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2007年VOA标准英语-Bush Pushes Congress on War Funding

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By Paula Wolfson
White House
16 April 2007

President Bush invited military families to the White House Monday, as he stepped up his campaign for Congressional passage of a war funding bill without a timetable for withdrawal1. VOA's Paula Wolfson reports from the White House that Mr. Bush says Congress owes America's fighting men and women no less.

The message was the same. The tone was different.

This time, it was personal.

President Bush, accompanied by members of military families, makes remarks on the Iraq war supplemental bill, 16 Apr 2007
President Bush, accompanied by members of military families, makes remarks on the Iraq war supplemental bill, 16 Apr 2007
President Bush motioned to the parents, children, spouses2 and siblings3 seated before him in the White House East Room. He told their stories, and spoke4 of their support for the troops, even at a time of great loss.

"Many of the families here today have relatives serving in harm's way. Others have lost loved ones in the struggle," he said. "They have come here to Washington with a message for their elected leaders in our nation's capital: Our troops need the resources, equipment and weapons to fight our enemies."

Once again, the president accused the Democratic leadership in Congress of playing politics with the war by pushing a $100 billion war funding bill that includes language setting a timeline for withdrawal.

"Congress needs to put the partisanship6 on hold; it needs to get rid of all the politics right now and send me an emergency war spending bill that I can sign that gets our troops the support they need and gives our commanders the flexibility7 they need to complete this mission," Mr. Bush said.

The president will sit down Wednesday with congressional leaders to talk about the dispute. Mr. Bush said he looks forward to the meeting, but made clear there will be no change in his war policy.

"Listen, I understand Republicans and Democrats8 in Washington have differences over the best course in Iraq. That's healthy. That's normal. And we should debate those differences," he said. "But our troops should not be caught in the middle."

The top Democrat5 in the U.S. Senate - Majority Leader Harry9 Reid - responded a short time later. He said Democrats will make sure U.S. forces have the necessary resources. But he said with this controversial bill, Congress is sending the president a message from the American people.

"The president has a choice to make in the coming days: cling to the discredited10 policies that have led our troops further into this intractable civil war or work with a bipartisan majority in Congress to make us more secure," said Senator Reid.

Reid said the Democratic leadership is determined11 to send a bill with a timetable for withdrawal to the president. But recently, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee let it be known the Democrats have a back up plan in the event of an expected presidential veto.

Carl Levin said if Democrats cannot muster12 the two-thirds majority needed to override13 a veto, they will draft a substitute bill. He indicated it will not contain specific language on a troop withdrawal, but will set deadlines - or benchmarks - designed to pressure the Iraqi government to meet specific goals so American forces can come home.


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