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NPR 2009-01-11

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The top Hamas political official says the Israeli attacks on Gaza have destroyed any chance of negotiated settlement with Israel. The speech by Khaled Mashal showed no hint of a willingness to end rocket fire unless all its demands are met. NPR's Peter Kenyon reports from Cairo.

 In recorded remarks broadcast from Damascus, Mashal said Israel's 15-day assault on Gaza had, in his words,failed to achieve any of its goals. Mashal said the rocket fire into Israel had not stopped and Hamas fighters in Gaza will "preparing surprises for Israeli troops." Mashal's comments came as Palestinian authority and Hamas officials are in Cairo discussing a possible renewal1 of the ceasefire with Israel and Mashal ruled out any agreement that, in his words, deprived the resistance of its weapons. Israel says in order to accept a new ceasefire, new measures must be in place to prevent Hamas from rearming by importing arms from Egypt. One potential mechanism2 involving international observers has been rejected by both Egypt and Hamas. Peter Kenyon, NPR News, Cairo.

 Vice3 President Joe Biden is in Afghanistan visiting with military officials, US troops and Afghan officials to gauge4 the ongoing5 war in Afghanistan and report back to President-elect Obama. The Vice President vowed6 the US will provide long-term support for Afghanistan which has seen an upswing in Taliban violence for the past several months. A statement released by Afghan President Hamid Karzai's office says the president and Biden talked about the fight against terrorism and US troop increases. 

 Natural gas from Russia to Europe could start flowing again soon. Jessica Golloher has the details from Moscow. Russian and European Union officials say they've signed the deal, allowing EU officials to monitor transport of Russian gas through Ukrainian pipelines7 to Europe. The only hitch8, Ukraine still has to sign the agreement. The Russian state-controlled Gazprom shut off gas to Ukraine on January 1 in a pricing dispute. After that, Russia accused Ukraine of diverting gas meant for European customers and halted its deliveries as well. Ukraine flatly denies the charge. The EU criticized both countries and had warned that if they didn't reach a deal soon, the standing9 of both Ukraine and Russia and the EU could be adversely10 affected11. For NPR News, I'm Jessica Golloher in Moscow.

President-elect Obama reiterated12 his call for Congress to act quickly on a massive stimulus13 package in his weekly radio and Internet address. But several lawmakers on Capitol Hill sound less enthusiastic about the package this week. Fellow Democrats14 criticized some of Mr. Obama's proposed tax cuts before falling in line in support of the recovery plan yesterday. Mr. Obama says a 14-page analysis by his economic team shows a combination of tax cuts and spending like the plan he's has in mind recreate between 3 and 4 million jobs.

 A Delta15 Airline's plane returned to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport today after one of its engines went out. There were no injuries reported on the Boeing 737.

This is NPR.

President Bush commissioned USS George H. W. Bush today in a ceremony held at Norfolk, Virginia in honor of his father. The senior Mr. Bush is the nation's last president to serve during World War II. NPR's David Folkenflik has the story.

The USS George H. W. Bush is a brand-new nuclear power Nimitz class carrier that's more than three football fields long, far outstripping16 the ship that conveyed a young naval17 pilot to war back in 1943. Former President Bush flew 58 combat missions and was decorated for bravery in action. He offered these reflections to those who've served on the carrier. "As someone who has stood that watch and remembers the quiet solitude18 of that experience. I know you will find comfort and inspiration, particular in the night sky where it is basking19 in the splendor20 of the stars that you will truly understand the majesty21 of creation and bear witness to the certain hand of God." The current President Bush landed on the carrier in arriving for the event. He said the ship's name honored not only his father, but the generation that served alongside him. David Folkenflik,NPR News.

A snow storm stretching from the Ohio Valley to the Northeast is making travel a major headache for many motorists and airline passengers.The National Weather Service says up to ten inches of snow could fall in parts of Ohio and Massachusetts. Winter warnings and advisories22 have been posted from Northern Illinois to New England.

William Zantzinger, the Maryland socialite, immortalized in a Bob Dylan protest song for beating to death of a black barmaid was buried yesterday. He died January 3rd. Zantzinger paid a 500-dollar fine and served a six-month sentence for manslaughter. He was 69 years old.


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