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US to Conclude Probe into Treatment of Afghanistan Detainees

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Michael Kitchen

The top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan says he expects an investigation1 into the treatment of Afghan detainees in U.S. custody2 to finish in the next two weeks. Speaking to reporters Tuesday, Lieutenant3 General David Barno described the probe into U.S. detention4 facilities in Afghanistan as a "top to bottom review."
The investigation follows allegations that some Afghan detainees were beaten and sexually abused while in U.S. custody, mirroring similar charges against U.S. troops in Iraq.
General Barno says the investigation should finish by mid-June and that he will act on the findings.
"I intend to take rapid action on any areas of concern," he said. "I continue to expect that all of our forces will treat every detainee here with dignity and respect."
The U.S. military currently operates a main detention center at its headquarters at Bagram Air Base, and 19 temporary holding facilities throughout the country, though some of those are sometimes vacant.
The U.S. military is also conducting separate inquiries5 into the deaths of three detainees over the past 18 months, but has yet to say when those investigations6 will conclude.
Human rights groups are asking the U.S. military to allow independent observers into Afghan prison facilities, a request the military declines, citing security concerns.
U.S. forces do allow members of the International Committee of the Red Cross to visit the detainees at Bagram and are considering expanding the visits, but rights advocates note the Red Cross reports are not made public.
The U.S. forces currently hold some 400 Afghans in detention, many in connection with the armed insurgency7 by remnants of Afghanistan's former Taleban regime.
Attacks on Afghan and U.S. targets by the Taleban and their allies, including members of the al-Qaida network, have increased in recent months.
General Barno says the violence is an effort by the insurgents8 to disrupt planned elections for Afghanistan's post-Taleban government.
"As the September elections approach, we can expect to see additional attempts by remnants of the Taleban and al-Qaida to disrupt and undermine Afghanistan's democratic process," he said.
He says Afghan and U.S. forces are prepared for further Taleban attacks and are determined9 to provide a safe environment for the elections.
commander [kE5mB:ndE] n. 司令官,指挥官
detainee [7di:tei5ni:] n. 被拘留者,未判决囚犯
custody [5kQstEdi] n. 拘禁
lieutenant [lef5tenEnt] n. 陆军中尉
allegation [7Ali5^eiFEn] n. 主张
sexually abused 性侵犯
mirror [5mirE] vt. 反映
charge [tFB:dV] n. 控诉
dignity [5di^niti] n. 尊严
Bagram Air Base 巴格兰空军基地,驻阿富汗美国为首的联军空军基地
temporary [5tempErEri] adj. 暂时的,临时的
conduct [5kCndQkt] v. 引导
inquiry10 [in5kwaiEri] n. 质询,调查
decline [di5klain] v. 拒绝
cite [sait] vt. 引用,说明,这里指用…原因拒绝
International Committee of the Red Cross 国际红十字会
advocate [5AdvEkit] n. 提倡者,鼓吹者
insurgency [In`s\:dVEnsI] n. 叛乱
Taleban regime 塔利班政权
allies [5Alaiz] n. 联盟国,同盟者
disrupt [dis5rQpt] v. 破坏,分裂
undermine [7QndE5main] v. 破坏



1 investigation MRKzq     
  • In an investigation,a new fact became known, which told against him.在调查中新发现了一件对他不利的事实。
  • He drew the conclusion by building on his own investigation.他根据自己的调查研究作出结论。
2 custody Qntzd     
  • He spent a week in custody on remand awaiting sentence.等候判决期间他被还押候审一个星期。
  • He was taken into custody immediately after the robbery.抢劫案发生后,他立即被押了起来。
3 lieutenant X3GyG     
  • He was promoted to be a lieutenant in the army.他被提升为陆军中尉。
  • He prevailed on the lieutenant to send in a short note.他说动那个副官,递上了一张简短的便条进去。
4 detention 1vhxk     
  • He was kept in detention by the police.他被警察扣留了。
  • He was in detention in connection with the bribery affair.他因与贿赂事件有牵连而被拘留了。
5 inquiries 86a54c7f2b27c02acf9fcb16a31c4b57     
n.调查( inquiry的名词复数 );疑问;探究;打听
  • He was released on bail pending further inquiries. 他获得保释,等候进一步调查。
  • I have failed to reach them by postal inquiries. 我未能通过邮政查询与他们取得联系。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
6 investigations 02de25420938593f7db7bd4052010b32     
(正式的)调查( investigation的名词复数 ); 侦查; 科学研究; 学术研究
  • His investigations were intensive and thorough but revealed nothing. 他进行了深入彻底的调查,但没有发现什么。
  • He often sent them out to make investigations. 他常常派他们出去作调查。
7 insurgency dqdzEb     
  • And as in China, unrest and even insurgency are widespread. 而在中国,动乱甚至暴乱都普遍存在。 来自互联网
  • Dr Zyphur is part an insurgency against this idea. 塞弗博士是这一观点逆流的一部分。 来自互联网
8 insurgents c68be457307815b039a352428718de59     
n.起义,暴动,造反( insurgent的名词复数 )
  • The regular troops of Baden joined the insurgents. 巴登的正规军参加到起义军方面来了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Against the Taliban and Iraqi insurgents, these problems are manageable. 要对付塔利班与伊拉克叛乱分子,这些问题还是可以把握住的。 来自互联网
9 determined duszmP     
  • I have determined on going to Tibet after graduation.我已决定毕业后去西藏。
  • He determined to view the rooms behind the office.他决定查看一下办公室后面的房间。
10 inquiry nbgzF     
  • Many parents have been pressing for an inquiry into the problem.许多家长迫切要求调查这个问题。
  • The field of inquiry has narrowed down to five persons.调查的范围已经缩小到只剩5个人了。
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