[Mary Tyler Moore]在她的热门节目《玛丽·泰勒·摩尔秀》中改变了女性在电视上的表现方式。

Roger Moore was known for playing James Bond and Adam West played the first "batman" on television.

罗杰·摩尔[Roger Moore]因扮演詹姆斯·邦德[James Bond]而出名,而亚当·韦斯特[Adam West]在电视上扮演了第一位“蜘蛛侠”。

Haruo Nakajima played the role of Godzilla in the original 1954 classic movie. Godzilla has gone on to star in movies for more than 60 years.

中岛春雄[Haruo Nakajima]在一部1954年首创的经典电影中扮演了哥斯拉的角色。哥斯拉在电影中担任主角已经超过60年。

Other notable people who died in 2017 include:


Zhou Youguang, a Chinese language expert who died at age 111. Zhou is considered the father of modern China's Pinyin writing system. The system uses the Roman alphabet to represent Chinese characters based on their pronunciation.


Sumiteru Taniguchi spent his life seeking to stop nuclear weapons. He was burned severely7 in 1945 when an atomic bomb was used on his hometown of Nagasaki, Japan.

谷口稜晔(Sumiteru Taniguchi )穷其一生试图阻止核武器。1945年当一枚原子弹在他的家乡日本长崎市引爆时,他被严重烧伤。

Norma McCorvey was the "Jane Roe8" in the famous U.S. Supreme9 Court decision that legalized abortion10, known as Roe versus11 Wade12. She later became an opponent of abortion.

诺玛·麦科威[Norma McCorvey]是美国最高法院使堕胎合法化的著名判决中的简·罗伊[Jane Roe],这起案件也被称之为罗伊诉韦德案。她后来成为了反堕胎者。

Carl Clark was awarded a medal of honor some sixty years after his bravery during World War II. Clark died at age 100.

卡尔·克拉克[Carl Clark]凭借二战期间的英勇表现在大约60年后获得了一枚荣誉勋章。克拉克享年100岁。

And Otto Warmbier was an American college student who was jailed in North Korea for more than one year. Warmbier fell into a coma13 and was released by North Korean officials. He died shortly after his return to the U.S. at the age of 22.

而奥托·瓦姆比尔[Otto Warmbier]是一名在朝鲜被判入狱一年多的美国大学生。瓦姆比尔陷入昏迷状态并被朝鲜官员释放。他在返回美国后不久去世,享年22岁。

Words in This Story

void –n. an empty space

abortion –n. medically ending a pregnancy14

coma –n. a condition in which a sick or injured person cannot wake up for a long time


1 helping 2rGzDc     
  • The poor children regularly pony up for a second helping of my hamburger. 那些可怜的孩子们总是要求我把我的汉堡包再给他们一份。
  • By doing this, they may at times be helping to restore competition. 这样一来, 他在某些时候,有助于竞争的加强。
2 followers 5c342ee9ce1bf07932a1f66af2be7652     
追随者( follower的名词复数 ); 用户; 契据的附面; 从动件
  • the followers of Mahatma Gandhi 圣雄甘地的拥护者
  • The reformer soon gathered a band of followers round him. 改革者很快就获得一群追随者支持他。
3 chancellor aUAyA     
  • They submitted their reports to the Chancellor yesterday.他们昨天向财政大臣递交了报告。
  • He was regarded as the most successful Chancellor of modern times.他被认为是现代最成功的财政大臣。
4 Soviet Sw9wR     
  • Zhukov was a marshal of the former Soviet Union.朱可夫是前苏联的一位元帅。
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5 ousted 1c8f4f95f3bcc86657d7ec7543491ed6     
驱逐( oust的过去式和过去分词 ); 革职; 罢黜; 剥夺
  • He was ousted as chairman. 他的主席职务被革除了。
  • He may be ousted by a military takeover. 他可能在一场军事接管中被赶下台。
6 cardinal Xcgy5     
  • This is a matter of cardinal significance.这是非常重要的事。
  • The Cardinal coloured with vexation. 红衣主教感到恼火,脸涨得通红。
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  • I'll scramble some eggs with roe?我用鱼籽炒几个鸡蛋好吗?
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  • The big match tonight is England versus Spain.今晚的大赛是英格兰对西班牙。
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  • Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage.怀孕期吸烟会增加流产的危险。
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