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NPR 2008-08-05

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Tornado1 warnings were issued in downtown Chicago yesterday because of the severe storm that forced baseball fans out of the stands at Wrigley Field. Cubs2' fan Jerry Goldman was among those who found themselves looking for a safe place to wait out the storm. "I was determining where is the safest place at Wrigley Field if there was a tornado or is a tornado. I would find myself huddled3 with about 30 people, everybody holding each other for their lives down this ramp4 over here. " Hundreds of flights had to be cancelled at Chicago O'Hare International Airport. The storm caused widespread power outages in two counties but no reported injuries.

Presidential hopeful John McCain is taking aim at rival Barack Obama's energy policy. Yesterday McCain toured a labeling plant in the Philadelphia suburbs. From member station WHYY, Susan Philips has more.

John McCain attacked Barack Obama's opposition5 to offshore6 drilling and nuclear energy. "We need to offshore drill for oil and natural gas, we need to drill here and we need to drill now. And anybody, who says that we can achieve energy independence without using and increasing these existing energy resources, either doesn't have the experience to understand the challenge we face or isn't giving the American people some straight talk. " McCain made a brief unpublicized stop at a factory owned by a Republican donor7. He says it's companies like these that are suffering from high energy costs. McCain also challenged Obama to stop campaigning, and return to Congress to come up with a bipartisan solution to the energy crisis. For NPR News, I'm Susan Philips in Philadelphia.

Speaking in Lansing, Michigan, Barack Obama said his energy plan includes a possibility of limited new offshore drilling, tapping the strategic petroleum8 reserve. Both are ideas which he once opposed. Obama also wants long-term work on hybrid9 cars and renewable energy resources.

A new report by the UN's World Food Programme says hundreds of thousands of people in the Himalayan country of Nepal are facing food shortages. Strikes, high fuel prices and severe weather have hampered10 efforts to get food to those most in need. The BBC's Charles Haviland has this report from western Nepal.

Here and in much of western Nepal, many people are destitute11. Food prices at the nearest market, a morning's walk away, have jumped up, the price of rice by up to 50% in a year, that of cooking oil by 30% in six months. The WFP and the government are feeding many, but some places are several days' walk from the nearest road, while vehicles are hampered by a severe fuel shortage nationwide. Many families can only cope by eating less, selling their meager12 possessions or sending their menfolk to India to find work. The BBC's Charles Haviland in Nepal.

This is NPR News.

The family of the man suspected in the 2001 anthrax killings13 is bracing14 for some unpleasant revelations, according to one source who's been briefed on the investigations16. NPR's Laura Sullivan has more.

Dr. Bruce Ivins was having trouble. A therapist took out a restraining order against him, saying he threatened to kill her and his colleagues. His security clearance17 had been revoked18 just weeks before he committed suicide. But one source says the case against him will make him seem even more troubled. Ivins had split from some family members and he kept a post office box under an assumed name, though the source says it had nothing to do with the anthrax investigation15. Some of Ivins' friends and colleagues say they could never believe the friendly bookish man who loved to juggle19 could be responsible for the deaths of five people. But FBI officials have built a case, basing it largely on circumstantial evidence that Ivins had access to the anthrax, spent hours alone in the lab at suspect times, and had the ability to use it. Laura Sullivan, NPR News, Washington.

A military jury at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, resumes testimony20 today in the trial of Salim Hamdan, a former driver for Osama Bin21 Laden22. The panel met for about 45 minutes yesterday. Prosecutors23 claimed that Hamdan helped Bin Laden execute the 9/11 attacks as well as other terrorist plots. The defense24 insisted their client was just a member of Bin Laden's motor pool, but played no role in planning attacks. Hamdan who's already been held as an enemy combatant could face up to life in prison if convicted of conspiracy25 and supporting terrorism.


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