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Soccer Success in Athens Cheers Iraqis at Home

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By Challiss McDonough
Iraqis are marveling at their soccer team's good fortune at the Athens Olympics. The team won Saturday's quarterfinal against Australia, and is now just two games away from a possible medal. As VOA's Challiss McDonough reports from Baghdad, the unexpected success in Athens is lifting Iraqi spirits at an otherwise bleak1 time.
In a dusty, neglected neighborhood on the outskirts2 of Baghdad, three generations of one family are watching Iraq play Australia in Saturday's Olympic soccer quarterfinal. There is tremendous excitement and anxiety in the room. Everyone has been looking forward to this for days. The Iraqi team has been doing better than anybody predicted, and winning this match will put them in the running for a medal.
Less than three minutes into the game, however, the reality of day-to-day life in the Iraqi capital intrudes3. The lights go out. And so does the TV.
Family members scramble4 outside to get the generator5 going.
The head of the household, Abu Mohammed, says they had the generator repaired just for tonight's game. As the family sits in the dark, he says, "I'll kill myself, if it doesn't work!"
After a few minutes, the generator rumbles6 to life and the lights flicker7 on. Soon, they are all again watching anxiously, as the Iraqi and Australian players try to head the ball near the Iraqi goal.
They worry that the Australians have the advantage, because they are taller than the Iraqis and in better shape.
The truth is that the Iraqis have been underdogs in every match they have played in Athens. The team's Olympic eligibility8 was only recently reinstated. They are still unable to play at home because of violence. And three months ago, their revered9 German coach quit, after receiving death threats.
And yet, somehow, they keep on winning.
The Iraqi soccer team is used to playing under adversity. Watching his team hold their own against the bigger, stronger Australians, Abu Mohammed recalls the old days, when Saddam Hussein's son Uday Hussein controlled Iraqi sport, often overruling the coach and choosing players himself.
"Back then, Uday suppressed them and stressed them, and did not give them a chance to play freely like this," he says. "Now, they know nobody will punish them after the game."
Abu Mohammed says players used to be afraid to take penalty kicks out of fear that Uday would beat or torture them, if they failed to score. He beams as he notes that the Iraqis are playing without fear now, and he thinks it has lifted their game.
President Bush used footage of the Iraqi soccer team in a campaign ad recently. The move angered many of the players, who do not want their success used to win votes for the American leader. Team managers have tried to downplay the controversy10, but television commentators11 during the quarterfinal made jokes about it, much to the amusement of Abu Mohammed's family.
In the end, Iraq beats Australia 1-0, thanks to a brilliant cartwheeling goal by Emad Mohammed. Several men in the family grab their guns and run outside for the traditional Iraqi celebration of firing in the air.
Soccer is a national obsession12 in Iraq. Baghdad drivers might grumble13 about the vast number of streets that have been blocked off for security reasons, snarling14 traffic. But kids have made the best of the abandoned roadways, and turned many of them into improvised15 soccer fields.
Every evening, this group of teenagers plays soccer in a parking lot near Baghdad University, using old oil cans to mark the goal posts. Less than 50 meters away, police have set up a roadblock and are checking cars for weapons or explosives.
But the players hardly even notice. Sixteen-year-old Sevan Baho devotes his full attention to the game.
"When I play soccer, I forget everything else, and just enjoy myself," he says.
He is wearing the bright red jersey16 of the British team, Arsenal17. Some of his friends wear the colors of other European teams, and a few have shin-pads and real soccer shoes. But others play in street clothes, and one boy is barefoot. It does not seem to diminish his joy in the game.
After all, playing soccer barefoot is hardly the biggest challenge in most Iraqis' lives. They are dealing18 with power cuts, a bad water supply, car bombings and the constant threat of getting caught in the crossfire19 between insurgents20 and American troops. This nightly soccer match is a chance to escape all of that, at least for a few hours.
Back at Abu Mohammed's house, his 18-year-old son Ammar waves his left arm, which is heavily bandaged. He says he broke it playing soccer.
"I think [beating Australia] surprised everyone," Ammar says. "Nobody expected Iraq to rise to this level. I think this victory will unite Sunnis and Shiahs, Kurds and Arabs. I hope it will unify21 all Iraqis."
If nothing else, the soccer team's success is giving Iraqis a little bit of hope that things will not always be so bleak.
Challiss McDonough, VOA news, Baghdad.
marveling 奇迹
quarterfinal 四分之一决赛
bleak 黯淡的
outskirts 边界
tremendous 极大的
predict 预见
generator 发电机
rumbles 隆隆声
underdog 失败者
eligibility 资格
adversity 逆境
overrule 否决,支配
penalty 处罚
torture 折磨
footage 镜头
downplay 不予重视
controversy 争论
commentator 评论员,讲解员
snarling 混乱的
parking lot 停车场
jersey 运动衫
barefoot 赤脚的
Shiah 什叶派教徒
Kurd 库尔德人


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