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2007年VOA标准英语-Iraqi Government says US Security Firm Suspende

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By Jim Randle
19 September 2007

Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says the company that provides bodyguards1 to U.S. diplomats2 in Iraq has been suspended while the government investigates a deadly shooting incident involving the firm last Sunday.  The government said earlier it was expelling the private security firm.  VOA's Jim Randle reports from Baghdad.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says his country will not tolerate the cold-blooded killing3 of its citizens.

Iraq's Interior Ministry4 has suspended the license5 of security company Blackwater, and has said it is reviewing all security companies working in the country.

Mr. Maliki says Sunday's shooting is the seventh troubling incident involving Blackwater, which provides armed escorts for U.S. government civilian6 employees in Iraq.

A U.S. embassy official, Mirembe Natongo, has urged journalists and others to wait until an investigation7 is complete before drawing conclusions. 

"Both the Iraqi government and the American government are working closely in this incident, and also to address the security companies that work in Iraq.  Again the United States expresses its deep condolences, for the casualties," Natongo said.

Iraqi officials have said at least 11 people died after Blackwater guards began shooting in a busy part of Baghdad. 

A news report in The New York Times says a preliminary Interior Ministry investigation found Blackwater guards fired at a car that ignored a police order to stop, killing two adults and an infant.

The company has a different version of events, saying there was an attack on the convoy8 it was protecting and Blackwater guards responded in a lawful9 and appropriate fashion. 

Meanwhile, U.S. diplomats and civilian officials are not supposed to travel by land out of Baghdad's heavily fortified10 Green Zone.  Natongo says the travel restrictions11 are hurting some U.S. programs and will be reviewed frequently to see if they are still necessary.

In other news, the U.S. military says gunfire killed an American soldier Tuesday in southern Baghdad.

The military says coalition12 forces killed one Iraqi terrorist linked to Iran's elite13 Quds force and detained seven suspects Wednesday in northern Baghdad and in Balad Ruz, northeast of the capital.  It also says Iraqi soldiers and U.S. special forces killed an al-Qaida in Iraq terrorist and detained 18 others in northern Iraq on Monday and Tuesday.


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