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VOA标准英语2009年-Stem Cell Research Could Cure Diabetes

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President Obama has lifted restrictions1 on the use of federal money for research using embryonic3 stem cells. Some researchers are already making progress using stem cells from umbilical cord blood, which entails4 no controversy5 since there is no destruction of an embryo2 involved in the process. One research team is closing in on a treatment for people suffering from Type I diabetes6.
President Barack Obama signs an Executive Order on stem cells and a Presidential Memorandum7 on scientific integrity, 09 Mar8 2009

At the University of Texas Medical Branch, known as UTMB, in Galveston, researcher Larry Denner is working with stem cells that can be coaxed9 into becoming insulin-producing cells.

Peering into his microscope, Denner speaks enthusiastically about the progress they have made in growing stem cells in the laboratory.
Larry Denner

"So we look at the cells here and we can tell just by looking at them under a regular microscope how they are growing," said Larry Denner.

Such research is viewed with great anticipation10 by Type-One diabetes patients like Pamela Phelps.

"I have been praying since I was 15 [years-old] that they would find a cure or at least better ways to understand it and be able to deal with it on a daily basis."

Even though research proceeds slowly, she says the scientists doing it are giving her a vision of a better future.

"I feel hopeful, extremely hopeful, because without them where would we stand, we would have to give up, but I do not feel like giving up," she said.

Diabetics like Phelps stay alive by getting regular injections of insulin to compensate11 for the inability of their own pancreases to produce the hormone12 that regulates glucose13 in the blood.

That is where Larry Denner and the UTMB research comes in.

"We can look and see, for example, if the cells that we have engineered now can make insulin," he said. "We have very specific ways to look, using microscopy and antibodies that can specifically detect whether these cells make insulin."

Under controlled laboratory situations, Denner and his team have been able to engineer insulin-producing cells from stem cells.

"The protocol14 we followed was actually derived15 from what happens in the normal embryological development of the pancreas," said Denner.

Denner says the lifting of the ban on embryonic stem cell research will benefit his effort by providing more information on how stem cells develop into organ cells. But he says this research will continue to use cells from fresh umbilical cords provided by the UTMB hospital.

"The cells we work with are derived from the umbilical cord that is a part of every birth of every baby on the earth everyday and, typically, that material is discarded as medical waste," he said.

He says stem cells from umbilical cords can be differentiated16 into a wide variety of different cell types, but these cells do not have full immune-system functions that can cause tissue rejection17.

There is the possibility in the future that such cells could create a complete pancreas for transplanting into a patient with diabetes. But Denner says he is focused on the next few years, working to develop human trials to see if insulin-producing cells created in the laboratory will help people suffering from diabetes.


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