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[00:05.25]第五课 去旅行
[00:10.50]A Look at the postcards and talk about them.
[00:29.70]a koala1 bear
[00:36.34]a kangaroo
[00:47.26]a temple2
[00:53.11]leather goods3
[00:58.96]a crocodile farm
[01:09.07]a palace
[01:14.81]a church
[01:26.23]Golden Gate Bridge
[01:32.16]Statue of Liberty
[01:39.40]There is a postcard from Australia.
[01:49.14]In Australia you can see kangaroos.
[01:57.50]There is a postcard from Thailand .
[02:06.07]In Thailand you can buy leather goods.
[02:14.50]B The Chow family are on a tour.
[02:17.43]CHOW 先生一家人在旅行
[02:20.36]They want to visit these places.
[02:24.72]Act the people.Here are the examples
[02:32.65]扮演他们 下面是一些例子
[02:40.57]Mrs:Could you tell me the way to the Snake Temple,please?
[02:46.15]MRS:请问,你可以告诉我怎么样去SNAKE TEMPLE
[02:51.73]P:Certainly.We are here.
[03:02.26]Go straight along this road.
[03:06.91]Take the first turning on the left.
[03:17.54]The Snake Temple is on your right
[03:22.50]SNAKE TEMPLE 就在你的右边.
[03:27.46]Mr:Could you tell me the way to the Summer Palace,please?
[03:33.38]MR:请问,你可以告诉我怎么去SUMMER PALACE吗
[03:39.30]P:Certainly. We are here.
[03:49.46]Go straight along this road.
[03:54.61]Take the third turning on the right
[04:05.05]The Summer Palace is on your left.
[04:09.48]SUMMER PALACE 就在你的左边.
[04:13.91]Now you try
[04:20.36]C The children are back from their holidays.
[04:27.13]They are showing each other their holidays.
[04:32.56]Act the children.Here is a example
[04:50.82]We went to a crocodile farm in Thailand.
[05:01.17]Charlie took photos of the crocodiles.
[05:05.29]CHARLIE 照了鳄鱼的相片
[05:09.42]I bought a purse.
[05:15.38]Now you try
[05:21.23]D Listen to this poem.
[05:25.88]Then read it aloud to your friend.
[05:37.63]Touring by Mike Murphy
[05:42.78]In July,last year,with Kev and Ken,
[05:48.94]I went to the Tower and Big Ben.
[05:53.99]We saw The Palace and Number 10,
[05:58.84]But not the Queen,
[06:02.29]so we'll go again!
[06:05.74]In June, last year,with Jan and John,
[06:12.38]I went to visit Washington4,
[06:16.63]But since The President5 had gone,
[06:21.28]We went to see the Grand6 Canyon7!
[06:25.72]In March, last year,with my mate8 Ming,
[06:32.25]I went on the train to visit Beijing.
[06:37.11]We saw the crowds in the city, cycling,
[06:42.57]And behind The Great Wall,
[06:46.31]a panda named Ping
[06:49.86]In August, last year,with my daddy,
[06:56.31]I went to visit Italy.
[07:00.36]We played a lot on the sand,by the sea,
[07:06.71]Where I buried9 him and he buried me!
[07:11.36]In April, last year,with Sam and Sue,
[07:17.00]I went to visit Sydney's zoo.
[07:21.65]We held a koala,and fed a kangaroo.
[07:27.32]In April, next year,
[07:30.95]will you come too?
[07:34.30]Have you ever been on a tour?
[07:39.15]What did you see and do?
[07:49.39]E Answer the questions about the poem.
[07:55.35]Give short answers.
[08:04.99]1 When did the poet10 and his friends go on a tour to London?
[08:20.66]2 Who do the poet and his friends want to see in London?
[08:36.00]3 Who didn't the poet and his friends see in Washington?
[08:51.75]4 Find a word that means11 'friend'.
[09:04.42]5 How did the poet and his friend travel to Beijing?
[09:19.67]6 Where did the poet cover his father in sand?
[09:33.62]7 Where can you hold a koala bear and feed a kangaroo?
[09:48.77]8 When does the poet want you to come on a tour with him?
[10:03.72]Skills:Andy and Linda are on a tour.
[10:07.84]技巧训练:ANDY 和LINDA在旅行.
[10:11.97]Read the postcard they wrote to their parents.
[10:26.63]Dear Mum and Dad,
[10:33.47]Yesterday we had a free day so we visited an elephant farm
[10:42.14]and rode on the elephants in the morning.
[10:55.18]Then we went to the city zoo.
[11:03.93]It is very interesting but quite far from the city.
[11:16.78]We took a bus from the bus stop outside the post office.
[11:28.64]We waited and waited but the bus did not,come.
[11:38.49]Finally we took a taxi from a taxi stand near a shopping centre.
[11:52.54]We also visited a snake temple and a crocodile farm nearby.
[12:06.20]We are enjoying our holiday very much,see you soon.
[12:19.94]Love,Andy and linda
[12:27.31]Listen to your teacher read the names of these places in the postcard.
[12:35.57]They all have two words.
[12:40.50]The stress12 is on the first sound of the first word.
[12:59.96]1 elephant farm
[13:06.81]2 city zoo
[13:12.66]3 bus stop
[13:17.99]4 post office
[13:22.82]5 taxi stand
[13:28.07]6 shopping centre
[13:33.71]7 snake temple
[13:40.27]8 crocodile farm
[13:45.52]Practise these names with your friend.
[13:53.88]F The children are playing a guessing game.
[14:00.65]Act the children.Here is a example
[14:16.19]I went straight along Beach Road.
[14:25.04]Then I took the second truning on the left.
[14:33.59]The place was on the right.
[14:41.55]I saw a lot of statues13 there.
[14:49.50]I think you went to the monkey temple.
[15:01.75]Now you try Now
[15:08.90]play the game with your friends.
[15:18.36]This is the end of side two.


1 koala 3pizdI     
  • The koala is the most popular animal in this zoo.树袋熊是这个动物园里最受欢迎的动物。
  • Some species sleep day and night such as the Koala Bear.一些物种白天和夜晚都睡觉,例如树袋熊。
2 temple pphwi     
  • There is a temple on the hill.山上有座庙。
  • You will see a temple.你会看到一座寺庙。
3 goods 6rezzC     
  • He is loading the goods into the back of the car.他正把货物装入车的后部。
  • The boy delivered the goods to the right house.那个男孩送货给要货的人家。
4 Washington OeAzjC     
  • His birthplace is Washington,but he lives in San Francisco.他出生于华盛顿,但住在旧金山。
  • They, together with my father,have gone to Washington.他们和我父亲一起去华盛顿了。
5 president i12zE     
  • They selected him to be president.他们选举他为总裁。
  • The president's speech lacked sincerity.校长的演讲缺乏诚意。
6 grand 0fDx4     
  • The pianist played several pieces of music on a grand piano.钢琴家在一架大钢琴上弹了几首乐曲。
  • Come on,I'll give you the grand tour of the backyard.跟我来,我带你去后院来一次盛大的旅游。
7 canyon 4TYya     
  • The Grand Canyon in the USA is 1900 metres deep.美国的大峡谷1900米深。
  • The canyon is famous for producing echoes.这个峡谷以回声而闻名。
8 mate 2B9xE     
  • Where is the mate to this glove?这副手套的另一只在哪儿?
  • She has been a faithful mate to him.她一直是他忠实的配偶。
9 buried buried     
v.埋葬( bury的过去式和过去分词 );掩埋;原谅;沉溺于
  • They found the body buried beneath a pile of leaves. 他们发现尸体被埋在一堆树叶下面。
  • He was buried in Highgate Cemetery. 他被安葬在海格特墓地。
10 poet U2dzS     
  • Sometimes he is funny;sometimes he seems like a poet.有时他很滑稽,有时他又像个诗人。
  • The poet lived a happy life in his later life.这位诗人晚年过着一种幸福的生活。
11 means 9oXzBX     
  • That man used artful means to find out secrets.那人使用狡猾的手段获取机密。
  • We must get it done by some means or other.我们总得想办法把它干完。
12 stress oUbzu     
  • The roof couldn't bear the stress of the snow.屋顶受不了积雪的压力。
  • My parents lay great stress on honesty.我的父母十分注重诚实。
13 statues 9dcbdd7dd3201fd415847878a96109df     
n.雕像,塑像( statue的名词复数 )
  • A clay mould is used for casting bronze statues. 用黏土模具来浇铸青铜塑像。
  • They learned to mould bronze into statues. 他们学会了铸铜像。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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