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六分钟英语 families

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Yvonne: Hello, I'm Yvonne…
Rob: And I'm Rob.…
Yvonne: And this is 6 Minute English! Now lots of people have been getting together
with their relatives for Christmas and the New Year, so we thought we’d talk
about families today.
Rob: Now BBC radio in the UK has had a family week. They surveyed their
listeners and web users1 to find out how they feel about their families.
Yvonne: And - they got some really interesting results! Before we hear them, I have a
question for you Rob. Are you ready?
Rob: Of course.
Yvonne: People in the UK were asked, at what age should their children be able to go to
school on their own. Can you guess what most people thought was an
acceptable2 age, Rob? 5, 8 or 11 years old?
Rob: Hmm – I know people are quite cautious3 these days so I'd say, 11 years old.
Yvonne: Umm - as usual I won’t tell you the answer now, but we'll find out what the
answer is at the end of the programme. Now recently, there's been a lot of
attention given to the break-down of traditional British families.
Rob: The break-down of families – that's when parents get divorced4 or separate.
Yvonne: And lots of children are brought up by single parents
Rob: Single parents – just one parent, either a mother or a father
Yvonne: There’s also been a lot of talk about people needing to be better parents – or
even attending parenting classes. But despite the negative view of families we
might read about in the newspapers, most people said that their families made
them happy.
Rob: People were asked which of the following things made them most happy –
family, friends, job or hobbies.
Yvonne: Now families came in at almost 80%, friends just over 60%, next came hobbies
and last on the list of the things that make people happy were their jobs. Only
about 25% of the people surveyed said their jobs make them happy!
Rob: Umm - interesting!
Yvonne: Hmmm. One of the most surprising things was reading about how people felt
about staying together if they were unhappy in their marriage but they had
children. Would they stay together for the sake5 of the kids?
Rob: For the sake of the kids – if you do something for the sake of something –
you’re not doing it for yourself, you’re putting other people's needs and
feelings first, even if you're suffering.
Yvonne: Here’s Radio 5 Live’s Chris Warburton:
Chris Warburton/Quiz contestant6
How many people say they would stay together for the sake of the children?
Nearly two thirds of you think it’s better not to stay together for the sake of the kids.
Yvonne: So Chris Warburton says two thirds of people from the survey think they
shouldn't stay in unhappy relationships just for the sake of the children.
Rob: Perhaps that's because there are many happy single parent families. It is not
unusual for children to grow up in single parent families. It's socially
acceptable in modern Britain.
Yvonne: Now here's an interesting statistic7: a large majority of people said they'd report
a relative to the police if they found out their relative had committed a crime.
Here’s more from Radio 5 Live’s Chris Warburton:
Chris Warburton
A big majority of people said that they would report to the police if they thought they had
committed a serious crime. 84 per cent of people are prepared to do that even if the
consequences were pretty tough.
Yvonne: 84 percent of people said they were prepared to tell the police if they found out
their relative had committed a crime – even if the consequences were pretty
Rob: Pretty tough – that's relatively8 severe, like having a large fine or going to
Yvonne: People were also asked about their family secrets. You may have heard the
phrase: ‘skeletons9 in the closet’.
Rob: Those are uncomfortable secrets which people try their very best to hide.
Yvonne: Ha ha – and most families have a few skeletons in the closet. The BBC’s
Stephen Chittendon found out about some of the secrets people knew about
their family, but, would rather others didn’t know. Rob, you may have to help
us out here with some of the words and phrases we hear.
Stephen Chittendon
1. My brothers and sisters don't know I'm adopted.
2. My brother in-law pawned11 his Mum's engagement12 ring.
3. My Nan – this not all from the same person (woman: that's a relief to hear) – My nan votes
Yvonne: So, we heard: 'my brothers and sisters don’t know I’m adopted'
Rob: OK, well if you’re adopted, you don’t live with your biological parents – other
people become your new parents.
Yvonne: And – 'my brother-in-law pawned his Mum’s engagement ring'
Rob: The sister's husband – my brother-in-law - gave his mother’s precious
engagement ring to a pawn10 shop in return for money
Yvonne: And this one was odd13: 'My nan votes Tory'
Rob: (Ha ha) That person’s grandmother voted for the Conservative14 Party! Of course,
that wouldn't be a secret for all families.
Yvonne: OK, thanks very much, Rob. Now, do you have any skeletons in your closet?
Rob: Nothing at all. I'm very honest and upfront. No secrets at all.
Yvonne: Umm, I don't know if I believe you Rob!
Rob: I wouldn't tell you anyway; it's a secret!
Yvonne: (Ha, ha). And the answer to our question - what age do most people think it’s
appropriate for children to go to school on their own?
Rob: And I said 11 years old.
Yvonne: And you're right, Rob! The largest number of people from the survey think that
children are ready to walk to school on their own when they're 10 or 11. Thank
you, Rob. We hope you’ve had fun with us today on "6 Minute English" - and
that you’ll join us again next time.
Both: Goodbye!



1 users 9bc65c2abec141778ffaa729489f3e87     
用户,使用者( user的名词复数 )
  • The new software will prove a boon to Internet users. 这种新软件将会对互联网用户大有益处。
  • Ramps should be provided for wheelchair users. 应该给轮椅使用者提供坡道。
2 acceptable NIByZ     
  • The terms of the contract are acceptable to us.我们认为这个合同的条件可以接受。
  • Air pollution in the city had reached four times the acceptable levels.这座城市的空气污染程度曾高达可接受标准的四倍。
3 cautious dUHyv     
  • We should not only be bold,but also be cautious.我们不仅要大胆,而且要谨慎。
  • He was cautious about his work.他对工作非常谨慎。
4 divorced Wu5z2w     
  • Apparently they are getting divorced soon. 看样子,他们很快就要离婚。
  • Many divorced men remarry and have second families. 许多离婚的男子再婚组成了新的家庭。
5 sake Us4y9     
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  • We can't risk big things for the sake of small ones.我们不能因小失大。
6 contestant qp9zR     
  • The company will furnish each contestant with a free ticket.公司将为每个参赛者免费提供一张票。
  • The personal appearance and interview of the contestant is another count.参加比赛者的个人仪表和谈话也是一项。
7 statistic QuGwb     
  • Official statistics show real wages declining by 24%.官方统计数字表明实际工资下降了24%。
  • There are no reliable statistics for the number of deaths in the battle.关于阵亡人数没有可靠的统计数字。
8 relatively bkqzS3     
  • The rabbit is a relatively recent introduction in Australia.兔子是相对较新引入澳大利亚的物种。
  • The operation was relatively painless.手术相对来说不痛。
9 skeletons 138f64f4bf514101e6f6e68f9b00bcd9     
n.(建筑物等的)骨架( skeleton的名词复数 );骨骼;梗概;骨瘦如柴的人(或动物)
  • Only skeletons of buildings remained. 只剩下了建筑物的框架。 来自辞典例句
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10 pawn 8ixyq     
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  • It looks as though he is being used as a political pawn by the President.看起来他似乎被总统当作了政治卒子。
11 pawned 4a07cbcf19a45badd623a582bf8ca213     
v.典当,抵押( pawn的过去式和过去分词 );以(某事物)担保
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13 odd P5szQ     
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14 conservative jprzC     
  • He is a conservative member of the church.他是一个守旧教会教友。
  • The young man is very conservative.这个年轻人很守旧。
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