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NPR 2008-06-30

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Zimbabwe’s long-time leader Robert Mugabe was sworn in for another term as president today despite an international outcry about the legitimacy1 of his election. Marwick Khumalo headed a team of election observers from the Pan-African Parliament who monitored Zimbabwe’s presidential run-off. He says the election was tainted2 by the campaign of violence against opposition3 supporters. “The mission concludes that the current atmosphere prevailing4 in the country did not give rise to the conduct of free, fair and credible5 elections.” Khumalo says many of the ballots6 that were cast were purposely spoiled as a sign of protest. For his part, Mugabe indicated he’s willing to talk at some point with the opposition. “Indeed, it is my hope that sooner rather than later, we shall, as diverse political parties, hold consultations7 towards such serious dialogue as will minimize our differences and enhance the area of unity8 and cooperation between us.” Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says he believes Mugabe’s party may be ready for talks on a power-sharing arrangement.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice got a firsthand look today at the area of China that was devastated9 by an earthquake last month. NPR’s Anthony Kuhn reports from Beijing.

Secretary Rice surveyed a collapsed10 gymnasium and a temporary housing settlement for quake survivors11 in Dujiangyan City during her four-hour stay in Sichuan Province. She praised the Chinese government’s response to the disaster as “attentive”, but added that with such a massive crisis, no one can do it alone. She said that China’s efforts looked good in comparison to those of China’s neighbour Myanmar, where the ruling junta12 initially13 refused foreign aid. Anthony Kuhn, NPR News, Beijing.

Fire crews are making some progress as they try to contain the largest and most stubborn of the hundreds of wildfires burning in Northern California. The blazes have charred14 more than 500 square miles of land. Christina Aanestad of member station KZYX has more.

The fires in Northern California have destroyed 29 homes and threatened over 7,000 residences. Several communities are under evacuation orders and warnings. In Mendocino County, some firefighters have been working on fires with little sleep for over a week. Meanwhile, fire crews from other states are helping15 to fight the blazes. Cal Fire reports over 18,000 personnel are working on the Northern California fires. In Monterey County, the Los Padres National Forest may be the most widely affected16 area at over 60,000 acres, with an estimated cost of 37.1 million dollars. In Mendocino County, 35,000 acres are burning. Officials report the fires are 20% contained. The cost is more than seven million dollars and growing. For NPR News, I’m Christina Aanestad in Philo, California.

This is NPR News from Washington.

Levees along the rain-swollen Mississippi River did their jobs today. No more were breached17 or overrun. But the river is expected to crest18 later this week in southeastern Missouri at more than ten feet above flood stage. That would put thousands more acres of farmland in jeopardy19.

Pakistan’s top Taliban commander is threatening to retaliate20 against Pakistan’s new government after Pakistani military forces went on the offensive this weekend, striking at militant21 positions near the border with Afghanistan. A NATO spokesman today said Afghanistan cannot be secured as long as insurgents22 can operate freely from safe havens23 on the Pakistani side of the border.

American cyclist Floyd Landis finds out tomorrow if he’ll be able to reclaim24 his Tour de France title or not. Landis appealed after an arbitration25 panel ruled that he used performance-enhancing drugs during his victory. Frank Browning reports from Paris.

Landis came in first in 2006. But then, after the race, he was disqualified because tests showed enough testosterone in his blood for, as one English critic put it , “a gang of London street toughs”. Landis has maintained he merely has always had high testosterone levels. On Monday, the Court of Sports Arbitration will rule on his appeal of a judgement against him by the US Anti-Doping Agency, which will determine whether he can keep the 2006 trophy26. Testing for others this year will be tougher than ever, with Belgian sprinter27 Tom Boonen already eliminated for traces of cocaine28 in his blood and last year’s punitive29 tour winner Alberto Contador linked to a Spanish doping ring. For NPR News, I’m Frank Browning in Paris.

For the first time in 44 years, Spain has won a major soccer title. Spain downed Germany today one to nothing to take the European Championship.


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