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2005年NPR美国国家公共电台十二月-Priceless Gifts Don't Cost a Thing

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Anchor: As if you needed a reminder1, there is less than a week left for you to finish your Christmas shopping. This year, many people are consciously trying to cut back on consumerism. For those looking for less materialistic2 ways of expressing their affection, commentator3 Yolanda Young reminds us that the most meaningful gifts don't cost a thing.

Yolanda Young: We all got a wish list for the holidays. I'd like a 64-inch strand4 of Mikimoto pearls to sling5 down my back. A pair of Manolo Blahniks that I'm perfectly6 comfortable standing7 in so long as I don't have to take a step, and a little black dress with which to show them off. Neither I nor my friends and family can afford to buy me these things, of course, this has never stopped us in the past. We've merely pulled out the plastic and noted8 that Christmas comes only once a year. Unfortunately, we often end up paying for it over a lifetime. Data collected and analyzed9 by Black Enterprise magazine found that African-Americans squander10 a large percentage of our income, shelling out payments for credit cards and other high interest-rate liabilities. Over time this increases the likelihood of eventual11 bankruptcy12.

Yolanda Young: A study of consumer finances by the Federal Reserve found that the debt of blacks was nearly twice that of whites. Our credit card debt is nearly 9% of our income, while it is only about 6% of the income of whites. Total debt for blacks at 42%, far exceeds the 16.5% that whites carry.

Yolanda Young: Adding insult to injury, much of our debt is tied up in depreciating13 assets, such as cars, furniture, clothes and electronics. You know, the items we like to splurge on during the gift-giving season. This is not to suggest our giving is limited to the superficial. Indeed, a 2003 study by the Chronicle of Philanthropy found that blacks who give to charities donate 25% more of their discretionary income than do white donors15. The things to keep in mind this time of year is that money is not the only, or dare I say, even the best way to give.

Yolanda Young: This year, why not do yourself and your loved ones a favor? Give gifts that are priceless and at the same time, don't put a debt in your bottom line. Contribute your time, help build a house with habitat for humanity, train a seeing eye dog or answer phones during an NPR membership drive, send a thoughtful handwritten notes to someone who does so much but asks for so little. Donate a pint16 of blood, let someone off the hook. Bequeath something to future generations, teach a child to read, or recycle old newspapers, bottles and grocery bags. Be 100% agreeable for an entire day. Run errands for an elderly neighbor. Become an organ donor14 or allow your remains17 to be used to educate doctors at an historically black medical school, or volunteer to be the designated driver on New Year's Eve. After all, what we really want for Christmas is not another sweater or scarf. We yearn18 to be wrapped in a spirit of peace and forgiveness and surrounded by those we love.

Anchor: Yolanda Young is an attorney and author of the memoir19 On Our Way to Beautiful.


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n.捐赠者( donor的名词复数 );献血者;捐血者;器官捐献者
  • Please email us to be removed from our active list of blood donors. 假如你想把自己的名字从献血联系人名单中删去,请给我们发电子邮件。
  • About half this amount comes from individual donors and bequests. 这笔钱大约有一半来自个人捐赠及遗赠。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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  • In her memoir,the actress wrote about the bittersweet memories of her first love.在那个女演员的自传中,她写到了自己苦乐掺半的初恋。
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