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NPR 2008-09-09

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From NPR News in Washington, I'm Carol Van Dam.

The Republican and Democratic presidential candidates agreed on one thing today the government's takeover of giant mortgage financiers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was something that had to be done given the circumstances. Speaking on the campaign trail in Missouri today, John McCain says he'll make sure the conservatorship does not turn into one big piggy bank for Wall Street. "Today we are looking at costly1 government-led restructuring of our home loan agencies, we need to keep people in their homes, but we can't allow this to turn into a bailout of Wall Street's speculators and irresponsible executives. " Barack Obama agrees the move was needed to stabilize2 the housing market, but says the government's outdated3 financial regulatory system did not help matters any. We get more from NPR's Debbie Elliott.

At a campaign stop in Flint, Michigan, Senator Obama said much of the housing crisis could have been prevented with proper regulation. He said he would strengthen federal oversight4 of the nation's financial system. "The basic principle is gonna be that if you expect the federal government to step in and to provide support if something goes wrong, then you are gonna have to follow by our rules, and you are not gonna be able to just have a situation which is what happened with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, where, you know, heads I win, tails you lose, and you being the tax payer. " Flanked by three GMC hybrid5 SUVs, Obama told the crowd that included laid-off autoworkers that he would help the US auto6 industry retool7. Debbie Elliott, NPR News, Flint, Michigan.

In the Haitian city of Gonaives, residents have started returning to their homes and a US warship8 has arrived to help deliver relief supplies to the storm ravaged9 city. NPR's Jason Beaubien has details.

Much of Gonaives remains10 under water, but the flood waters have receded11 significantly since Sunday. This city of 300, 000 people flooded twice in the last week, first from Tropical Storm Hanna, and then from Hurricane Ike. The only access into Gonaives right now is by helicopter or by boat. USS Kearsarge has eight helicopters and three amphibious landing craft. Officials say the US navy vessel12 will be used to move tons of clean water, food and relief equipment from the capital Port-au-Prince into Gonaives. Thousands of people streamed back to their homes today, many pushing through waist-deep water, only to find their residence still flooded. With the city cut off by road from the rest of the country, prices of food and fuel on the street have been rising rapidly. Jason Beaubien, NPR News, Gonaives, Haiti. 

Ike continues to swirl13 across the Caribbean. Forecasters now warn it could hit Louisiana or Texas sometime this weekend. The National Hurricane Center says the storm, now downgraded to a Category-1, is moving just off the coast of Cuba. It could pick up speed as it moves over the island.

On Wall Street, the Dow Industrials closed up 289 points to 11, 510. The NASDAQ gained 13.

This is NPR.

President Bush plans to retain the current number of American troops in Iraq through the end of the year and proposes that 8, 000 US troops come home by February when he is out of office. President says if security in Iraq keeps improving, additional reductions will be possible in the first half of next year.

A group of liberal ministers in the Midwest has filed a complaint with the IRS, asking it to stop some conservative pastors14 from preaching politics from the pulpit. The conservatives are hoping for a constitutional showdown with the IRS. NPR's Barbara Bradley Hagerty reports.

On September 28th, some 40 conservative ministers are expected to deliver political sermons naming politicians by name. By doing this, they are risking their tax exempt15 status which bars non-profit organizations from endorsing16 or condemning17 candidates in a political season. Erik Stanley is an attorney with the Alliance Defense18 Fund, which is organizing the so-called pulpit initiative. He told the Christian19 radio program Wallbuilders Live that they invite an IRS investigation20. "We wanna file a federal lawsuit21, and tell the IRS, and have a federal court tell IRS that it's the pastors' job to determine the content of a sermon not the IRS. " Critics say it's inappropriate for the ADF to encourage ministers to break the law. Barbara Bradley Hagerty, NPR News.

A former associate of lobbyist Jack22 Abramoff has been indicted23 by a federal grand jury. Abramoff last week was sentenced to four years in prison on corruption24 charges. Kevin Ring was a lobbyist in Abramoff's firm and before that worked for Republican Congressman25 John Doolittle of California. Doolittle is also being investigated.

Roger Federer is once again the US Open Men's tennis champion.


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