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NPR 2008-11-03

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The presidential candidates are pulling out all the stops to build support in the final two days of the campaign. Bruce Springsteen played at a rally for Democrat1 Barack Obama in Cleveland this evening. GOP nominee2 John McCain was stumping3 in Pennsylvania today and telling crowds that he senses an upset in the making. "My friends, I've been in a lot of campaigns. I know when momentum4 is there. This enthusiasm, this kind of welcome, we're gonna win Pennsylvania. " No Republican has won the presidency5 without taking Ohio, so McCain is taking nothing for granted there with polls showing a close race. His running mate has been spending much of her time in Ohio this weekend. From member station WKSU, Amanda Rabinowitz reports.

Governor Sarah Palin addressed about 3, 000 supporters in Canton, one of four stops planned in Ohio today. She focused on her and John McCain's commitment to victory in Iraq and limiting the size of government. Palin also hammered Barack Obama on his tax plan and the lack of experience. "For a season, a man can inspire with his words, but for a lifetime, John McCain has inspired us with his heroic deeds. " Monday morning, Palin will hold one final Ohio rally in the traditionally Democratic Cleveland area. For NPR News, I'm Amanda Rabinowitz in Canton, Ohio.

Democratic vice6 presidential nominee Joe Biden is urging supporters not to let up. "We cannot rest till every poll in America and every poll in the state is closed. " Biden was speaking at a rally in Gainesville, Florida.

France and Britain are calling for more western aid to help maintain the fragile cease-fire between rebel fighters and government forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The conflict there has displaced tens of thousands of civilians7. Frank Browning has more on the story.

France's Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner joined by his British counterpart David Miliband made a special plea for more humanitarian8 aid and reinforcement of the 17, 000 UN peacekeeping troops in Congo. Earlier this weekend, the European Union drew up plans for dispatching supplemental EU forces to the area. Tens of thousands of people are living in camps for the displaced. Fears are mounting of possible mass starvation or that civilians could be killed should fighting resume between Congolese government forces and Tutsi-led rebels. For NPR News, I'm Frank Browning.

A United Nations convoy9 carrying badly needed relief supplies will head into the rebel-held area of the Democratic Republic of Congo tomorrow. Those trucks will be trying to reach tens of thousands of people who've been displaced by the fighting. So far they have not had any relief supplies there for more than a week now. This is NPR News from Washington.

An aide to Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says Baghdad expects an American response to requested changes in a draft security pact10 between the US and Iraq as soon as possible after Tuesday's election. That will give the US president-elect a chance to be briefed on the Iraqi proposals. The aide says US officials have indicated that the Bush administration is prepared to accept all of the changes except one which would give greater Iraqi control over American soldiers and contractors11 who commit crimes while off duty.

Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown is pressing oil-rich Persian Gulf12 states to contribute hundreds of billions of dollars to the International Monetary13 Fund to help countries shaken by the global credit crisis. Brown was in Saudi Arabia today. Larry Miller14 has more on the story from London.

Prime Minister Brown said it's in the interest of Gulf States to help stop the spread of what he termed "financial contagion15". Commenting after talks in Riyadh, Brown said he's hopeful Saudi Arabia will contribute to International Monetary Fund efforts for countries at risk of economic meltdown. IMF resources have been strained after giving 30 billion dollars to Iceland, Hungary and Ukraine. The Prime Minister also wants the rich Gulf States to boost their investment in the UK and the rest of Europe. Brown along with his Business and Energy Cabinet Ministers is asking Gulf States to stabilize16 oil prices at a lower price. He wants them to maintain production levels to avoid spikes17 such as the record highs experienced this summer. For NPR News, I'm Larry Miller in London.

Machinist union members at Boeing are prepared to start returning to their jobs tonight. An eight-week strike against the aerospace18 firm came to an end with the approval of a new contract.


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